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28.10.12 12:01 
I'm watching NFL RedZone
27.10.12 23:59 He didn't consider the consequences of his actions! (Shared Facebook status of "James Harden's Beard")
27.10.12 23:51 It's so simple I can't believe I didn't come up with it before - Kenan Thompson IS "Benson: The New Benson"
27.10.12 23:21 @luchablog That was my fault - I chose to watch it this week. Sorry about that, won't happen again for a while I'm sure
27.10.12 20:50 @robertjquigley I think you've been hacked (because that's probably not how you'd break a six month silence)!
27.10.12 19:57 @kellyakrantz I think your Twitter was hacked!
27.10.12 19:09 Can of Dr Pepper TEN
27.10.12 19:06 I'm thinking about Detroit Tigers
27.10.12 19:06 I'm thinking about San Francisco Giants
27.10.12 19:06 I'm watching World Series
27.10.12 18:51 I'm thinking about Galavisión
27.10.12 15:10 
RT @GovGaryJohnson: From The @DailyCaller: "Why I’m wasting my vote on Gary Johnson" #johnson2012 #election2012 #tc ...
27.10.12 15:06 
Please consider "wasting your vote" and help a third party you believe in get at least 5% of the vote. (DISCLAIMER: "Conservative" website, but don't let that taint your impression of this particular editorial, which comes from a Libertarian) (Link to Daily Caller: "Why I'm Wasting My Vote for Gary Johnson")
27.10.12 14:25 I think it goes unsaid far too often: there is an ASTONISHING lack of common sense on Twitter. (Or, "fill in the Internet blank," really.)
27.10.12 13:56 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
27.10.12 13:47 I'm thinking about Camping World Truck Series
27.10.12 13:45 
I'm thinking about Kroger 200
27.10.12 03:46 If I solve a sudoku while I watch "Jersey Shore," does that even things out for my brains?
26.10.12 23:48 Here's what I've learned - no matter fat you are, if you haven't eaten or drinken anything for 7 hours, even one 12oz 4.2% summer shandy is enough to make you feel kinda funny (but fortunately, not affect your typing). I'll even have another! But not without finding some damn food first.
26.10.12 23:41 
Hey is Tumblr still down?
26.10.12 23:38 
I'm watching The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
26.10.12 23:30 
I'm watching The Late Show with David Letterman
26.10.12 23:01 I just took inventory - somehow, there are still 19 unopened bottles of Leinie's Summer Shandy in this house. Perhaps summer will never end in Prospect Park after all.

(OK, so now it's 18. THIS IS THE LIFE)
26.10.12 22:41 358 new DVDs coming out Tuesday (10/30)
26.10.12 20:28 
I unlocked the WWE Zombies V: Sheamus sticker!
26.10.12 19:57 
Listened to Joakim - John (f/ Katerine)
26.10.12 19:52 
Listened to Yousef - Essential Mix 2012-10-20
26.10.12 19:24 
Listened to K-X-P - Labirynth
26.10.12 19:19 
Oh, right, I didn't hit the button - it's CRZ 190:
26.10.12 19:18 
RT @kevinlove: By all means RT this if you want to take money directly from my pocket and donate to #breastcancerawareness
26.10.12 19:18 
Listened to UNKLE - Reign (UNKLE Reconstruction)
26.10.12 17:53 
Trying Grooveshark's "Listen Again" recommendations out
26.10.12 17:51 
24 oz bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
26.10.12 16:30 
Listened to Banco de Gaia - The Magical Sounds of Banco de Gaia
26.10.12 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 18.39 ▼0.15 (Range: 18.15 - 18.66)
26.10.12 14:44 "Retweet if you think it's a blatant attempt to increase my Klout score; favorite if you think it's a desperate cry for Twitter attention"
26.10.12 14:06 
Listened to Banco de Gaia - Live at Glastonbury
26.10.12 13:04 @sbaickerCSN @dhm Thanks! Somehow I totally scrolled past what I needed to look at tags. And I HAVE read them all. I'll read them again!
26.10.12 12:57 If you'd like to follow someone who is going to start tweeting ANY minute now, may I suggest @LBJMFA? You'll LBJYFAO at her one liners. #FF
26.10.12 12:52 
Listened to Digitalism - Blitz EP
26.10.12 12:50 
26.10.12 12:48 @dhm @sbaickerCSN Although I THINK I've read (and loved!) them all, a "lockout movie night" tag would be so helpful to confirm that
26.10.12 12:02 
26.10.12 11:46 
RT @MinneapolisSnow: Hello again. So it snowed yesterday. Make sure you've signed up for alerts to stay informed about Snow Emergencies.
26.10.12 11:01 @KaylaVosper Hey K-la, summer's over and I think you've been hacked. [Also, do you even use Twitter anymore?] :)
26.10.12 10:49 
Symantec (Roseville, MN)
26.10.12 10:37 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
25.10.12 23:37 
I'm watching The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
25.10.12 23:33 I'm listening to Carly Rae Jepsen
25.10.12 20:11 It's not too late for @KARE11 to NOT pre-empt @parksandrecnbc
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