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24.7 03:08 Tonight at Electric Feel, after talking her and her friend holding two drinks into doing the free TouchTunes photo booth with me, a lovely woman in a silver cowboy hat who may or may not have been named Brooklyn asked if she could film me giving one piece of advice for a project she was working on, or she was collecting videos randomly know, I can't exactly remember, but of course I said okay and when the recording was rolling I said something to the effect of "Love first. Everything else will fall into place as long as you put love first" and gave the peace/victory sign, which, you know, is super reductive and probably bullshit but it sure sounded nice and IS the way I try to live when I'm not hiding from life.... I remembered that I filled out the forms and got ordained during the pandemic and although I've done a fair share of preaching since this might have been the closest I got to being a minister. "Reverend Zim" still sounds funny. I wonder if th!
ey make those priest collars in optical yellow.