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12.1 03:38 
0337 thoughts: Was Asuka even on the show last night? And if she wasn't, does that mean.................. RT @What30dayrule: It has now been 49 days since @WWEAsuka last defended the @WWE #RAW Women's Championship.
11.1 22:00 
Oh and I guess we now know 100% that HE didn't set HER on fire after all
11.1 22:00 
I like how the fireball exploded into a USA bug reminding me that STRAIGHT UP STEVE AUSTIN IS NEEEEEEEXT #RAW
11.1 21:54 
If I read Cagematch correctly, @TripleH's last #RAW match was on March 14, 2016 against....wait for it... @HEELZiggler. It was nontitle; Paul was WWE Champion at the time - no, REALLY. He'd defeated Dean Ambrose at WWE Roadblock.
11.1 20:30 
I suppose we shouldn't be surprised - somehow they also never learned whether Randy Orton set a dripping-with-accelerant Alexa Bliss on fire or not #RAW
11.1 20:28 
Crack commentary team also apparently not looking at anything during ad breaks either, which is no mean feat when you're FEET AWAY AT RINGSIDE #RAW
11.1 20:28 
They, uh, still didn't show us whatever happened during the ad break to explain why these good buddies are now wrestling each other #RAW
11.1 20:03 
Tonight's guest on "Straight Up Steve Austin" is...... Luke Combs. Wow, starting the new season off strong!! #RAW
11.1 19:18 
Hey remember when Lacey had a kid #RAW
11.1 19:14 
Triple H < Adam Pearce #RAW
11.1 16:41 
1. McQuarantine
3. Can Drew kick* COVID? *by which I mean Claymore it
4. Remember that "viral" WWE video of Drew taking out 2020? Do that again, but with that giant Doritos virus

Did I get this tweet in before Justin? Phew RT
@WWE: Drew McIntyre has tested positive for COVID-19 and has been placed in quarantine.
8.1 20:18 
Oh, Sami. Sami, Sami, Sami. Could you pick a worse week to unveil a conspiracy theorist gimmick? #SmackDown
4.1 21:21 
I'm sure I'm not the only one to notice Melina didn't come do one of these shows until she could be sure Mick Foley was off quarantining a very safe distance from the Thunderdome #RAW
4.1 19:53 
Oh no, the ladies caught Vince's Legendary "two thousand twenty-one" disease #RAW
4.1 19:44 
@Linear_WWEChamp @RealKeithLee @IAmEliasWWE What do you think - do we restore all timelines and unify the titles tonight?
4.1 19:25 
@tapemachines Whoa! Howard Finkel is rising from his grave????
4.1 19:02 
#RAW Legend?
28.12 22:03 
@d_henney Big E for all the belts at once!
28.12 21:18 
I gotta admit even now I am a little worried Vince may still try to get all his employees back on pronouncing the new year "two thousand twenty-one" #RAW
25.12 20:36 
If this WWE content had gone "viral" we sure wouldn't have had to see it as much on WWE television #SmackDown
20.12 21:06 
20.12 20:56 
@tapemachines "axes are built to cleave"
20.12 20:38 
20.12 19:53 
@DublDownDrew Well, not according to Google
20.12 19:50 
Did Charlotte do her makeup differently? #WWETLC
20.12 19:50 
Asuka ni beruto
20.12 18:06 
NB: I'm still watching the Chiefs/Saints game instead of #WWETLC . Hopefully I'll still manage to hear Graves say "uh oh" on commentary a couple thousand times
16.12 22:11 
Now tracking SIX Federation championships! Is this truly our bleakest timeline?

I'm sure the correlation with recent record-breaking low ratings is unrelated, tho

@What30dayrule: It has now been 30 days since @DMcIntyreWWE won the @WWE Championship without a defense.
14.12 21:33 
Sadly, the award-winning WWE Thunderdome™ contains no klangy poles #WWERaw
14.12 20:16 
@tapemachines tape you just missed the Lana match
11.12 19:06 
Oh thank God Adam Pearce got to use his catchy phrase WWE is back baby #SmackDown
7.12 19:33 
Ooh #RAW shoutout thanks Ced man
27.11 20:21 
King Corbin just walking out, not on the mobile throne is very jarring - on the other hand, it's King Corbin so I'll probably still go make a plate of leftovers #SmackDown
23.11 20:25 
Why do they cut from the vignette to the Thunderdome screen showing the vignette being shown to nobody #RAW
23.11 20:22 
I don't wanna say she's ducking the competition, but this is Asuka's first title defense in five weeks of #RAW...when she ALSO defended against Lana
23.11 19:30 
Well at this point New Day HAVE to lose the titles because they're just too stooooooopid #RAW
23.11 19:08 
Aw shucks, I was really hoping Pearce was gonna cement his new catchy phrase this segment #RAW
23.11 19:02 
22.11 21:28 
Well, so much for the time-honoured tradition #SurvivorSeries
22.11 21:27 
Take ALMOST gave a great tribute to Alex Trebek by using the Pitfall! elevator on his way out of the ring #FarewellTaker
22.11 21:25 
Damn this segment really went 30 minutes and counting #SurvivorSeries
22.11 21:25 
Oh no ten bell salute the character just died #FarewellTaker
22.11 21:14 
This could be AJ Styles' last chance to get revenge for the finish of the Boneyard Match #FarewellTaker
22.11 21:12 
"Ladies and gentlemen.......BUBBA RED" #FarewellTaker
22.11 21:05 
I suppose this really DOES bring the nostalgia of the better days of the World Entrance Federation #FarewellTaker
22.11 21:03 
RT @DJDanielson: Shouldn’t these people be wearing masks, especially with naitch around? #SurvivorSeries2020
22.11 21:01 
Kevin Nash looks just like my dad, which I believe means I'll look exactly like Kevin Nash in about 25 years #FarewellTaker
22.11 20:56 
22.11 20:16 
I can tell nobody's watching this PPV because I haven't had to reconnect my Chromecast a single time tonight #SurvivorSeries
22.11 17:47 
Looks like Gobbledy Gooker isn't on Twitter - @WWE is getting him @verified, I'm sure
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