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2.3.11 16:23 RT @ryderfakin: check these out -
2.3.11 15:36 If your survey is longer than 5 minutes, I am not interested in your complimentary subscription to a magazine marginally related to my trade
2.3.11 13:44 "Can you, off the top of your head, sing some of the lyrics from Billy Gunn's legendary theme "Ass Man"?"
2.3.11 13:35 My video response to "So did you stop receiving questions, or just stop answering them?" #VYou
2.3.11 13:35 "So did you stop receiving questions, or just stop answering them?"
2.3.11 12:47 You'll never get anywhere with THAT attitude RT @KevinMarshall Good thing I have some common sense.
2.3.11 11:50 #NowPlaying: The HOTTEST DANCE MIX OF 1997 (of all the "as seen on TV" ones, anyway) #QualityRecords
2.3.11 11:49 
RT @Mixmag: #daftpunk 'Tron: Legacy' soundtrack is getting #R3CONFIGUR3D check mixmag for the full tracklisting
2.3.11 11:46 Speaking of jealousy, how come I'M not somewhere reading to children right now?
2.3.11 11:44 The hottest dance mix of 1997 as seen on TV IS... (image)
2.3.11 11:27 Oh Twitter....your collective jealousy is so ugly.
1.3.11 19:27 
Awesome - @DJMadMardigan is on Twitter and I am his 13th follower! Now, let's get Crunch on here... #twolves
1.3.11 19:02 
LET'S GO #TWOLVES - beat the #lakers! Because I dislike Kobe! (@ Target Center w/ 34 others)
1.3.11 17:46 Holy crap, everybody, @CRZ is on Twitter!
1.3.11 13:09 Happy 1st Anniversary to @Wrestlicious1 TakeDown #1! (Also, 1st anniv of Leno's return to "The Tonight Show" - but nobody cares about that)
1.3.11 11:25 @KevinMarshall So did you tell them? They DO want to hear from you, after all...unless they don't want to hear from YOU (and your people)
1.3.11 02:21 RT @hiptop3: New post: Sidekick Service to Shut Down on May 31st
1.3.11 00:20 
Wow, I guess we know what happens to @The_7 on "leap days" - we push 24 hours of content out in 1 second
28.2.11 23:10 
I'll give this to @mikethemiz - he follows up!
28.2.11 23:09 
RT @mikethemiz: Say cheese!
28.2.11 22:46 Oh no! @BT blocked me after my Grammys joke! And I didn't figure it out for TWO WEEKS! CRZ: interacting with celebrities who hate puns
28.2.11 22:11 
RT @Chris_Hitchcock: @mikethemiz ur pic didn't load ass clown
28.2.11 22:01 
Oh, shoot, @mikethemiz doesn't know how to properly attach a photo to a tweet. #RAW
28.2.11 22:00 
RT @mikethemiz: Say cheese.
28.2.11 20:35 
I wonder what Jerry thinks #RAW
28.2.11 20:30 
In the @WWEUniverse, "outlaw" roughly translates to "guy who can still use the piledriver" #RAW
28.2.11 20:21 
@HackmanRSPW Wow, you're almost exactly as behind as I am on this show! (Paused ROH for dinner, fell behind)
28.2.11 20:10 
Also, TRIPLE H RETURNS - it's only been, what, ten years since we had to type that, right? #RAW
28.2.11 20:10 
For #RAW, cable guide says "Triple H returns and explains why the Undertaker at WrestleMania" - I think they're missing a few words!
28.2.11 18:55 
I just ousted Amanda D. as the mayor of Spire Credit Union on @foursquare!
28.2.11 16:15 
I wonder how @The_7 is going to handle its first leap day...
28.2.11 14:27 
Can't take the car in until Thursday BUT my "extended warranty" may actually cover repairs! Who knew? I just figured they were all scams
28.2.11 14:15 @BackoftheHead Obvs "Goodbye Charlie Sheen"
28.2.11 13:53 
Of course, my "check engine" light came on, too - it IS still a Monday, after all. #vw
28.2.11 13:53 
Today I joined @hashable AND unlocked the "9 to 5" badge on @foursquare - can this Monday GET any better?
28.2.11 13:48 RT @MrMichaelLee: Just got confirmation from two sources: Mike Bibby has been bought out. Heard he sacrificed "substantial" amount of mo ...
28.2.11 11:34 @BackoftheHead I couldn't possibly comment
28.2.11 11:23 After over 18 months of silence (on Twitter), he's back! RT @Lionel_richie I am in the studio working in my new record.
28.2.11 11:11 @BackoftheHead I am obligated to inform you that was a rerun
28.2.11 10:56 
I just unlocked the "9 to 5" badge on @foursquare!
28.2.11 10:55 
I just earned the 9 to 5 badge!
28.2.11 02:14 
As "exciting" as the #Oscars were, I'd like to congratulate today's biggest winner... @JeffGordonWeb #maximumpoints #alotlessthanbefore
27.2.11 16:21 
Sorry I'm late - LET'S GO #TWOLVES - beat the #warriors! (@ Target Center w/ 42 others)
27.2.11 00:15 
I'm the Guru of Dominick Dunne's Power, Privilege, and Justice on @GetGlue!
26.2.11 23:22 Q: How can you find a Brazilian on Twitter? A: Look for tweets where Cyndi Lauper is spelled "Cindy"
26.2.11 21:23 Tonight we have learned that Science Channel has a really, really irrational fear of buttocks #AnIdiotAbroad #USA
26.2.11 18:38 
Your NASCAR 2011 season so far: Five "national division" races - zero points scored by winning racers
26.2.11 06:40 
"Requires Android 2.2" may be the saddest phrase in the English language #StillusingaG1forafewmonths (cc: @hashable)
26.2.11 00:07 
RT @ndamukong_suh: Congrats to my boy @Kevinlove for the record of 45 dbl dbls straight!!!!! #Portland #Oregon #settingthestandard
25.2.11 23:05 
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