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4.3.11 13:59 
Snipe Hunting with the Twins
4.3.11 13:58 @CoolMojo That seems OK; however, if the banana chases the gorilla, THEN you have problems
4.3.11 13:52 RT @dhm: Amazing! RT @BryanAGraham: PHOTOS: Rare shots of @MikeTyson and pigeons through the years.
4.3.11 13:35 @KevinMarshall You're on the New York Knicks? What?
4.3.11 13:26 
Ooh! My newest Facebook friend is Brian Keselowski!
4.3.11 13:05 This map is four seasons old! Also, it is a Nike ad. (SportsGrid: What If The U.S. Map Were Redrawn According To MLB Allegiances?)
4.3.11 10:50 
Listened to Kenna - Daylight
4.3.11 10:45 
Listened to The Orb - DDD (Dirty Disco Dub) (Codemonkey Remix)
3.3.11 17:27 
Listened to Rona Johnson - By Your Side (Shake's Street Mix)
3.3.11 17:23 
Listened to Kylie Minogue - The Loco-Motion (7" mix)
3.3.11 17:20 
Listened to Justice - D.A.N.C.E (Alan Braxe Remix)
3.3.11 15:57 @Mike_Zeidler WINK
3.3.11 15:56 
This was really really awesome, dudes RT @KARE11community: Trippin With @PerkatPlay: Eric travels to Hendricks:
3.3.11 15:34 
Today we remind pro wrestling fans to mark @The_7 years since we all learned hilarious "lol ill pretend u said 18" joke #findROH #smileyface
3.3.11 15:03 
Taco Bell (Roseville, MN)
3.3.11 14:57 
Listened to Telex - Cafe De La Jungle - My Time (Pea-Pea Ga-Gabble Mix/By ヤン富田)
3.3.11 14:20 
KNOWLEDGE! WOOOOO KNOWLEDGE! #knowledge #woo @Symantec @NetBackup @Knowledge KNOWLEDGE!
3.3.11 11:25 
Your jealousy is so ugly. (Charlie Sheen Sets Guinness World Record for Hitting 1 Million Twitter Followers)
3.3.11 07:09 
Listened to The Faint - Dust (feat. Bright Eyes)
2.3.11 22:34 
@ellieblades Yeah, sorry about all those Timberwolves updates... Oh, you were probably talking about Charlie Sheen...never mind
2.3.11 21:02 
I believe! Way to go @kevinlove @RealMIkebeasley @J_Flynn @TheARandolph @WesJohnson4 @LazarHayward @ATolliver44 + rest of the #twolves #MORE
2.3.11 20:59 
Hey, double-double for @TheARandolph - 19 & 10 - @J_Flynn just short at 8 & 14A but...still time - #twolves 114 #pistons 101 (4th :57.9)
2.3.11 20:55 
RT @Stareagle: 113 days until the NBA draft.
2.3.11 20:53 
clap clap clap-clap-clap WE-WANT-TEL-FAIR clap clap clap-clap-clap #twolves
2.3.11 20:49 Missed this story yesterday, but Sundiata Gaines has signed his third 10-day of the season - this one's with the #nets. Good luck Yatta!
2.3.11 20:29 
RT @chris_tha_ninja: Pistons making anthony randolph look like lebron #dang
2.3.11 20:22 
NWA Hollywood #24 - CRZ on the Vimeo, FLEA on the phone (The W)
2.3.11 20:15 
Only five non2xdoubles this season for @kevinlove: 11/2@MIA (20&6) 11/3@ORL (22&9) 11/10@SAC (8&9) 11/15@CHA (20&9) 11/19@LAL (0&7) #twolves
2.3.11 19:59 
No offense to @kevinlove (11 & 9) but I'm more intrigued by the @J_Flynn double-double watch (2 & 10A) #twolves 68 #pistons 65 (3rd 9:34)
2.3.11 19:57 RT @nodakroxfan: Jonny Flynn just got 10 assists in one half of basketball something he's never done in a complete game #whattheduce
2.3.11 19:26 
@Stareagle Regarding Flynn, the proper Minnesot-an pronunciation is JAAAAAAAnny
2.3.11 19:23 RT @widro: @ryderfakin
2.3.11 16:23 RT @ryderfakin: check these out -
2.3.11 15:36 If your survey is longer than 5 minutes, I am not interested in your complimentary subscription to a magazine marginally related to my trade
2.3.11 13:44 "Can you, off the top of your head, sing some of the lyrics from Billy Gunn's legendary theme "Ass Man"?"
2.3.11 13:35 My video response to "So did you stop receiving questions, or just stop answering them?" #VYou
2.3.11 13:35 "So did you stop receiving questions, or just stop answering them?"
2.3.11 12:47 You'll never get anywhere with THAT attitude RT @KevinMarshall Good thing I have some common sense.
2.3.11 11:50 #NowPlaying: The HOTTEST DANCE MIX OF 1997 (of all the "as seen on TV" ones, anyway) #QualityRecords
2.3.11 11:49 
RT @Mixmag: #daftpunk 'Tron: Legacy' soundtrack is getting #R3CONFIGUR3D check mixmag for the full tracklisting
2.3.11 11:46 Speaking of jealousy, how come I'M not somewhere reading to children right now?
2.3.11 11:44 The hottest dance mix of 1997 as seen on TV IS... (image)
2.3.11 11:27 Oh Twitter....your collective jealousy is so ugly.
1.3.11 19:27 
Awesome - @DJMadMardigan is on Twitter and I am his 13th follower! Now, let's get Crunch on here... #twolves
1.3.11 19:02 
LET'S GO #TWOLVES - beat the #lakers! Because I dislike Kobe! (@ Target Center w/ 34 others)
1.3.11 17:46 Holy crap, everybody, @CRZ is on Twitter!
1.3.11 13:09 Happy 1st Anniversary to @Wrestlicious1 TakeDown #1! (Also, 1st anniv of Leno's return to "The Tonight Show" - but nobody cares about that)
1.3.11 11:25 @KevinMarshall So did you tell them? They DO want to hear from you, after all...unless they don't want to hear from YOU (and your people)
1.3.11 02:21 RT @hiptop3: New post: Sidekick Service to Shut Down on May 31st
1.3.11 00:20 
Wow, I guess we know what happens to @The_7 on "leap days" - we push 24 hours of content out in 1 second
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