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More fun with music and MEEEEEEEE just announced!

Friday night, I join Miguel Vargas as we hold down January's installment of the monthly KFAI Vinyl Voices night at Dusty's! We kick off at 10PM and go until question mark. Making good on my promise to randos in September, I will have multiple Harry Styles albums ready in case of emergency request. (And now that I've said might just want to go ahead and go to Gothess at Mort's instead. I understand)

NEXT Tuesday, I slide into a guest slot on air presenting the "New Like Whatever" show while regular curator Michael J. Cyrs takes a week off. I have a pile of new music to share along with whatever they remind me of - they might remind you, too. 8am-10am CST on KFAI FM and org!

(Of course I'll still be on air with my own Weekend show Saturday at 5pm, too. YOU CANNOT ESCAPE)