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Next week is my birthday week and ALSO the first attempt of the year to get to Welch Mill for tuuuuuuubing! No rain in the forecast as I look (graphic), but the forecast seems to change every day. We're currently shooting for Monday, but if there's a washout the alternate day is Thursday. If you can make the time (take a half, we generally don't get it together until after noon) and want to join the convoy, please hit me, Yo, Kimber or Kelsey up! Tube rental is cash only (I think it's still twelve bucks?) we'll have a 48qt cooler I picked up off my curb filled with ice and whatever you wanna bring to drink and/or share. Come have fun it's fun! HEY Marin I'M TAGGING YOU NOW SO YOU DON'T COMPLAIN LATER <3