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Nothing's Forever

(Shared from Kitten Forever)

It with heavy hearts we write to you today to announce that Kitten Forever has officially crossed the Rainbow Bridge. After caring for her dutifully for the past 16 years, it is time to put the baby to sleep.

We are a band no more!! There are quite literally not words to describe what our time as a band has meant to us and there are certainly even less words to describe the love and appreciation we have received from the music community here in Minneapolis and beyond. We would be nothing without the local scene and the love we received from our very inception as the resident house band at 2613 Lyndale Ave South has been unmatched. It felt exceptionally unique all those years ago to be uplifted out of the basement by our community and we honor you forever for giving us that gift.

We’ve accomplished more than we ever dreamed possible back in 2006 and now we are moving on to focus on other projects and passions. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone who ever gave us a basement to play in or a couch to crash on or simply believed in our guitarless self-taught heartstruck and headstrong baby.

We are clearanceing out our t-shirts and tote bags on Bandcamp until they are gone. Our merch store will remain open for records, tapes and CDs indefinitely!

If you’d like to continue to follow Liz and Corrie’s creative endeavors, you can head on over to for the final commemorative Kitten Forever t-shirt’s and other weird screen printed shit. Want us to make your band shirt? Hit us up.

In the words of the very first song we ever wrote, “I wanted to be a Kitten Forever, but I’m dead.”