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Mon 21:26 
RT @hansen9j: @CRZ Actually, it kind of looks even more like the Nazi eagle than the Trump one does?
Mon 21:23 
So is that Trump's Nazi eagle or no RT @WWEonFOX: Here's a closer look at the NEW United States Championship. (via @WWE)
3.7 19:03 
Is this a rerun? #SmackDownCOVID
29.6 21:21 
Oh no! I'm using a non-WWE-approved hashtag! #Rooaw #Mekdaan
29.6 21:16 
D'you think @JakeStateFarm and @ItsFlo fight over which matches they get to sponsor? #RAW #SmackDown
26.6 20:43 
So they bumped the Styles/Gulak match, right? #SmackDownCOVID
16.6 21:04 
SMDH murderin' Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka is on @FS1 #SurSer1996
16.6 18:39 
So many dead people on this show #SurSer1996 @FS1
15.6 21:18 
"But Ric, I've won more NWA World Championships than Orton!" #RAW
15.6 20:20 
Q: What if Truth loses his title before the match starts?
@WWE never hired that contuinity guy
15.6 20:10 
Theoreh lost his first name? WHY I'M SHOCKED #RAW
15.6 20:09 
Speaking of sacrifices, let's talk about all the Louis Vitton bags that were sliced up to make Mysterio's mask #RAW
15.6 19:53 
TEN WEEKS without a tag team championship match #RAW
15.6 19:49 
14.6 20:44 
Tom Phillips sure loves saying "shoot the half" any time any cover of any kind is about to be attempted #WWEBacklash
14.6 20:01 
So can we blame this on Paul Heyman or not? #WWEBacklash
12.6 19:31 
Please don't turn Tucker in the 6 man tonight
Please don't turn Tucker in the 6 man tonight
Please don't turn Tucker in the 6 man tonight
Please don't turn Tucker in the 6 man tonight
Please don't turn Tucker in the 6 man tonight
Please don't turn Tucker in the 6 man tonight
12.6 19:02 
Hahahaha they couldn't help themselves and had to edit Jeff Hardy's live statement to include that missing "a" in "red hair red beard" #SmackDownNotLive
7.6 19:09 
What's with the double ring bell every time they start or end a match? #NXTTakeoverInYourHouseisaverylonghashtag
5.6 19:19 
So is this a rerun? #SmackDown
1.6 01:11 
@tapemachines HOW did they not take 45 camera cuts during this
31.5 14:15 
JUST IN: Dijakovic loses first name, may even debut as "The Man They Call D" RT @WONF4W: Dominik Dijakovic being called up to WWE Raw
29.5 19:06 
Welp. #SmackDown isn't interested in putting a smile on my face tonight

27.5 01:07 
@tapemachines Somewhere in this house is a VHS with the "pillows" angle from the original PPV airing
26.5 08:20 
Still trying to wrap my head around all the social distancing and plexiglas @WWE pretended to use right up until they had PC trainees run into the ring en masse to try to break up McIntyre's brawl with Lashley #RAW
22.5 21:00 
@tapemachines Larry King-esque
22.5 20:24 
Whatever of course I appreciate Mandy's wardrobe devolution into trailer trash #SmackDown
22.5 20:22 
22.5 19:59 
<ad break>
Somehow he didn't get to ten?!

22.5 19:36 
What a coup by Cleatus to complete a trade with the president of USA Network for AJ Styles! #SmackDown
18.5 19:13 
TOLYA #RAW RT @CRZ: And then they just stood there all week and they'll start next week's show still there #RAW
15.5 19:27 
How many segments will it take for Otis to tag with the guy replacing the "Miz TV" furniture? Two? Three? PLACE BETS NOW #SmackdOwn
13.5 20:20 
Hoo boy
13.5 20:02 
Well, happy birthday to me I guess
@WWENXT: Do you mind if we crash at your place...

...because we're TAKING OVER!

#NXTTakeOver: In Your House will stream on @WWENetwork on Sunday, June 7th! #WWENXT @ShawnMichaels @TripleH @WWERoadDogg
12.5 23:04 
RT @SamiZayn: Hope everyone is doing okay.
12.5 22:56 
The only advantage to falling asleep to WM3 was I woke up to learn there was yet another tourney coming; this one, for the Intercontinental championship. (Sami Who?) RT @What30dayrule: CLOCK STOPPED: WWE just vacated the title, according to @WWEonFOX Backstage.
12.5 20:34 
@tapemachines Ooh, nice one - I actually TAPE TRADED so I could see this match!
11.5 22:00 
And then they just stood there all week and they'll start next week's show still there #RAW
11.5 21:15 
Needed more camera cuts. #RAW
11.5 20:39 
@tapemachines But tape...

......Pretty Ricky

11.5 20:13 
THEY CROSSED OUT THE LOGO RT @benjamiller: @CRZ It’s not wrestling my friend, it’s Raw.
11.5 20:10 
Me, I watch #RAW for the segments they hype up by.... crossing out the logo of the show on its graphics?
11.5 19:12 
10.5 21:15 
One million stars - not a dry eye in the house*

*from laughing
10.5 21:14 
Ahahahahahahahahaha sad piano version of Theme from Undertaker #TheLastRide
10.5 20:25 
Hey wait there ISN'T another hour? Wow, I feel like I got a refund! #MITB
10.5 20:19 
Geez, for a minute there I thought they were saying there'd only be one winner. (The REAL winner are US, the WWE Universe fnaaaar) #MITB
10.5 20:19 
(Now if they manage to show a cash-in in the next hour...) #MITB
10.5 20:17 
Wow, I think they managed to not use the same referees between Florida and Connecticut! #MITB #Continuity
10.5 20:14 
ONLY @WWE: Somehow they snuck in three camera cuts while panning up the building #MITB
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