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24.8.16 16:04 
A recent New York Times article brought to my attention by Robert Harris claims to reveal how Facebook sees your politics. Now you all know how excited I am to share my politics AND read about yours right here on this social network, so I dutifully followed the instructions to learn I was... drum roll, please ... "Very Liberal." I haven't decided whether this tests my faith in the credibility of Facebook, the Times or both. BUT! I am interested in how YOU come out, if you're up for sharing, so here are some instructions:

Settings > Ads > "Visit Ad Preferences" button > select "Lifestyle and culture" from the "Interests" section (may have to select "More" - I did) > Find the first instance of "U.S. Politics (xxxx)" in your list (may have to hit "See More" multiple times - I ended up on the sixth dozen, which leads me to believe this is a very weak guess on the Facebook Ads folks' part)

The "xxxx" is supposed to reflect Facebook's view of your political bent, restricted to the quite-not-grey-area labels of "Conservative," "Moderate" or "Liberal..." well, with the potential of a "Very" qualifier in front of it, I suppose.

What do you think, folks?