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Fri 13:00 
Golly, did you know ABC did a Radiohead cover a few years back? If you did, you should have told me! Have a great weekend!

High & Dry
Tue 21:22 
"No, I'll be late - yeah....yeah, I'm listening to orchestral arrangements of Coke commercials - hello?" (YouTube: It's the Real Thing · The Ivor Raymonde Orchestra)
6.12 16:05 
I'm in shock. RIP Pete Shelley. If you've never heard "XL1," this was the coolest way to do it.
6.12 16:00 
Not the best news to hear today. He was only 63. :(

Pete Shelley
5.12 20:14 
Seem so unhappy 'less you got a war...

Generals & Majors
12.11 18:18 
Video - Who's next? It's the sequel to Santa's Slay (sorta) and/or a Dodge commercial I just saw for the first time (YouTube: Dodge - Upgrade)
12.11 14:18 
Video - My - and your - new favourite song (B.O.S.E. - Batman (The Original Swing))
8.11 03:20 
Video - The funny thing was, even after we snuck out of Transmission for an Impossibleburger, Iron Door was ALSO bringing the Talking Heads...albeit more interesting Talking Heads (YouTube: Talking Heads - Stay Up Late)
6.11 17:30 
Video - When Is The What? (YouTube: Crystal Method - Now Is The Time)
26.10 21:02 
Tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1997
18.9 23:17 
Funny, John kinda completely forgot to mention the minstrel/blackface part! But here's the 1928 version of the opening cover track of "Arkansas." (YouTube: Emmett Miller - Any Time)
22.8 10:35 
Mood (YouTube: DeeJay Punk-Roc: Far Out)
4.7 11:47 
Obligatory (YouTube video: "Chicago - Saturday in the Park")
21.6 13:43 
Video - ANOTHER ONE, HEE HAW (YouTube: Hey Shooter! Episode 2)
21.6 13:11 
Either the worst or the best or maybe both song - just think, if the plane crashes this'll be the one I go out on (YouTube: Armand van Helden - Koochy (12"))
12.6 15:03 
♬ You think you know her
But you never really
Lived a life without her
But you couldn't tell me
The things she said, the books she read
The way she looked when the morning came
The time of night that you held her tight
But you never forget the day she ran away ♬
(YouTube: Cause & Effect - You Think You Know Her)
25.5 13:01 
Happy long weekend! Play the B side

Daryl Hall & John Oates
Unguarded Minute
2.5 22:57 
@duenorde RT @paper_sleeves: Hell yeah, Metallica does A-Ha! "Take On Me" Telenor Arena, Fornebu, Norway 5.2.18 via @Metallica
20.4 19:53 
Regression to the 1980s? In uncertain times, we retreat to nostalgia. I bet we get some more posts here in the near future...

"Bridge To Your Heart"
14.4 15:21 
RIP Art Bell (YouTube: Giorgio Moroder - Chase (13:06))
4.4 12:03 
Are you liking this album as much as I'm liking this album? (Will you even see this? Ha!)

6.3 18:10 
It's National Oreo Day I have just learned! So I threw this up
10.2 15:26 
'mornin' all (Streetband - Toast)
7.2 15:45 
Not worth the wait - the cookies, not Erin (Starring Erin Schneider) (YouTube: CRZ and Eric try Chocolate Hazelnut Oreos)
4.2 18:46 
Exclusive leak sneak peek of @jtimberlake's halftime performance:
17.1 15:37 
Found these at Target last night....and today, I forgot to credit Christopher Hare for first letting me know about them
31.12 13:55 
If you play "Burn the Bastards" precisely at 11:55:15, promise to also kill whoever came up with this meme and start the new year off right - HOLY CRAP THIS SONG IS THREE DECADES OLD I'M OLD YOU'RE OLD EVERYTHING IS OLD

"...and a very Happy New Year from BBC1."
(YouTube: The JAMs - Burn the Bastard)
17.12.17 19:16 
OK no I didn't know this existed, sorry, I'll go back into my cave now RT @mikethemiz: While this is labeled as a parody, this is as close as anyone will ever understand a true Mizanin Christmas to be. And as you can tell, the acting lessons I got my dad are paying off! #AChristMizStory ENJOY!!!
2.12.17 18:38 
2001's version of 1988 (Corporation of One vs. Jakatta - Real Life)
29.11.17 15:13 
Thanks again to Erin for providing us with material! (CRZ and Jan eat Salted Caramel Oreo Thins)
26.11.17 23:21 
More fallout from the A Perfect Circle show: It called to mind THIS song, but I couldn't remember anything except RIFFS and you can't Google a riff (or you probably can and I don't know how). I eventually remembered like three words of lyrics and amazingly found it. I probably could have just listened to all the Tool albums (which I clearly never did in the '90s) but honestly I didn't even remember with certainty that it was Tool. This probably says a lot about my musical tastes (cf. The KZiM Archives) back then - Tool definitely warn't very "techno." But hey I only slept on it for, what, 14 years (EDIT: 24 years. Shit) (YouTube: Tool - Sober)
23.10.17 18:35 
Video -
22.10.17 17:56 
17.10.17 16:29 
17.10.17 16:23 
OH MY GOD SO GOOD - thanks Jeff and Lisa! (Attn: Catherine) (YouTube: CRZ eats a Japan Sake KitKat)
16.10.17 16:06 
★★★★ from sloslylove + friends - headphones suggested (SLODROSS: HH01)
16.10.17 12:44 
RT @WFMU: Firefighting crew from American Samoa singing as they come down off a
California mountain (h/t
29.9.17 18:16 
CRZ EATS OREOS: Finally, here's the other one! Special thoughts for Doug, as always, whenever "Pumpkin Spice" is involved
27.9.17 15:03 
Video - Facebook hates sharing YouTube links with you but no matter: here is the Cookie Butter Oreo video (when you don't see this later, I'll send you back here) - somehow the office filled with people as soon as I opened them. I also forgot to tell you it's currently 61° here.
14.9.17 11:54 
We be (YouTube: Brand Nubian - Rockin' It)
8.9.17 17:52 
CRZ's Banana Theatre, a possibly ongoing series (made possible by Heather)
7.9.17 15:40 
It's been done. (Oh by the way - get to a 7-Eleven for peach cobbler potato chips, v. close to Togo Makabe territo… RT @i/web: Trying out new Lays flavors. Make sure to check my YouTube channel for my very important food reviews where I decide they’re “pretty good”
6.9.17 15:33 
RIP Holger Czukay (YouTube: Snake Charmer full EP)
5.9.17 16:27 
CRZ tries the Apple Pie Oreos
5.9.17 15:21 
So YouTube is very unfriendly - which part of me eating an Oreo violates their community standards? ( this a loaded question?)
5.9.17 14:32 
OKAY (Video: CRZ eats an Apple Pie Oreo)
21.8.17 10:59 
@jerridsebesta Try this version:
21.8.17 10:15 
Seye thgirb dnuora nrut (Bonnie Tyler: Total Eclipse of the Heart (reversed))
8.8.17 10:13 
RT @state808: Happy #808Day 8-08-17
27.6.17 01:52 
Here we go (YouTube: King Crimson - Heroes Live from Berlin)
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