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25.10 20:51 
Hey guess what was on sale this week! I have never even seen them things on the left, but we're starting out tonight with the things on the right. I note that inflation must be over as these WEREN'T marked $5.59 - merely $5.19. ("Sale" price was 2 for 7.)

It's hard to call these Cheetos when "cheese" makes such a tiny impact in the grand scheme of things - these are very corn-forward and the predominant taste is limón, which is weird because there is no clue where in the ingredients list it comes in. ("Natural flavors" is doing a lot of heavy lifting, I guess.) I gotta say, when I have elote I generally don't think lime, but I guess they use that mayo with lime in it or something? Spices are there and I guess there's some cheese but really it's just so lime-y. I DID like them, though - I might buy them again but Cheetos in general are pretty low on my grocery list.

Later, we'll see if those chili cheese things change my mind! That li'l Sabritas guy usually portends disaster for me but I'm optimistic!