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DATELINE - OUTSIDE KFAI, 4PM: So a minivan pulled up at the corner of Cedar and Riverside and inside were a lovely group of old nuns who asked if I could help them navigate around what they were certain was a closed 94 freeway. I still think they may have misread the signs - but they also were working with handwritten instructions and no smart phones. Eventually I let them know 4th St S, where we were, and 4th St N, where they wanted to be, were actually nowhere near each other and helped them figure out how to get onto Washington and take it all the way through downtown and north to Broadway. They gave me this prayer card and a charm for my good deed...I guess they were St Teresans? Is that what you call them? At any rate, I hope they got where they needed to be. Also, hey, cool charm! But I forgot to tell them I was also a minister.