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Mon 21:52 
Dude Love? #RAW
Mon 21:50 
Damien Sandow? #RAW
Mon 21:16 
As promised, I fell asleep for half an hour #RAW
Mon 20:29 
(not a backslash) #RAW
Mon 20:20 
If this segment doesn't end with Braun tipping another ambulance I'll be so disappointed #RAW
Mon 20:19 
"Winning that match was the worst thing Kalisto could do!"
Good ol' WWE, where wins and losses MEAN something
Mon 20:14 
HERE is YOUR winner of the match....
Mon 20:10 
Mon 20:08 
Guys this match can't end until the stupid hashtag is trending #RAW #hashtag
Mon 20:03 
"You got this! You got this!
But are you sure you got this tho"
Mon 20:00 
Whoa they're having the Dumpster Match before I involuntarily fall asleep!! #RAW
Mon 19:09 
Bad news: too sick to leave house
Good news: may live tweet "dumpster match" later
10.4 21:19 
Are they back to being Boyz™ because WWE® let the Hardyz™ trademark lapse? #RAW
10.4 21:14 
THIS ambulance actually has the company logo on it #RAW
10.4 21:12 
Dudes, none of that was live because Kevin Dunn didn't dissolve cut to people in the crowd watching stuff on a giant 'tron #RAW
10.4 21:11 
Really skillful use of camera trickery/fx/replays to make all that look "live" but COME ON, MAN #RAW
10.4 20:53 
10.4 20:52 
C'mon ya KNEW last week when Vince announced the Superstar Shake-up™ we'd all be buzzing about hot movers like Curt Hawkins and Kalisto
10.4 20:36 
So like are just gonna forget the whole Demon thing or naw #RAW
10.4 19:40 
Show retired after WrestleMania, right, so it makes sense that he wasn't actually in a match just now #RAW
10.4 19:36 
10.4 19:16 
Whoa did you guys like they way they cut from that shot of a fan to a different shot of that same fan? #RAW
10.4 19:06 
THIS, on the other hand, only makes sense if the US belt is heading to the other show #RAW
10.4 19:05 
This makes sense! Why WOULDN'T Bryan want to unload Miz as soon as he could, if it were possible? #RAW
5.4 16:28 
UH OH - UH OHHHH!!!! RT @tapemachines: about to make a supercut of JBL saying “memorial”
2.4 23:11 
It's like he's waiting for a hellevator that ain't working - oh, he still has just enough magical power to get it down - ha #WrestleMania
2.4 23:10 
Rightfully so, no? RT @D_V_D_V_R: more people probably crying during this than Cena asking Nikki to marry him. - RevRay
2.4 23:10 
Look, he broke kayfabe, it's definitely over
Vaya con dios, Take
2.4 23:09 
I freely admit I just teared up a little.
Thank the wrestling gods that the commentators knew to keep their code dam mouths shut here
@kimberrussell: @CRZ I guess the downside of watching this for so many decades is watching the sad decline of heroes.
2.4 23:03 
Docked ¼* because Ross didn't say "soupbone" ONCE #WrestleMania
2.4 22:58 
"I love you - I'm sorry." #WrestleMania
2.4 22:56 
Last chance to sneak Samoa Joe out there, guys #WrestleMania
2.4 22:40 
Take should've picked Reigns up on his shoulder, turned to JR, said "Hey Jim good to see ya" THEN driven Reigns into the post
2.4 22:38 
Has Vince fired @JRsBBQ again yet? #WrestleMania
2.4 22:31 
2.4 22:27 
Once you see the hidden pretzel in the #WrestleMania set, it's hard to unsee it
2.4 22:06 
RT @UMNAdvocates: Congratulations to former Golden Gopher Brock Lesnar on his @WWE Universal Championship win at #Wrestlemania #UMNProud
2.4 22:03 
Not a bad 4'47".
2.4 21:54 
Is it really #WrestleMania if Goldy doesn't headbutt his door open and get some color on his walk to the ring?
2.4 21:34 
(Sorry, everybody, would have worked better with a GIF but timing is everything)
2.4 21:31 
Randy Orton's entrance #WrestleMania
2.4 21:26 
I am amazed that so many fans' phones still have battery life nine hours into this show #WrestleMania
2.4 21:25 
Pitbull was OK, but how about that pretty good Nine Inch Nails video after? #WrestleMania
2.4 21:20 
Pitbull should also have given an unsanctioned performance #WrestleMania
2.4 20:45 
Rollins leaving a perfectly good weapon behind - architect, indeed #WrestleMania
2.4 20:41 
Not the most flattering for Steph's ... um .... "seat"
2.4 20:31 
Trying so hard to decide between "This is why we watch" and "This is not why we watch" - I mean, I could just not tweet...
2.4 20:12 
While we sit through this video package, another check of the #WrestleMania radar
2.4 19:30 
In typical WWE fashion, instead of referring to Camping World Stadium by name, they refer to it by its college football game ("Citrus Bowl")
2.4 19:16 
Holy crap! Did they just announce the weight of a female competitor? IT'S A REVOLUTION AT #WrestleMania
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