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Mon 21:57 
@tapemachines Why does The Weeknd get to fake bleed but WWE Superstars do not
Mon 19:49 
A pity they couldn't find a way to rerecord all of "losin' my voice" Michael Cole's commentary during the entire YEAR since this match took place #RAW #yaregresamos
Mon 19:19 
Well...see ya in half an hour, I guess #RAW
Mon 19:16 
Wait are they gonna play the entire goldarned match before they cut back to Becks? #RAW
Mon 19:15 
Hey wait she didn't have the belt when she left her big rig before the ad break #RAW
27.3 20:22 
Well I guess we're still cool to announce matches that Wrestling Twitter told me were off #WrestleMania #TooBigForTheTruth
27.3 19:04 
Dana? Dana Who? #SmackDownNotLive
23.3 21:12 
The entire English speaking world, when they see a number like "1400:" fourteen hundred
23.3 20:56 
I know I've been snoozing here and there tonight but has there been any other ad on #RAW besides the Carmax one about the faulty vent?
20.3 20:19 
As presenting partner of whatever they're calling #WrestleMania this year....perhaps further proof that the Snickers hole isn't working?
20.3 19:54 
Is this Cena's first match on FOX #SmackDown?
20.3 19:05 
Ain't no way they didn't pretape this #SmackDown
17.3 11:18 
Here's some Undertaker #content
16.3 22:00 
OK, bump Saxton up to a 9 for his SECOND stunner sell #RAW
16.3 21:58 
Well, I'll generously give Saxton an 8 on the stunner sell #RAW
16.3 21:58 
16.3 21:57 
Saxton closer to Austin then three (3:16) feet #RAW
16.3 21:56 
16.3 21:56 
We knew Steve Austin was no Johnny Carson, but to be fair whoever's writing his jokes wasn't exactly Freddie DeBartolo #RAW
16.3 21:53 
Wow, Byron's suit was pinned up to hell and back - STOP SHOWING HIM FROM THE BACK #RAW
16.3 21:33 
Is Mike Rome doing all his ring announcing from his home? #RAW #telework
16.3 21:25 
Well I certainly hope Asuka passes that stone #RAW
16.3 21:05 
We're two decades into the century and WWE still scripts superstars to pronounce the year starting with "two thousand" instead of "twenty" #RAW
16.3 20:29 
Geez, Romain Reigns got the Diesel push SIX years ago #RAW
16.3 20:26 
That couple shouldn't be eating in a restaurant, Luis Guzman! #RAW #COVIDー19
16.3 20:13 
THEY STILL LISTEN TO ME RT @CRZ: Man @WWE I'm BEGGING you give me ONE "COMING UP:" ticker that ends with an exclamation point! instead of a period. #RAW
16.3 20:09 
Man @WWE I'm BEGGING you give me ONE "COMING UP:" ticker that ends with an exclamation point! instead of a period. #RAW
16.3 20:08 
It'll be nice to have one more #WrestleMania without some weird shoehorned-in "augmented reality" crap
16.3 20:03 
Give WWE credit, they figured out how to put the Lesnar elimination right at the top of the hour #RAW #yaregresamos
16.3 19:17 
Wow, are they really gonna show the Royal Rumble? BEST PRIME TIME WRESTLING EVER #RAW
16.3 19:16 
To be fair, we've managed to go over ONE quarter hour without that "smiles on faces" crap #RAW
16.3 19:13 
MAYBE cheaper than a tour bus....oh yeah, obligatory WALKING! in here too #RAW
16.3 19:12 
16.3 19:04 
This show is PERFECT for someone like me who's episode this year #RAW #LetUsTakeYouBack
16.3 19:01 
Phillips, Saxton and Lawler definitely closer together than three feet #RAW
16.3 19:00 
Well, well, well....if it isn't my old nemesis Monday Night #RAW
13.3 20:36 
13.3 20:18 
I DO appreciate the lack of crowd chants #SDLive
13.3 19:55 
I'm sad we're not getting any "CONTINUES..." graphics going into the break #SDLive #yaregresamos
13.3 19:41 
Hey this is the match I slept through last Sunday! But I'm actually kinda shocked they'd give us "PPV footage" without advertising it ahead of time #SDLive
13.3 19:24 
Fist bump from Dawg - not as bad as a handshake, buuuuut #SDLive
13.3 19:19 
Well there's one unnecessary handshake #SDLive
13.3 19:11 
Canon's canon #SDLive
13.3 19:08 
D'you suppose they're really gonna do ANYTHING during the ad break? (Actually, wanna bet there's no way this is really live tonight?) #SDLive
11.3 09:54 
@tapemachines Winner wears the bunny head
8.3 20:30 
Geez, crowd is a ghost town for that hot tag #WWEChamber
8.3 20:15 
This looks very organic - I sure hope all them cups don't get thrown at the ring later #WWEChamber
8.3 19:35 
I slept through the first 15 minutes of that match so I probably liked it more than others did #WWEChamber #naps
8.3 18:24 
Gulak didn't tap #WWEChamber
6.3 12:38 
Why did they put WrestleMania X-8 after WrestleMania XV RT @WWEonFOX: What was the best @WrestleMania of all time? Let us know below ⬇️⬇️⬇️
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