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As just tweeted out by the DVDVR account about 45 minutes ago, beloved icon DEAN~! (Dean Rasmussen) has passed away. He was just 57. Probably the last decent guy to get his head above the swirling vortex of a hellhole that was before we all had to give up on Usenet and embrace the World Wide Web; at times, the only guy to even hint at still having fun watching. He wrote like nobody it wasn't too long until everybody else tried to write like he did. He was always very nice and supportive to almost everybody online - he would even encourage me to design more DVDVR covers while my sense of graphic design was largely nonexistent. I really wanted to find an old photo or video of him performing with his band while wearing a lucha mask, but this was where I landed. He leaves behind a beautiful family who will need your help - gofundme link below. Rest in Peace, DEAN~!