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Summer is here! Not sure I wanted to invest in a 12 pack and because it was readily available in the checkout freezer, I picked up a sample of this year's Mtn Dew SUMMER FREEZE - they're not allowed to call the flavour "Bomb Pop" but it's totally Bomb Pop. Smells accurate! Tastes....well, is it really so different in taste OR colour from previous summer varietals "Liberty Brew" or "DEW-S-A?" Probably... not so much. Pepsico MAY be getting lazy! The usual staggering amount of caffeine accompanies these, with an even higher amount in the Zero Sugar version I'll totally be sucking down all summer because once again there's just toooooo much "sugar" (high fructose corn syrup) in the regular version. Oh, and of course it pairs well with Señor Tapatío's Birria (background, microwaving). (Thanks to Steve for telling me about these first.)