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12.6 20:45 
That comma looked like a slash #RAW
4.6 22:06 
RT @What30dayrule: It has now been 63 days since @BrockLesnar won the @WWE Universal Championship.
4.6 20:27 
"The door is RIGHT THERE" has never been more apropos #ExtremeRules
4.6 20:26 
4.6 19:30 
Hell has frozen over #ExtremeRules
22.5 15:04 
Stop me if you've heard this one: I sure miss those good old WWF ATTITUDE! days when we had REAL WWF Champions to be proud of
22.5 15:01 
Only slightly sad there haven't been more* Ring Ka King jokes in my timeline

9.5 14:40 
Great Balls OF Fire, Cubs. They're not ON fire, they ARE fire RT @thecubsfan: have we determined how many great balls are truly on fire
8.5 19:19 
1.5 11:38 
RT @Chuy8a: @CRZ WWE cut the crowd noise. This is the displeasure including my kids born in the 200's
1.5 11:24 
I truly don't know. I'm hoping you can enlighten me. (fin)
1.5 11:24 
So I'm happy to consider the possibility that not only is it not for me, but somehow it's resonating with the target audience.
But is it?
1.5 11:23 
Look, I'm well into my fifth decade and I know that WWE hasn't been geared towards the generation I'm in since the years began with a "1"
1.5 11:22 
After that thing aired, do you think there were WWE Creative types exchanging high fives and back slaps? Or were they embarrassed?
1.5 11:22 
Are there even WWE "sports entertainment" fans who reacted "man, this - THIS is the kinda sports entertainment I've been craving?"
1.5 11:19 
OK, serious question.
In 2017, are there pro wrestling fans believing the pretaped House of Horrors segment was the WWE PW they want to see?
30.4 21:52 
So weird that all the selected tweets used the wrong hashtag #WWEPayback #Payback #RawTalk #hashtag
30.4 21:50 
30.4 21:48 
30.4 21:46 
Fit Finlay don't need no fucken nitrile gloves #WWEPayback
30.4 21:32 
Kinda surprised RoMAN was cleared by the doctors to compete #WWEPayback #WWEZpack
30.4 21:19 
WHOA you guys Shawn Michaels is in a movie about Jesus? #WWEPayback
30.4 21:17 
RT @thecubsfan: Bray used Jinder's Bollywood connections to produce the previous segment
30.4 21:16 
Crowd clearly disappointed they didn't get to hear "Theme From Randy Orton" OR see "Venom in my Veins" Titantron treatment #WWEPayback
30.4 21:13 
What if WE are the REAL House of Horrors #WWEPayback
30.4 21:11 
C'mon Bray you had like 30 minutes to chill out in the limo* #WWEPayback

*and several days from whenever you'd taped this nonsense
30.4 20:42 
Note: still daylight in the Pacific time zone #WWEPayback #HouseOfPostProduction
30.4 20:35 
It's too bad Orton didn't have superpowers he could use like Sleight from the movie "Sleight" #WWEPayback #HouseofRifftrax
30.4 20:33 
Orton should have just set fire to the house #WWEPayback #HouseOfPlotholes
30.4 20:32 
Sadly, I slept through the tag match instead of this one #WWEPayback #HouseofFilmlook
30.4 19:25 
I'm glad he got one more! Jericho always seems like the one having the most fun out there #WWEPayback
30.4 18:18 
God Bless Michael Cole for (probably mistakenly) pronouncing "SAP Center" correctly #WWEPayback
30.4 18:04's S-A-P, not "Sap" #WWEPayback
(OK, I give up - they'll do this all night I'm sure)
30.4 18:03's S-A-P, not "Sap" #WWEPayback
24.4 21:52 
Dude Love? #RAW
24.4 21:50 
Damien Sandow? #RAW
24.4 21:16 
As promised, I fell asleep for half an hour #RAW
24.4 20:29 
(not a backslash) #RAW
24.4 20:20 
If this segment doesn't end with Braun tipping another ambulance I'll be so disappointed #RAW
24.4 20:19 
"Winning that match was the worst thing Kalisto could do!"
Good ol' WWE, where wins and losses MEAN something
24.4 20:14 
HERE is YOUR winner of the match....
24.4 20:10 
24.4 20:08 
Guys this match can't end until the stupid hashtag is trending #RAW #hashtag
24.4 20:03 
"You got this! You got this!
But are you sure you got this tho"
24.4 20:00 
Whoa they're having the Dumpster Match before I involuntarily fall asleep!! #RAW
24.4 19:09 
Bad news: too sick to leave house
Good news: may live tweet "dumpster match" later
10.4 21:19 
Are they back to being Boyz™ because WWE® let the Hardyz™ trademark lapse? #RAW
10.4 21:14 
THIS ambulance actually has the company logo on it #RAW
10.4 21:12 
Dudes, none of that was live because Kevin Dunn didn't dissolve cut to people in the crowd watching stuff on a giant 'tron #RAW
10.4 21:11 
Really skillful use of camera trickery/fx/replays to make all that look "live" but COME ON, MAN #RAW
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