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Jeff hides his posts behind a friends-only deal so here's a repost of my glamour shot from last night. You can now see why the Lions won. I pledge to be way less formally dressed tomorrow at Dark Horse for Let's all enjoy drinks and food at Dark Horse while CRZ spins his vinyl!

Set One
Lionel Richie - Running With the Night
David Bowie - China Girl
The Cars - Let's Go
Duran Duran - New Moon on Monday
Laid Back - White Horse
Charlie - Spacer Woman

Set Two (Oh shit, Ollie just walked in!)
Music from NFL Films - March to the Trenches
Altered Images - Happy Birthday (Dance Mix)
Intaferon - Get Out of London (Intacontinentalballisticmix)
Yazoo - Situation
Depeche Mode - Big Muff
LaDick - People Are Still Fucking

Set Three
Ministry - Effigy
Aux 88 - Electro/Techno
Midnight Star - Midas Touch (Edit of Remix)
Urban Dance Squad - Deeper Shade of Soul (Single Version)
Blonker - Irgindwe
Danny Elfman - Gratitude (Short Version)
Ēbn-Ōzn - A E I O U Sometimes Y (Long Version) (interrupted when the mixer spontaneously required a powercycle)

(📷: Jeff Wepplo)