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Well, everybody's luck runs out eventually. The most likely explanation is I took this one home with me from Gothess at the VFW on Friday. I tested negative yesterday but had a little throat tickle, then a tiny fever, then tested positive today, both at home and then at the Midway center. They also foisted upon me a giant bag with 16 home tests in it so I can definitely test myself every day until all clear (and I'll have to because they all expire in two weeks apparently). Maybe I shouldn't have walked around so much yesterday but even right now I really don't feel BAD bad and am happy I'm as vax'd and boost'd as I am for this to feel so minor (honestly, the crud I had last year felt way worse) and also for managing to have escaped the rona for two years four months plus. Unfortunately that also means I can't go to the concert tonight, the Aurora game Wednesday, and I'll have to pretape my show for Saturday and no Assortment either. Beyond that...vee shall see!
! No worries, mates, I still plan to live forever.