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This is hard to tell you. My grandmother, my mother's mother Dorothea Morgan passed away at 2am PST on New Year's Eve. She had taken a severe turn just after Christmas and while this result was inevitable - guess it always is after long enough - it's still somehow a surprise and a shock. She was 94, which as I always say is too young to go, but it was time. She was the eldest and only daughter of six children - having five younger brothers surely honed her sense of humour into the wicked one she carried throughout her life. I believe the youngest brother is still with us but honestly I'm not sure. She grew up in Ocheyedan, Iowa, where her father's house was turned into a museum (which of course has no website, but DOES have a Facebook group: Tracy House Museum), eventually settling down with Grandpa Wayne in Concord, California, where she raised my mother and three other children and worked for the US Postal Service as a letter carrier. Just like her mom, my m!
om is the eldest and the last living sibling (so I guess my kid brother better watch out). She was my last living grandparent. There's probably a whole lot more I should tell you but I've run out of words and even these seem pretty clumsy. Being in Minnesota has insulated me from recent events and having to experience Grandma's last years in person, for better and for worse, so my thoughts definitely turn to the rest of the family and circle of friends who have been up close and know way better than me how things feel and are probably feeling it way more intensely. Mostly, Mom, yes. We'll all grieve differently of course but what's important is that we're still here and can be present for each other as needed - or leave people the hell alone as needed, we're too good at that too. Two photos - mine marks the last time my brother and I and Grandma were all in the same space just before Christmas 2014 which has been my profile pic every Mother's Day since; the other one !
stolen from my aunt Laura, a more recent snap of Grandma, her !
#1 daughter and her #1 daughter-in-law. No flowers, please! If you are so moved, you may make a donation to the charity of your choice and/or visit the Tracy Museum. Meanwhile, tomorrow's another year - we're still here. I love you all!