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Wed 20:05 
RT @Toast_Jr: @CRZ I heard the klangy poles got released that afternoon
Wed 19:34 
Oh YES not the klangy poles RT @HackmanRSPW: Nice street fight on #NXT

...but how did they pass up the chance to use that nice stack of
#ClangyPoles? ™️@CRZ
Mon 19:18 
@tapemachines C'mon tape you've told us how much you love a CELEBRATION
Fri 20:18 
Why is WWE letting Sami Zayn mutilate himself? #SmackDown
14.1 20:44 
Roman Reigns. "Freakin" Rollins. Jackson Hewitt. #SmackDown
13.1 09:41 
@WWEonFOX @WONF4W @WWERomanReigns RT @What30dayrule: It has now been 40 days since @WWERomanReigns last defended the @WWE Universal Championship.
12.1 12:58 
@kimberrussell For you, I'll click. (...which is to say, this is as fine an excuse as any)


He's been cleared to return to the ring.
12.1 12:55 
@kimberrussell I didn't actually click to find out
12.1 12:51 
Corey Graves
11.1 20:38 
NOT THE KLANGY POLES well I guess NXT creative really is WWE creative now
7.1 21:36 
@tapemachines Cornstable
4.1 19:51 
RIP WWE Cruiserweight Championship
14 Sep 2016 - 4 Jan 2022
4.1 12:28 
"“WrestleMania”" RT @SI_wrestling: After Roman Reigns tested positive for COVID-19 and Vince McMahon made the on-the-fly decision to put the WWE title on Brock Lesnar, the road to “WrestleMania” got a lot windier
27.12 21:07 
Ah, good, MVP is using "short bus" as a slur in 2021 #WWERaw #Bea⭐️
10.12 19:19 
That segment made no sense! #SmackDown
7.12 19:46 
Why does "the Hut" buy, like, A HUNDRED spots per episode of NXT 2.0
30.11 20:45 
Also, I know I repeat myself but whoever writes Vic Joseph's scripts should know in 2021 that it's not a backslash in that URL #NXT2point0
30.11 20:42 
@japulmah I would say they are, but I'm now definitely looking forward to crowd doing the wave during War Games
30.11 20:30 
Perhaps - PERHAPS if the show itself were more fun, the "universe" wouldn't have to go into business for themselves trying to make their own fun. Just my two pennies, folks RT @japulmah: @CRZ How dare these Double Double E Drones have fun!
30.11 20:04 
NXT 2.0 crowd: dominated by six chanting idiots. When did making air raid siren noises for every windup before a move become so innovative, fresh and hip? ECW! ECW! ECW! You love to see it
26.11 19:16 
is that
is that the real sword
22.11 19:43 
WAYBACK MACHINE: "Yeah, apparently Herb Kunze's on line one - he's saying something about how he loves shoot comments that weren't meant to be shoot comments" RT @ScrapDaddyAP: Whoever hatched this terrible scheme should come forward NOW.
21.11 21:14 
They should just ask the cameraman who's been in that room the entire night #SurvivorSeries (I figured it'd just hatch into a Gobbledy Gooker of course)
21.11 19:05 
What the shit is this shit @WWE
19.11 20:21 
Patty Mac, earlier: Boy Sonya never stops making boneheaded decisions on Smack. Down.
Patty Mac, moments ago: Boy Sonya batting a thousand tonight
19.11 20:04 
Hey uh so is that uh the real sword #SmackDown
19.11 19:55 
Ah, yes, Bruno Sammartino, the most over WWE performer at Sunday's Survivor Series #SmackDown
19.11 19:43 
Boy don't WWE love sucking all the shoot out of letting the Universe deign to want to believe something may not actually be a work
8.11 19:38 
It's now 7:38 and I haven't seen a single tweet about #RAW in my feed so here's a tweet about #RAW in my feed
29.10 20:26 
Boy, no commentary can put over the brutality of a street fight like the dad jokes you were just excoriating "Madcap" over mere minutes ago - another one for the Cole/McPhee highlight reel #SmackDown
26.10 20:04 
I think we can all agree that shovel shot didn't look like it hurt enough to keep Raquel down until Vic Joseph emphasized it during the replay by saying "bam" #NXT
26.10 19:45 
Although #NXT opened with a commercial-free half hour, in the past 14 minutes, Craig Robinson has tried the same Pizza Hut pizza, like, four times - when's he gonna try that other guy's pizza
22.10 20:28 
Now Cole's been on a long flight from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia so I absolutely shouldn't make fun of him for saying "Corbin's formal downward spile" but also he's blocked me so f him and his shitty enunciation and I hope he does lose his voice #SmackDown
22.10 20:14 
Sorry, but if this is a "new era" of #SmackDown why do we still have AC/DC performing its theme song
22.10 20:13 
Ali needed that sweet eyeliner #SmackDown
22.10 19:38 
Hey so is this the REAL sword or #SmackDown
22.10 19:38 
Boy, that Patty Mac really lets those moments breathe, doesn't he #SmackDown
22.10 19:33 
Even though he's now suspended, the production guy in charge of playing music still went ahead and played Brock's theme to close the segment - guess he was scared #SmackDown
22.10 19:23 
Are you ready for a good time RT @tapemachines: hang on i gotta put my hair up and go cut the sleeves off a flannel
22.10 19:22 
Quick somebody go pin Reggie #SmackDown
22.10 19:21 
I wonder if they'll use that obvious camera they haven't cut to yet ahhh there we go #SmackDown
12.10 20:22 
NXT 2.0
11.10 22:14 
I'll even give you a screen grab since it's 2021 and I'm looking to get DMCA'd - check out that noggin knocker #RAW
11.10 22:00 
DAMN that goose egg on Drew - let's go out on that one. GOOD NIGHT FROM #RAW
11.10 22:00 
I'm so glad they stopped slapping their thighs when kicking and now slap some other part of their body instead #RAW
11.10 21:57 
Inconsistent officiating #RAW
11.10 21:20 
What the hell sport is Stephanie McMahon notable enough in to be inducted into an International Sports Hall of Fame?! #RAW
11.10 20:40 
Tonight during #RAW I've been heartened and repulsed respectively by local drop-in ads for "Yes on 2" and Mayor Frey
11.10 20:36 
@tapemachines C'mon tape, Paul Heyman and Kayla Braxton are participants in the Federation's sole long-term program of the 2020s
11.10 20:19 
Lashley says, unlike Jamal Khashoggi, he can't be killed on Saudi soil #RAW
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