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17.8.14 22:14 
Excitement personified: the WWE Double German Announce Team
17.8.14 22:08 
@HackmanRSPW @VinceMcMahon Found it five minutes in
17.8.14 21:50 
17.8.14 21:49 
Steve Mazzagatti is probably fine with this officiating, though, AM I RIGHT #SummerSlam #UFCjokes
17.8.14 21:43 
Still...needs more blood and vomit and urine, am I right? #SummerSlam #HereComesThePAIN
17.8.14 21:42 
HERE COMES THE PAIN! Ahahahahahaha #SummerSlam
17.8.14 21:41 
Heyman shouting "HERE COMES THE PAIN!" > "LET'S GO CE-NA" child
17.8.14 21:40 
So glad they managed to place a mic near the one kid vocally rooting for Cena #SummerSlam
17.8.14 21:39 
@jfn514 I was JUST thinking "what spectacular mic placement!"
17.8.14 21:37 
#SummerSlam finally gives up on the west coast - here's their first 2015 logo (via broadcast)
17.8.14 21:16 
'pparently they don't pay Lawler enough to correctly say "Diet Dew" instead of "Mountain Dew" #SummerSlam
17.8.14 21:09 
#theacecowboy #SummerSlam
17.8.14 21:02 
RT @JayJayDean: John Cena's girlfriend just turned heel. That's as close as we're getting, people. #SummerSlam
17.8.14 20:56 
Geez, I hope at least VINCE gets the Network for free #SummerSlam
17.8.14 20:55 
Don't worry; it'll all make sense when they air the next season "Total Divas"

(I guess)

17.8.14 20:52 
Nikki's done nothing so far, so expect a turn soon #SummerSlam
17.8.14 20:27 
@hansen9j Sorry, meant historic THIRD DCOR in the history of lumberjack matches
17.8.14 20:19 
Hey Jericho, yer battery pack's showing #SummerSlam @IAmJericho
17.8.14 20:08 
Historic first double COR in the history of lumberjack matches coming up #SummerSlam
17.8.14 20:00 
@thewadekeller @HackmanRSPW The answer is: my BD doesn't appear on WWE's list of supported devices (probably too old)
17.8.14 19:54 
These ain't the flag match rules *I* remember! #SummerSlam
17.8.14 19:52 
Some flag match! Nobody grabbed any flags! #SummerSlam
17.8.14 19:45 
Sorry, I was upstairs for a few minutes - did I miss Lana making any comments about Ferguson? #SummerSlam
17.8.14 19:22 
Dude is that Rick Rubin? #SummerSlam
17.8.14 19:21 
@thewadekeller @HackmanRSPW I've been checking since Friday on the "Smart Hub" but it's not shown up for me to install (so I'm Roku again)
17.8.14 19:20 
@HackmanRSPW I think it is! I'll have to check again. Maybe during a long video package :)
17.8.14 19:15 
By the way: As of this morning, I still couldn't find WWE Network on the Samsung Smart Hub. Anybody else find it?
17.8.14 19:11 
Holy crap, it takes four dudes to call this crap in German?! #SummerSlam
17.8.14 19:08 
Here's THE Miz! He came to pay. Pay $9.99, that is! #SummerSlam
17.8.14 19:04 
Uh, I PAID for the @WWENetwork, you jackasses - STOP SELLING IT TO ME!

This is the reason I'm letting my subscription lapse!
17.8.14 19:03 
"...right here in the Great Western Forum!" #SummerSlam
17.8.14 19:02 
Is You Know Who here to retire the scratch logo? #SummerSlam
17.8.14 18:39 
This just happened #WWEKickoff @BookerT5x
17.8.14 18:31 
Aw geez, I hope Flair doesn't spoil the whole show again #WWEKickoff
17.8.14 15:38 
If my Twitter timeline is any indication, folks are looking forward to a very special "Totino's Bold" product placement tonight #SummerSlam
16.8.14 15:21 
WWE hiding some SummerSlam promotional gems on YouTube
16.8.14 15:18 
Wow, WWE is hiding a lot of promotional gems from me!
If you're my age, don't quit early - watch the entire 6 mins:
16.8.14 14:25 
Great #SummerSlam spot aired on ESPN (Nationwide race):
Why don't WWE put "sports" before "entertainment" more often?
15.8.14 18:10 
Can't wait for the perfect opportunity to pull out this awesome "@WWE flying $9.99 flag at half staff" tweet I'm working on
15.8.14 16:18 
My game of chicken with the WWE Network continues - their latest email
12.8.14 12:15 
WWE Network goes way over the top to 170 countries; new pricing, new delivery methods
12.8.14 12:07 
@HackmanRSPW Yer damn skippy! But I think I have to wait until Friday if their PR is to be believed - still, that's ahead of Summerfest!
11.8.14 22:39 
OK, you've won me over - since Letterman's a rerun, I'll see if I can start "SummerSlam Prelude" from the beginning
11.8.14 22:20 
11.8.14 22:16 
11.8.14 22:13 
KISS........KISS......... #RAW
11.8.14 22:12 
DID YOU KNOW? Due to the state comissioner's policy of stringent drug screening, WWE wouldn't come to Portland between 1993 and 2003 #RAW
11.8.14 22:11 
Survey said this crowd was too young to know to chant "N-W-O" #RAW
11.8.14 22:10 
Lotta old dudes lookin' old sure makes me wanna cut that cheque for THE SUMMERSLAM #RAW
11.8.14 22:08 
Gary Spivey was unavailable, I guess #RAW
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