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The 4th turned out all right as my mysteriously blurry benefactor (okay, it's Trygg in his most patriotic garb as a member of Team Venture) purchased the shared experience of HARD MTN DEW ZERO SUGAR which was MY first experience with the long-awaited product. Four flavours are available - "classic" Mtn Dew is displayed here, Black Cherry, Baja Blast and Watermelon (NOT Major Melon, for whatever reason). I tried the first two and - get this - they're perfectly fine 5% alcohol content delivery systems. The Dew tasted like Dew to me - my compatriots weren't as used to the pretty forward artificial sweeteners I've already come to know and love. As far as I know, Black Cherry Mtn Dew doesn't exist as a soda yet but I'd be fine if it did given these results. As a frequent consumer of the Mtn Dew Zero Sugar sodas, it's a little weird to see "100 calories" on a zero sugar thing, but that's what gives it that kick I suppose. Better than "hard seltzer" (I think they're b!
asically the same thing) but very unlikely it would ever replace beer in my heart during the drinking times.