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In case you've forgotten, I believe survivors of sexual assault and sexual abuse and will do what I can to deplatform predators, including keeping them off my playlists and encouraging other KFAI hosts to keep them off theirs. As live events come back, we all play a role in making our spaces and our "scene" safe for all. This event may provide some tools for your toolbox. I won't be able to attend but I hope you can...then you can tell me what I missed and school me, too. Afterwards, if you want, you can catch the second hour of my show live (yeah, I just HAD to sneak in a tiny bit of self-promotion) Even if you are unable to attend, please Share and let others know!

(Shared from Bystander Intervention Training: Actions you can take to reduce and prevent sexual misconduct — MN Music Summit)
This hands on workshop will give you both tools and practice to take action when you observe or experience someone whose behavior is uncomfortable, harassing, harmful or illegal. You will leave equipped with some specific strategies you can use to help create safer, harassment free spaces in the mus