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In my checkout line at Cub, a couple of workers were providing an autopsy to a soggy Diet Dr Pepper 12 pack box which had apparently been the victim of an exploded and emptied can. The mess had left a puddle on the conveyor belt and they were starting to worry about just leaving it there while they collected something to clean off the belt, when my checker said "oh, don't worry - it's Dr Pepper! Nobody will want it." One of them shot back "even worse - it's Diet!" whereupon I pointed to the 12 pack of Diet Dr Pepper Cherry in my basket which my checker had rung up not 15 seconds ago (4/$10). After a collective "d'oh" from all involved, they decided to make up for it by just giving me 8 loose cans of Diet Dr Pepper so they wouldn't have to figure out how to restock them. Anyway, I'm on the radio live at 2am CDT (midnight on the west coast) and hope you'll be tuning in if you're awake and haven't a better thing to do.