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(Shared from Grumpy's Bar & Grill Roseville)
It is with an extremely heavy heart that we announce the closing of Grumpy’s Roseville, effective Saturday, July 30th at end of the business day/bar close.

Over the 14 years we’ve been here, there were plenty of near brushes with closing the doors, but thanks to our amazing team and loyal customers we managed to hang on. In the end what got us was when the folks holding your mortgage say “Sell or we call the note.” Well, you sell. It is very, very far from the ending we wanted.

We have massive appreciation for the hard-earned customers and awesome regulars that made life worthwhile to be in Roseville, and the even more awesome crew/family that kept this show running for 14 years, past and present. All current employees have been offered positions with the new restaurant taking over the building, called Mito. Be sure to check in on them when Mito opens after a long overdue remodel/overhaul of the old bones.

That our last day coincides with the 4th Big Kahuna Bash was utterly unplanned, but going out on a positive note in an overall bummer situation maybe isn't the worst idea.

Take care and thank you all so much for the time we had together.