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This is just mind-blowingly incredible - almost 25 years after it happened, footage from the Oakland stop of the Big Top Tour made it to YouTube. I had no idea it existed and never figured I'd relive this night - especially this, the Banco de Gaia set... a rather formative event for young KZiM. They don't really make it into frame that much but the butterflies on stilts performing in the crowd were especially memorable as well. Criminally this video only had 78 views. I will probably view it 78 times myself! I'm pretty sure you won't see my silhouette in the crowd as I was more hanging in the back....but who can say I really remember EXACTLY where I was that night? Elsewhere on this YouTube channel are other performances from the same room - which means a whole lotta (ugh) Moby and alas, no 808 State or System 7 or Kevin Saunderson DJ set (as they performed in a different room) ANYWAY. Wow!

(Shared from Banco de Gaia: Toby Marks DJ Set w/ Full Band (LIVE) September 12, 1997 Big Top Tour Oakland, CA, US)
Banco de Gaia: Toby Marks DJ Set w/ Full Band (LIVE)Featuring Tracks:1. Heliopolis2. Mafich Arabi3. China (Clouds Not Mountains)4. CelestineSeptember 12, 199...