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Mon 21:58 
GEMINI. MALIBU. LACE. ZAP. NITRO. SUNNY--no wait, this is a bad idea #WWERaw RT @WWE: SLAPJACK. T-BAR. MACE.

#RETRIBUTION is in action for the first time ever against The #HurtBusiness NEXT on #WWERaw!
Mon 21:56 
Did I do it right?

#RETRIBUTION is in action for the first time ever against The #HurtBusiness NEXT on #WWERaw!
Mon 21:48 
I was close? RT @CRZ: JUST IN: Dijakovic loses first name, may even debut as "The Man They Call D"
Wed 20:02 
None o' these yokels know how to pronounce FANDANGOO #NXT
12.9 02:51 
@tapemachines But maybe this time they'll call her CARMELLINA
8.9 20:05 
@KUSHIDA_0904 Who sells cool shirts like the digital numbers one you were wearing on NXT tonight?
8.9 19:59 
Okay I'm a little behind but how can I get a cool digital numbers shirt like Kushida? #NXT
7.9 23:43 
Perhaps if you had Michael Cole screaming over it? #RAW RT @StewPaton: @CRZ And I wonder why I stopped watching.

I must be too old, because all I see is the cuts and I can't even process the action at all.
7.9 22:10 
MORE CAMERA CUTS RT @WWE: The Mysterio family is going to TOWN on @WWE_Murphy, so much so that he just QUIT the match! #WWERaw @35_Dominik @reymysterio
7.9 22:01 
Now, due to the rules of television, they'll continue to beat on him with those sticks until next week's show starts #RAW
7.9 22:00 
"MORE camera cuts! MORE! MORE!! MORE CAMERA CUTS!!!!!!!!" #RAW
7.9 21:47 
@D_V_D_V_R I uh may have slept through the show #RAW
4.9 20:37 
If Tucker really wanted to find Miz and Morrison he should have followed that cameraman #SmackDown
4.9 19:20 
Leave it to Paul to sneak in that "own their actions" line after today's leak (which now makes Paul likeliest to have been the leaker) #SmackDown
1.9 20:35 
31.8 19:58 
Yikes! You can really see where the spray tan ends at Billie Kay's hairline. Shouldn't Peyton be a good enough friend to tell her? SHE'S RIGHT THERE NEXT TO HER #RAW
31.8 19:57 
Yikes! You can really where the spray tan ends at Billie Kay's hairline. Should Peyton be a good enough friend to tell her? SHE'S RIGHT THERE NEXT TO HER #RAW
31.8 19:12 
30.8 20:33 
Dang this PPV ended 27 minutes early #WWEPayback #WWEtimeback
30.8 20:32 
At WWE shop Roman Reigns "Wreck Everyone & Leave" T's will set you back $27.99, but tonight you can buy two for $28.99 #WWEPayback
30.8 20:30 
RT @tapemachines: fuck this shit it's time for Otis
30.8 20:28 
Geez, I should wait for the replay but it looks like Charles Robinson really overslapsticked his ring exit there #WWEPayback
30.8 20:18 
Fiend doesn't have his Tom Savini belt, he's losin' #WWEPayback
30.8 19:50 
Along the same lines, Rey Mysterio's graphic still has two working eyes #WWEPayback
30.8 19:48 
Rollins' "Monday Night Messiah" graphic is still wearing a SHIELD flak jacket #WWEPayback
30.8 19:30 
Ah what the hell, he doesn't even get his cool music? They're really WWE-ing up this man #WWEPayback
30.8 19:28 
Hahahaha "Greetings and salutations!" I clearly didn't know this man was such a goober #WWEPayback
30.8 18:39 
Real time Graves' "uh oh" count for this match: 68,573 #WWEPayback
30.8 17:20 
Booker T just said "the hourglass is ticking" and nobody reacted #WWEPaybackPreshow
30.8 16:48 
Oh right the weekly WWE PPV is tonight
23.8 21:05 
GET HIM, OTIS! #SummerSlam
23.8 20:35 
@tapemachines They'll do better at Payback in 7 days
23.8 19:43 
Lost in the previous match: Angie had to be wearing a bootleg, right?
23.8 19:06 
UPDATE: The president is NOT watching #SummerSlam RT @realDonaldTrump: Watch Mark Levin, on air now. Great! @FoxNews
23.8 19:05 
Wow, Mandy and Otis have the same hair style now #SummerSlam
23.8 18:59 
Who's made more wardrobe adjustments this match - Sonya tugging on her waistband or Mandy pulling on her cheeks? #SummerSlam
23.8 18:07 
It's a celebration of the one year anniversary of @WWENetwork making it impossible to cast to a Roku or Chromecast! RT @D_V_D_V_R: I think the most important lesson from Thunderdome is that you all have TERRIBLE internet connections. -Dolfan
23.8 18:05 
You'll never see it coming! (Except it's streaming right now so maybe you are totally seeing it coming) #SummerSlam
23.8 04:20 
Oh crap was NXT TaXXXeover last night
21.8 20:57 
21.8 20:54 
I dunno, he may not be finished with him #SmackDown
21.8 20:05 
To be fair, Naomi pinned Bayley in under two minutes-- hey what the hell #SmackDown
21.8 20:01 
Sasha's frustrated because the clock has run past..... two minutes #SmackDown
17.8 21:42 
Just saw an ad for mayonnaise on #RAW
Hot take: every brand of mayonnaise tastes exactly the same
17.8 21:41 
Just like SummerSlam, you'll never see it coming RT @D_V_D_V_R: Anything can happen on raw underground, even shitty finishes - RevRay
17.8 20:15 
Call me an old fuddy duddy, but shouldn't WWE have misspelled "Thunderdome" so they could trademark it?
17.8 20:10 
BY THE WAY, isn't that descsriptive overkill? Aren't S'mores inherently Toasted? #RAW @sonicdrivein
17.8 20:10 
Do you think Sonic will be on the horn to WWE about the shenanigans taking place during the #RAW match sponsored by their Toasted S'mores Shake
17.8 19:33 
What the heck are all those spots on the #RAW celebrity lady's teeth?
14.8 19:09 
Bad news, everybody - continuing extreme weather coverage is preventing me from watching WWE SmackDown!
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