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30.12 22:43 
The only hot take I have is I sure hope 2020 is the year WWE finally stop mandating the saying of "two thousand <year>" instead of "twenty <year>"
30.12 21:55 
Maybe the Iiconics are in the cake #RAW
30.12 21:45 
Did Lawler just confuse Donald Duck with Daffy Duck? #RAW
27.12 20:04 
(just kidding, there's some Lacey Evans/Alexa Bliss nonsense--aw man, come on guys, let me get my jokes out before you do that lame DQ crap) #SmackDown
27.12 20:02 
Everybody turn to #SmackDown Live right now because Daniel Bryan and Miz are going broadway
18.12 20:46 
Hey, Monsoon - how much you think these women weigh? #NXTWomensTitle
9.12 21:38 
Wow, what the fuck is this shit? (It's #RAW)
1.12 18:45 
Ooh, thanks! RT @tapemachines: @CRZ @WWENetwork it’s on YouTube!
1.12 18:43 
I was gonna check out what passed for Starrcade this year but @WWENetwork appears to be down. I keep asking myself why I keep paying for this thing and obviously it's so I can craft amusing tweets about it without actually ever watching it
18.11 21:58 
Wow, guys, just think - we;re only seven short days from no longer having to give a shit about #brands
11.11 21:12 
I mean, we already know what's under there - it's a camera, dummy! #RAW
11.11 19:50 
WRESTLING FANS, don't you dare miss that new/old @WWE show "Hour of Chuckling!"
4.11 19:40 
"Open up or I'll hit you with this blunt instrument I use to hit dead-beats with bad credit cards. Well, it's not an instrument, it's more of an object, but it's blunt, hard and blunt, and well ... it's kinda like a bat. I found it out back one day when I was raking" #RAW
16.10 03:28 
Bischoff out, replaced by Prichard
11.10 19:38 
Ya know if we had a REAL One True Leader of the Smarks they'd get the chanting idiots to work on a "Chad" chant #SmackDown
11.10 19:20 
oh my
how unexpected
9.10 19:08 
RT @thecubsfan: @CRZ just in the last couple of weeks, this is the first title match since doing it, you're good
9.10 19:08 
Okay, I know I haven't been paying attention for yonks, but when did they "demote" the Cruiserweight championship? #NXT
7.10 19:25 
Hey check it out guys, #WWETLC is coming to...."Minneanpolis"
7.10 19:07 
PSA: The guy in the bowtie is talking on @FS1 #twins #yankees #RAW #hashtag
7.10 19:06 
Me: <flips on >#RAW>
Lashley: Oh hey Rusev
(saxophone music starts playing)
Me: <flips to
#twins pregame>
6.10 19:16 
Oh wait did this show start an hour ago? Ooopsie #HIAC
(Doesn't matter, stream just died - wow seven minutes, new record)
6.10 19:07 
OH MY GOD AN ACTUAL @WWENetwork LIVE STREAM ON MY @Roku SAINTS BE PRAISED (does this mean nobody's streaming this show except me?) #HIAC
3.10 22:01 
See guys Troy Aikman totally knows WWE RT @TroyAikman: Proud to join the #BeaStar team to beat bullying w @WWE and @TheCreativeC. Hope you'll take a stand against bullying too!
1.10 11:42 
RAW #1375 September 30, 2019 "Season Premiere"
30.9 21:59 
Ever seen fifteen camera cuts during a single kiss? Well, NOW you have!
30.9 20:10 
Oh great, it's Saudi Arabia season in the WWE again - maybe we should give up WWE for October
30.9 20:02 
@allnewtpir Hey is Hulk Hogan still racist? I forget
30.9 19:59 
Dom Stereo
27.9 19:22 
I will say Miz and Charlotte have already repeatedly tapped out to the TelePrompTer
27.9 19:21 
Man this "SmackDown's Greatest Hits" show currently on Fox is GREAT! How come nobody told me this was airing? (Looks like FS1 will give it a replay or two next week)
26.9 21:03 
Your move, Wrestling Twitter RT @CRZ: Today I learned that the 24/7 title has seriously screwed up the @WWE Lineal Championship. Also, it may be criminal that even after I follow @Linear_WWEChamp, who are doing God's work so I don't have to, their follower count remains in single digits.
26.9 21:03 
Today I learned that the 24/7 title has seriously screwed up the @WWE Lineal Championship. Also, it may be criminal that even after I follow @Linear_WWEChamp, who are doing God's work so I don't have to, their follower count remains in single digits.
25.9 20:04 
Good to see I still can't get a live stream of the @WWENetwork working on my @Roku
15.9 18:08 

Yeah, definitely an improved streaming experience. Way to go
@WWENetwork @Roku
15.9 18:05 
Oh man EVERY title? Is WALTER here tonight? #WWEClash
15.9 18:04 
Oh boy, it's streaming (at a very low bitrate)! Let's see how many minutes we can last before it errors out
15.9 18:01 
Hmmm, WWE says I'm not a subscriber any more. It's only been, what, five years? OK, let's sign up again. Aw man, I don't get a free month?

Oh, never mind, it doesn't wanna work on my Roku anyway. How badly do I wanna watch this PPV? Isn't there football on?
20.8 02:23 
OK one last thing about #RAW last night...where the heck was this photo taken, Iowa?
19.8 20:11 
Skype's gotta be paying WWE, right? Google gave me zilch but this has gotta be a story #RAW
19.8 19:35 
Hooray! The Fiend turns babyface! #RAW
19.8 19:25 
(Oh, yes, I already wish Lawler wasn't on commentary, by the way) #RAW
19.8 19:24 
Sadly, I'm still blocked by Jerry Lawler - and Michael Cole and John Layfield - who probably got tired of me @-ing them in "chuckling idiot" tweets and blocked me all during the same commercial break #RAW
19.8 17:09 
I should add that earlier this afternoon I accessed my WWE Network to finally watch (SPOILER) The British Bulldog win the Highly Coveted Samovar Trophy, which somehow I'd gone my whole life without watching.

"I don't rate battle royals."
19.8 16:42 
@tapemachines Tom Buchanan forgets nothing!
13.8 21:06 
And then the three of them just stood there for 166 straight hours #SDLive
13.8 20:29 
Needed more klangy poles tbh #SDLive
13.8 19:11 
Elias was SO traumatized.... that he showed up, competed on RAW, won a championship, and... #whyamIwatching #SDLive
13.8 15:57 
@RyanLoco @tapemachines It was a strange incidence of WWF keeping kayfabe - earlier that weekend on the syndies, they showed Booger drawing his number, bragging about and SAYING his number, and then having to relinquish and redraw his number because he was a dumb dumb.
12.8 21:19 
Unwittingly accurate RT @masonwrestling: You ever seen a dead body?

Because next event you will.
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