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24.5.19 14:08 
JOB NON-UPDATE: Got form rejection emails from Ecolab and Ameriprise today. At least I'm getting rejected by a higher class of company!

One of the contract companies is trying to put me forward for a 6 month thing with Optum, but it's challenging to work up enthusiasm.

Quick reminder of what I do: I have a decade of experience as a technical writer and knowledge manager working primarily in the technical support space, helping folks find solutions to their problems, ideally on their own without having to call anybody. I know Linux and UNIX, am a whiz with Excel pivot tables, can read (and occasionally debug!) code but can't write it, CAN read and write XML and HTML, do well prying information out of subject matter experts' heads and committing it to the digital realm, and this sentence and this paragraph are probably too long. Feel free to Share this post with anybody at your company because you are WAY better at networking than I appear to have been. We can also do the LinkedIn thing if somehow we haven't done that yet.

(With expert timing, I'm posting this on the front end of a three-day weekend.)