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Here's a quick TRUE STORY to tell you a little bit about how the Zim brothers differ:
My brother tried to get his portable NFL Red Zone screencasted to our parents' enormous TV. The Charter website says "sorry, it appears to you do not subscribe to Red Zone. Please call (number)." So he calls. Having spent his time toiling in call centers, Aaron has a special attitude and natural accent when talking to Customer Service Reps and swiftly moves from Level 1 to Level 2, taking care to always use the rep's given name while talking to him. This goes on for a few minutes, during which time Aaron involves me in the call, asking me to find him that mailer for the DISH Sling so he can change cable companies on the spot. It gets to the point where almost go look for the ad.

While they again discuss how streaming Red Zone worked before the transition from Charter to Spectrum, the role of apps and Verizon in the process, how DIRECTV seems to work OK in hotel rooms, et cetera, I finally pick up the remote, look up the Red Zone channel - which is 785, and see if the folks just already have the channel and didn't know it. Naturally, it comes right up with a look at the Green Bay/Chicago game.

I point at the TV to my brother (who I love very much, it should be reiterated). He cuts off the rep, who is trying to sell him a story about the two days of diligent work they've been doing to try to make sure this IS working, although we can clearly observe that it is not, saying he'll just cancel his service later.