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29.3.13 16:45 
I bet @Steve_Blackman would agree (but spell his name correctly) RT @eastcoast_joe: I will miss seeing you pose in the Steve Blackmon shirt
29.3.13 16:40 "How's the beard coming along?"
29.3.13 16:04 
Very sad to hear @VYou is shutting down - 4 days left to ask me a question or look at old ones!
10.1.13 16:14 "What is the nearest red object to you?!"
10.1.13 13:05 
@swampynomo I think it ate my response - watch old video OR watch 30 second answer 20 times OR ask more questions I'll get to eventually
8.1.13 17:04 
"I will be in Las Vegas the Tursday before the Super Bowl. Will I be betting on the Packers again for you ?"
8.1.13 17:00 "Is this weekend a good time to say goodbye to Ray Lewis ?"
8.1.13 16:59 "What should I do with the extra 10 minutes I now find I have in the morning ?"
25.10.12 18:45 "What is the formula for photosynthesis?"
25.10.12 18:44 "How do you write a net ionic equation?"
25.10.12 18:41 "What is the capital of West Virginia the state known as the Mountain state?"
28.9.12 15:56 
All my new @VYou questions must have been trolls, were deleted (before I could delete them) - ask new ones at RIGHT NOW
27.9.12 16:56 "Do you dance? How about after a few beers?"
26.9.12 16:22 
"What happened to the Pack last night?"
25.9.12 17:49 "Testing 1"
12.9.12 17:34 "What's your favorite season?"
16.7.12 14:14 "If you expect to be disappointed, should you be disappointed when your expectations are met?"
25.6.12 18:48 "What do you write technical documents for?"
12.6.12 17:07 "we all know know people dont actually live inside our t.v sets. but they used to in the olden days,right?"
11.6.12 17:30 "Have you bought any of the shirts yet? Sorry for the plug - KFV"
11.6.12 17:28 "Do you believe that what comes around goes around?"
5.6.12 17:55 Hey wait what I'M BACK ON THE AIR AT VYOU
6.3.12 09:41 
@swampynomo By the way, assuming it'll work on my phone, the Android VYou app is now available so maybe just maybe - I'll be back there too!
16.11.11 12:19 
@VYou Doesn't matter - I've tried Firefox, IE, just now tried Chrome - stuck at 0m 0sec on all three (Bijal last emailed me 11/8)
16.11.11 11:24 
@swampynomo Sadly, my @VYou recorder doesn't move past 0:00 when I hit "Record" - hasn't since October. No idea why
27.10.11 18:02 
"You say you love McDonald's...what's your typical McDonald's order?"
26.10.11 13:07 
"in which I enjoy the first bites of a #McRib sandwich"
26.10.11 13:02 "if someone shouts bomb on a plane what would you do ?"
25.10.11 16:29 
"It's my first @VYou status update! (in which I finish drinking a Diet Dr Pepper)"
25.10.11 16:27 "What's your favorite ice cream flavor?"
25.10.11 16:25 
"What is your earliest wrestling-related memory?"
19.10.11 18:23 "What or Where would you Occupy ?"
19.10.11 18:22 "My company is offering free flu shots. Are they being nice or is there an ulterior motive ?"
13.10.11 11:59 
"Do you ever catch the local weekend morning news on WCCO? A friend of mine just started as their new WX guy."
27.9.11 17:47 "How do you feel about the issue of abortion?"
27.9.11 17:46 "Favorite Muppet?"
27.9.11 17:45 
"Will your Packers fandom translate into band-wagoning the Brewers?"
26.9.11 16:28 
"Whoa, you have a link to TEAVANA on! That's awesome, my fiancee and I love their stuff. What flavor(s) do you recommend?"
26.9.11 16:26 
"how are you going to feel next Sunday when my BRONCOS beat your packers at Lambeau ?"
26.9.11 16:24 
"You don't seem like much of a college sports fan. What makes pro sports more enjoyable to you? And why are you a Packers fan, anyway?"
26.9.11 16:21 
"Twitter is adding political ads to your stream- how do you feel about that?"
23.9.11 15:52 
"Any leftover pizza in your fridge at home?"
23.9.11 13:57 "You enjoy the sport of professional American football. You are a frequent user of the internets. Why don't you play fantasy football?"
23.9.11 13:53 
"Who is your favorite Packers special teams player ever?"
23.9.11 13:51 "What's your favorite Doctor Who story from the Tom Baker era?"
15.9.11 17:20 
"On a scale of 1 to 100, how confident are you the Packers will repeat as Super Bowl champions?"
14.9.11 19:32 "You mentioned UNKLE on Twitter. What's their best album and individual track?"
14.9.11 19:27 "If you were one of the select children to visit Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, would you have stolen an Everlasting Gobstopper?"
13.9.11 17:58 
@TheKFV I actually meant "one year anniversary of the day he got banned" but didn't say it
13.9.11 17:26 
Answered 14 questions (mostly trolling) on VYou (and then changed my mind and deleted some of them... so it's no longer 14)
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