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As part of their continuing "we're really lazy, let's just use potato chip flavours" series, here now are ULTIMATE CHEDDAR DORITOS which are really just Cheddar & Sour Cream Ruffles orange blasted onto the ol' standard corn tortilla chips you know and love and secretly wish were Nacho Cheese (fun fact: in Britain they're called TANGY CHEESE because I have no earthly idea) because, yes, all of this just doesn't work as well when it's NOT on a rrridged potato chip. I passed on these the first time I saw them figuring they'd be kinda boring - and then Bonita said almost exactly that, which didn't motivate me - but Target had them and they were on "sale" and I was like "gotta catch 'em all" so here we are eating junk food on a Monday but don't worry, a big bowl o' kale is coming right up to balance that out.