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22.9 13:15 
Ha! I kinda do! RT @GwapogiTalaga: @CRZ You may find this interesting :)
24.8 22:38 
Nickelback is performing their #RAW theme is proof that I never truly escape this life
21.8 21:43 
Wow, I really feel like Corey Graves is a genuine student of....whatever WWE Films' latest movie is about #RAW
21.8 20:04 
Exhibit: RT @leaningcowboy: @CRZ But it's a Cena - Reigns confrontation!
21.8 20:03 
From the lack of interest on my timeline, y'all may be as weary of watching another three hours of WWE as I am #RAW
20.8 16:40 
Someone please give Lita some bobby pins or scrunchies or something #SummerSlamKickOfF
14.8 22:10 
Good work, security guys! #RAW
14.8 21:31 
So are we saving the holla holla match for the SummerSlam Kickoff? #RAW
14.8 21:29 
Too hard to chant YOU SUCK to Jordan's music, but give these idiots time... #RAW
14.8 21:14 
14.8 21:06 
#sauceit #RAW
14.8 20:37 
Having the cruisers championship match on #RAW vs. burying it on Sunday's preshow made it so much more satisfying tonight
14.8 19:57 
I would ALSO like to send a shout out to Maching Gun Kelly Featuring James Arthur #RAW
14.8 19:53 
Wow, large "Samson" count in that segment #RAW
14.8 19:27 
I can't BELIEVE crack director Kerwin Silfes didn't keep the camera on Alexa Bliss' backside as she climbed that ladder #RAW
14.8 19:25 
Nia Jax announced at 272 pounds!
Sasha Banks still weightless
14.8 19:12 
They shoulda kissed, I guess #RAW
7.8 22:09 
Ahhhhhhaahahahahahahahaha love it #RAW
7.8 22:04 
Calm down, Cole, it's just a chair dude #RAW
7.8 22:03 
This match must continue until one man duct tapes the other around the ringpost #RAW
7.8 20:01 
Incredible how much they've said "social media" tonight, yet there's Twitter's "deprecated in 2012" wordmark #RAW #predictabletweetsfromCRZ
4.8 14:27 
All Redlined Everything
31.7 21:18 
Booker T just got fined for saying "Samson" #RAW
31.7 21:17 
It's bad enough they never called him Drifter, now they pretend his last name never existed? #RAW
31.7 20:57 
Hard to believe there's a #sharknado5
I guess they think "keep goin' to the well, it'll never run dry?"
Who DOES that?
Oh well, back to
31.7 20:33 
After repeated viewings of their advertisements, I now want to dip my Pizza Hut in Hellman's mayonnaise #RAW
31.7 20:14 
Tonight's #RAW is brought to you by Springfieldiands for Nonviolence, Understanding and Helping
31.7 19:43 
Also, was I dreaming for that month when Daivari lost his first name because he seems to have gotten it back tonight #RAW
31.7 19:41 
This can't POSSIBLY be a cruiserweight match! The ropes aren't purple! #RAW
31.7 19:30 
OMG my head's exploding from all these years being pronounced correctly! #RAW
31.7 19:11 
Heyman will be fined for saying "twenty-seventeen" instead of "two-thousand-seventeen" #RAW
31.7 19:07 
Geez Mike Rome could have learned Lesnar was showing up tonight #RAW
31.7 19:04 
Change, chant, whatever #RAW
31.7 19:04 
Why won't they just change "Angull" instead of "Eusuch?" #RAW
31.7 19:01 
Golly USA brings the NCIS sexy times 30 seconds before the "proudly TV-PG" #RAW #familyhour
30.7 15:54 
Whoa NXT was in Saint Paul last night? I had no idea!
27.7 02:41 
Wow it's late but I just dethroned @alanstump1 as the Mayor of SuperAmerica on @Swarmapp!
24.7 01:03 
@HackmanRSPW But Kofi's from Jamaica and/or Ghana!
23.7 22:28 
O wow Nattie so racist
23.7 22:08 
Wow, this PPV IS trying to punish me
23.7 22:07 
Is this PPV trying to punish me for sticking with the NASCAR by also never ending or what
23.7 19:11 
RT @HackmanRSPW: @CRZ you REALLY need to follow up that tweet with:

"if you need me, I'll be watching three hours of WWE Battleground"
23.7 13:45 
Happy fifth Anniversary to the 1000th episode of #RAW, which I remember nothing about
23.7 13:28 
RT @crz_ebooks: NEW PREDIX: John Cena wins again!
11.7 12:51 
Wow, I didn't tweet during #CVG2017, #WWEGBOF OR #RAW? No wonder I'm not making any money on social media - that's a lotta hashtags
4.7 04:57 
I know I'm late to the party but I know you were waiting for MY first impression of the new TapouT Body Spray #RAW
2.7 13:50 
12.6 20:45 
That comma looked like a slash #RAW
4.6 22:06 
RT @What30dayrule: It has now been 63 days since @BrockLesnar won the @WWE Universal Championship.
4.6 20:27 
"The door is RIGHT THERE" has never been more apropos #ExtremeRules
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