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30.11.09 19:18 
Ring of Honor, I wish I could quit (watching) you.
30.11.09 16:56 "Are we living in a land where sex and horror are the NEW GODS?" - Frankie, a bit over 25.5 years ago today (don't you feel old?)
30.11.09 16:09 @rachelsklar No, you ONLY like white people. AMAs=zillion posts, last night's #1 Twitter trending topic=zilcho. (1/2 kidding, 1/2 serious)
30.11.09 15:58 RT @Tekdiff: Okay, someone just patented podcasting. Time to fight, troops. Get it up!
30.11.09 14:17 Hey @mediaite - explain today's lack of "Soul Train Music Awards" tags after your AMA-overload of LAST week. Mighty white of you!
30.11.09 10:16 
YOGURT OF THE DAY: ROYAL RASPBERRY (thick & creamy) #yogurtoftheday
29.11.09 14:04 Against my better instincts, I finally finished the 2009 version of "The Prisoner" - there's six TV hours I'll never get back
27.11.09 20:00 Mmmmm...I love burping up SAGE!
27.11.09 02:03 I understand doors will be busted in a mere hour....but I think I'll still stay in and sleep.
26.11.09 23:36 
#imthankfulfor @VersusTV airing "Bloodsport" six times in a row (non-HD, edited) from 2pm-2am. Kim: "It's a Thanksgiving miracle."
26.11.09 23:20 Today I learned: if you leave your green bean casserole under the broiler too long, the fried onions on top WILL CATCH ON FIRE.
26.11.09 03:44 
which is to say, 0330 Central, and Icelandic Ultra Blue, okay, definitely going to sleep so I won't miss the Packers game and toast
26.11.09 03:43 
Never mind, it's apparently been on at 0430 almost every night in November, only this is the first time I've been up to see it
26.11.09 03:33 
This is a stealth pilot on Adult Swim, right? ....right?
25.11.09 11:38 
YOGURT OF THE DAY: PEACHES 'N CREAM (Thick & Creamy) #yogurtoftheday
25.11.09 11:38 
@Tekdiff Oh, nerts - HMS always Staraoke's when I almost go but stay home. Wait...never in the same place/time - could *I* be HMS?
23.11.09 23:45 @luchablog You type "Tiger Hattori" and yet I read "Dr. Yukio Hattori" - sure, why not, Iron Chef was recapped on a wrestling site
23.11.09 19:54 RT @thecubsfan: Best part of Cubs hiring the Chicago Olympics '16 marketing guy is he's well versed in raising money for doomed causes.
23.11.09 14:06 
RT @amazonmp3: For a limited time, use code MP34FREE to get a $3 credit good towards songs or albums at Amazon MP3. Details: #MM
23.11.09 10:39 
23.11.09 10:15 I have to unfollow @ebertchicago; I'm unable to ride out his "obsessed with Sarah Palin" tweet phase. I'm sure he won't miss me.
20.11.09 12:39 RT @freethehikers: Please RT: Every voice matters. Thank you for helping spread the message. From our hearts.... #SSJ
19.11.09 17:29 Philosophical thought o' the day: What good is a retweet button when I have nothing worth retweeting? (Please RT out of irony)
18.11.09 18:59 Lights on @ Target Field tonight... It DOES look pretty impressive from the skyway, shoulda snapped a pic
18.11.09 18:23 Carmelized onions will be the death of me...and/or those around me
17.11.09 11:03 
Saw a doe crossing Cleveland Avenue this morning - I guess it IS "dumb and brazen" season for deer after all
16.11.09 11:28 Elektrisch!
15.11.09 17:17 D.M.S.R.B.L.T. #princemenu
15.11.09 17:14 Steak Me With U #princemenu
15.11.09 17:13 How Come U Don't Calimari Anymore #princemenu
15.11.09 17:00 
Now more than ever, watching the Packers is an exercise in futility.
15.11.09 15:33 @albertxii "King of the Hill" was cancelled!
15.11.09 13:19 
Finally getting round to ripping 18 months' worth of @Mixmag CDs (btw #DJHRMIX Two CDs of unreleased tracks by Eminem and Jay-Z)
14.11.09 21:54 aplusk-dotted! RT @freethehikers our site is back up and running. thx for your patience. #ssj #freethehikers
14.11.09 17:56 
Oh no, I think ESPN's ticker just spoiled me on UFC 105. I bet I watch it anyway!
13.11.09 13:23 @thankUelfano Thanku thankuelfano! It's kind of a Justice #FF for me today so far but later I promise I will let it beat in my chest! :) (:
12.11.09 22:38 @albertxii I'll be right over
12.11.09 13:58 
Old Sacramento Kings 2003 website banners still work! I think I better archive 'em now.
12.11.09 10:29 
Nice one :) RT @swampynomo - The tie fits the mood #tieoftheday
11.11.09 12:49 
HUG A VETERAN TODAY! (And other days, too!)
10.11.09 13:22 So many are so obsessed with @SarahPalinUSA when you'd THINK they should have better things to obsess over. I must follow her now.
10.11.09 12:52 
YOGURT OF THE DAY: RASPBERRY (fruit on the bottom) #yogurtoftheday
9.11.09 18:40 
Trying out Twitterrific for free! Thanks @MacHeist - and @JamesKalyn and @The_W for the via!
9.11.09 13:44 RT @freethehikers Shane, Sarah and Josh are charged with espionage. We're all in shock. #ssj
9.11.09 10:46 
YOGURT OF THE DAY: BOYSENBERRY (fruit on the bottom) #yogurtoftheday
8.11.09 23:05 100 days detained in Iran -
7.11.09 20:07 
RT @heyyomikedotcom The best MMA is free MMA. Watching #Strikeforce on CBS.
7.11.09 20:04 
Gus Johnson taken out of context: "MMA blows..." #strikeforce
7.11.09 19:28 The REAL question is, will #HCR debate still be going if I take a break to catch #SNL? I give that 50-50 odds
7.11.09 19:28 
It's not such a tough choice between #strikeforce or #HCR debate on #cspan - debate will still be going long after the last tapout
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