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Thu 06:21 
PANDEMIC KITCHEN: Last night, I found a box of "veal parmagiana" that I may have bought when I was still in my 30s and for some reason I had kept in the basement freezer under some fake McRibs ALSO from On-Cor. Determined to consume it before its freshness date passed an entire decade ago, I prepared them in the oven last night. Once again, moisture was an important yet largely missing component as the "sauce" had pretty much hardened to a non-spreadable component so I decided NOT to photograph the really ugly plating, but of course it still tasted pretty good and I'm still alive this morning. Also pictured: $1.29 worth of Fresh Thyme kale which will be salads for the next three or four days because I enjoy a balanced diet of food from 2011 AND food from 2022.