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Mon 21:17 
Mon 20:13 
Guys, the world of superheroes is about to be SHATTERED! Are YOU ready? #sponsored
18.12 20:30 
In the new #WWE, 2018 is still pronounced "two thousand eighteen" instead of "twenty eighteen" like how the rest of the world says it
16.12 19:10 
Fraud! She didn't say "yeah baby" ONCE! #WWETLC
10.12 20:47 
Sadly, Slater has not been taught the "point to my patch" move yet #RAW
10.12 20:28 
Is Dean really sitting through this vignette? (Are YOU?) #RAW
10.12 19:09 
Fans LOVE paying money to attend shows where performers talk about how much the show sucks LIVE! #RAW
18.11 19:37 
I don't know when or how it happened, but WWE now has more commentators than a CNN Election Night panel
18.11 18:38 
Maybe not the best time to be talking about "lighting the sky on fire" in California, Tommy boy #SurvivorSeries
5.11 21:50 
I fell asleep again during #RAW - hey I know I'm an old fogey curmudgeon and all, but doesn't it increasingly feel like all @WWE programming is more something one endures rather than enjoys?
1.11 15:53 
WWE Crown Jewel predictions, if anybody cares (and not saying you should)
28.10 22:35 
I got a bold prediction for ya: not only does @WWE run Riyadh, but by the end of the show, in an angle that is writing itself even as we speak, The Miz will have emerged as #WWE Champion
25.10 19:45 
MEMORIES: I don't even remember doing this, of course, but back in 2001 I produced both a "standard" ( AND "McMahon-free" recap ( of #SmackDown ep 114
22.10 00:47 
Confession: I still haven't watched SmackDown Episode 1000
9.10 20:13 
Ah, ol' SHELTO #SDLive
8.10 20:14 
It occurs to me (and hopefully many others who actually have decision-making power) that #SmackDown 1000 really needs some @OfficialTAZ
8.10 19:37 
Then. Now. Forever. #RAW
8.10 19:18 
Yeah, but wasn't it a nice nod to the "glory years" by opening #RAW with a 20 minute Triple H interview?
7.10 14:58 
WWE "Super" Show-Down
6.10 05:02 
Now, were Cena and Nikki on the same plane or nah #WWESSD
6.10 05:00 
Cena was in the ring for a lean mean forty seconds #WWESSD
6.10 04:49 
WOW! John Layfield looks GREAT! #WWESSD
6.10 04:05 
Oh good Lord RT @WWE2KAttiresXB1: @CRZ 4hrs
6.10 04:04 
How many hours is this show, anyway? #WWESSD
6.10 04:00 
Lordy.... Am I up late or up early?
25.9 20:10 
17.9 20:25 
Don't interrupt folk when they're W........... #RAW
17.9 20:16 
So....will Renee gonna get to do commentary in Riyadh? 'Cause I heard it's different for women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia #RAW
28.8 20:05 




30.7 22:00 
RT @What30dayrule: It has now been 94 days since @BrockLesnar last defended the @WWE Universal Championship. #RAW
30.7 21:59 
Whole lotta bald in this ring #RAW
23.7 19:11 
That's probably all you get outta me tonight, so don't worry about having to mute or unfollow me - ha! #RAW
23.7 19:10 
Thankfully, Titus won't have the chance to inapporpriately touch Vince on his way back #RAW
23.7 19:08 
23.7 19:08 
I can't stop staring at Vince's contrast tie tho #RAW
23.7 19:07 
Women With Elias #RAW
23.7 19:07 
World Women Entertainment #RAW
23.7 19:06 
Surely they're not reinstating Fabulous Moolah? #RAW
23.7 19:04 
(This is the fun of not being on Twitter for months) #RAW
23.7 19:03 
Surely they're not welcoming back Hulk Hogan? #RAW
23.7 19:02 
Surely Stephanie isn't pregnant again? #RAW
3.7 20:46 
21.5 19:29 
Trying to figure out how long it's been since I watched #RAW - might be as many weeks as Coach has informed us of his word of the hour
6.5 22:00 
6.5 21:57 
I feel like this show isn't gonna end in 2 minutes #WWEBacklash
6.5 21:39 
They didn't want none #WWEBacklash
6.5 21:38 
During the replays, might have been funnier if Tom hadn't said "BAM" but instead said "NUTS" #WWEBacklash
6.5 21:37 
Seriously when was the last DCO - not just in WWE but EVER? #WWEBacklash
6.5 21:36 
Bwahahahahahahaha #WWEBacklash
6.5 20:43 
So what I think the lesson we've learned is that Daniel Bryan is like a more successful Alexa Bliss #WWEBacklash
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