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28.7.20 12:23 
My insidious takeover of Fresh Air Radio is complete. Well, not COMPLETE, but I'm exhausted and don't think I can do much more. See you Saturday!

(Shared from Dollar Bin on KFAI)
Mixcloud does little "previews" when you hover over the play button on any particuar show - because this is the "I" show, you get a nice bit of me talking, some Billy Idol, some Imagination, me talking again, and... like, the PERFECT bit of INXS. So this time I'm saying, don't just immediately start playing the show - check out that preview BEFORE hitting "Play!" (Best part is one of the tracks that DIDN'T make the'll never see it coming and it may leave you speechless. Hey, is THAT clickbait-y enough to get you to listen?)