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Fri 16:30 
Nobody's applying, huh RT @MinneapolisPD: The MPD Community Service Officer (CSO) application deadline has now been extended to February 7th!
They application can be found on the City website here: /> SALARY: $20.04 - $23.20 Hourly
JOB TYPE: Part-time
Info Session Link:
Fri 16:01 

(Shared from Louie's Backflip - Splash)
Louie's courageous backflip isn't enough to keep him in the competition.Watch full episodes of your favorite shows at
9.1 19:04 

(Shared from Rolling With Bob Saget)
Music Video With Bob Saget,Jamie Kennedy and Stu Stone
31.12 19:56 

(Shared from Betty White Sings OFFICIAL "I'm Still Hot" Music Video w/Luciana HD for The Lifeline Program)
Betty White is still hot as she raps with Electro Artist Luciana in her wild, funny and zany music video. A large portion of proceeds from iTune music downl...
20.12 21:26 
Don't you wish it were THIS?
20.12 21:25 
OK, seriously, listen to this...
11.12 03:13 
I saw this 36 years ago, then never again, yet still vividly remembered the entire thing. @ArsenioHall RT @drinkingwithian: Thanks, Nez.. No way this would've been on air otherwise.
19.10 20:49 
OMG another terrible ad for the mayor. "Go get 'em, Jacob!" "Will do, Coach."
18.10 11:52 
Happy Birthday to DJ SLT! The T stands for Tom and while his page is locked down, you can still tag him to do an end around to get ONTO his page. Sadly, nobody has yet mashed up "This Is America" with "Only After Dark," but several (well, three) people HAVE mashed it up with...

(Shared from Childish Bowie - This Is (Not) America)
Childish Gambino - This Is America VS.David Bowie - This Is Not America---Only one will be left standing.I had dangerous amounts of fun doing this mashup, fo...
24.9 16:23 
RIP Pee Wee Ellis
8.9 17:01 
RIP Archbishop Carl Bean

(Shared from Carl Bean - I Was Born This Way (Motown Records 1977))
"I Was Born This Way" is a disco song by Valentino, released in 1975, then by Carl Bean in 1977 (both artists for Motown), and a re-recording in 1995 by coun...
6.9 17:18 
Happy Labor Day/Christopher Muench's birthday

(Break Dance: Jerry Lewis vs. Shabba Doo and Boogaloo Shrimp (1984) - MDA Telethon)
30.7 15:57 
Well this is delightful - Southeastern Championship Wrestling 07/29/1978 (via @realkevinkelly, via @RonFullerWelch )
12.7 21:36 
RT @ArmstrongHouse: On July 9, 1971 at 7:30 p.m., CBS aired a one-hour special, "Louis Armstrong 1900-1971," hosted by Walter Cronkite. It only aired once and has never appeared online--until now! Here is Lucille Armstrong’s copy, digitized for all to enjoy 50 years later.
17.6 23:21 
Woooo (but why didn't they get Vin Diesel too)

(Shared from The Prodigy - Breathe (Liam H and Rene LaVice Re-Amp) [feat. RZA] (Official Audio))
The Prodigy - Breathe (Liam H and Rene LaVice Re-Amp) [feat. RZA] (Official Audio) [from F9 - The Fast Saga Soundtrack]Stream/DL:
12.6 04:25 
Let's ALL enjoy the second Beverly Brothers theme:
7.6 23:15 
AND FINALLY, one last obligatory - oh also I will read and respond to all msgs after I sleep, sorry, too old to stay awake another moment

(Shared from Sally O'Malley)
28.4 10:56 
@AdamGKress @GregRenoff It got better - full clip: /> (also, exhibit A against "image stabilization" - watching the lights move around in this excerpt made me dizzy)
7.4 13:09 
RT @GurdeepPandher: Today, I received my second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. Then I went to a frozen lake in the lap of pure nature to dance Punjabi Bhangra on it for joy, hope and positivity, which I'm dispatching to Canada and beyond for everyone's good health.
16.3 12:08 
RT @EvNarc: A real one
24.2 15:49 
9.9% !!! RT @paper_sleeves: Enjoy some vintage '83 Twin Cities car ads!
Anyone else who does VHS transfer know why my dupes having this skippy, speed up issue?
Vintage Twin Cities Car Dealership Commercials (1983)
19.2 01:55 
This was NEVER a good idea but also I've never not loved it. RIP Prince Markie Dee - who dies the day before their birthday? 😢
(The Fat Boys & The Beach Boys: Wipeout)
14.2 05:20 
@ClassicPopMag You too!
7.2 19:04 
Dr. Squatch: Isn't this one of those annoying YouTube ads but I can't skip it on TV
Vroom: Okay
Jimmy John's: Aren't they still problematic?
T-Mobile: Celebrities!
15.1.21 01:06 
It's been a month since I remembered there was a Lifetime KFC movie. I don't actually remember anybody WATCHING it but maybe I wasn't on Twitter that day. I'll watch it right now since it's on the 'tube and, recall, it's only 15 minutes:
7.1.21 20:09 
Today I saw Vampire Vince Clarke for the first time

(Shared from Yazoo - Don't Go (Official HD Video))
Official HD video for ‘Don’t Go’ by Yazoo.Yazoo – Alison Moyet & Vince ClarkeAlison and Vince’s second single from their debut album ‘Upstairs At Eric’s’.Th...
4.1.21 02:24 
@tapemachines I'm old school so I miss the Russian theme
16.12.20 03:14 
You gotta love Jo (or accept the $50, I guess)

(Shared from Rate The Cookie (with Jo Firestone) | adult swim)
A game show where Jo Firestone sets up a cookie tasting in a parking lot to try to make friends. Contestants must ultimately decide between a friendship and ...
14.12.20 03:29 
Why aren't I asleep
(Tiña - Buddha)
11.12.20 15:17 
LINETTE! Killing it! But I must ask, why did I have to learn this video existed from a quote tweet of this tweet and not you directly tweeting it out yourself...? More self-promotion please, you know you're awesome! I also went "Ooooooooooh" RT @reinermatthew: I can’t get over how cool sketchnotes are and how much I enjoyed @mslanei’s demonstration! “Oooooooooo!” is right! I’m going to try this out, you should too.
7.12.20 21:37 
@tapemachines I'm so happy this will be my first year (of millions) to subject radio listeners to
4.12.20 16:24 
RT @TotallyGNP: Minneapolis has lost a wonderfully creative, kind, and talented artist. Rest In Power, Leah Ottman. You will be missed.
15.11.20 23:09 
Well this was just delightful. Hat tip with a chef's kiss to Jason Hollis
10.11.20 03:20 
19.10.20 12:03 
Okay yes I'm awake now thanks
(Jung/Frye - "Pulsar Acid" (SUPERPANG, 2020))
10.10.20 14:55 
Happy ten ten!

(Shared from Powers of Tenâ„¢ (1977))
Powers of Ten takes us on an adventure in magnitudes. Starting at a picnic by the lakeside in Chicago, this famous film transports us to the outer edges of t...
8.10.20 14:18 
It's Tennessee Luke Winston Fortinberry III's birthday. Can you make it through all 331 seconds of his cover of "I Believe I Can Fly?"
6.10.20 20:45 
Now we''re.....
(National Fuel Gas "Cookin' With Gas")
29.9.20 23:50 
Let's go ahead and drop this here for anybody who needs it tonight
(Mario Mathy - Jumping Dance)
22.9.20 09:52 
I didn't remember
(September on recorder)
21.9.20 22:24 
Did I remember
(Earth, Wind & Fire - September Shred)
14.9.20 12:12 
(Krust - Constructive Ambiguity)
11.8.20 17:29 
@jkalyn @tapemachines
8.8.20 10:12 
It's a very important day

(Shared from The Egyptian Love - 808 Beats Volume 1 ( E. Empire / B. Grundman Acetate 2018 ) Snippets)
A new Egyptian Lover Banger is coming .... 808 Beats Volume 1, this will be the first of of 4 Volumes ! Mini LP's/EP's ! 808 Craziness at its best! 15 Minute...
2.8.20 04:46 
Foshay - g'night

(Shared from Grace Jones - I'm Not Perfect But I'm Perfect For You)
Video for I'm Not Perfect But I'm Perfect For You by Grace Jones from her album Inside Story. The video features cameos by Keith Haring, Andy Warhol and Timo...
29.7.20 21:04 
Ah, I see - it wasn't "theirs"
10.7.20 13:34 
RT @GothBlairWaldrf: In these turbulent times slash during this "new normal" [insert your own trite ad copy here] there's one product Americans/me can truly rely on. Please support the fake commercial I made in tribute to it:
27.6.20 00:52 
@DublDownDrew I think Joe Pera beat you to that conclusion (it eventually gets there)
7.6.20 05:17 
RT @thezoobombs: Zoobombs is ready.
Are you ready to get Mo’ Funky?
7.6.20 05:04 
If I read my timezones right, there's a ZOOBOMBS concert starting RIGHT NOW...if only I stay awake

EDIT: Moostop is playing with them for the first time in seven years!!
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