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8.9.13 19:00 
@JayJayDean @nflredzone Almost hope they aired a "workprint" by mistake & we'll get the REAL audio on the website montage later @ScottHanson
8.9.13 18:55 
"Every touchdown from every game" montage from @nflredzone desperately needs to NOT have the announcers completely overdubbed out!
8.9.13 18:23 It's existed for over a decade, yet there STILL isn't an "NFL on FOX Theme (downtempo injury remix)" MP3 available anywhere on the Internet
8.9.13 15:26 
Ugh Buck
8.9.13 15:01 
My wife made coffee!
8.9.13 03:19 
The music they play on @nflredzone isn't as good as it used to be. Oh well, it won't matter in a few hours...
7.9.13 21:37 
Man, it would just kill @ESPNNASCAR to show a "Race Off the Line" graphic when we actually need one, wouldn't it?
7.9.13 20:05 Can of Heritage Dr Pepper
7.9.13 18:30 
Guys NASCAR is on
7.9.13 16:39 
To members of @WWE Creative working this weekend: Three hours of crying Big Show may not be best counterprogramming against #MNF
7.9.13 13:53 
Happy birthday to the great @kevinlove! The second quarter century of life is the best quarter century! #twolves
7.9.13 13:50 Nominee for loneliest tweet of 2013 RT @BackoftheHead: "One for #Riddick, please." - Been waiting all year to say that.
7.9.13 13:08 
Just in case he kept the card and swings by, a big hello to the very enthusiastic dude who told me last night I would make a good mayor because I was trustworthy (I watched his pitcher of beer while he went out for a smoke and it was still there when he got back) - we'll see about getting you that community outreach job if I get elected. (One vote at a time...)
7.9.13 01:34 
Listened to ABBA - The Visitors
7.9.13 01:26 
Listened to The Orb - Styrofoam Meltdown
7.9.13 00:35 
It is @PINKMINKmpls
6.9.13 23:53 
6.9.13 23:00 
6.9.13 22:29 
It is @StillPacific
6.9.13 22:27 
I'm at @Turf_Club w/ @charlesgehr @tracytabery
6.9.13 22:27 with Tracy, charles - Turf Club (St Paul, MN)
6.9.13 22:18 
Listened to Strange Advance - Love Games (Dance Mix)
6.9.13 21:59 Culver's (St. Paul, MN)
6.9.13 21:49 
Listened to Peter Tosh - (You Gotta Walk) Don't Look
6.9.13 21:46 
Listened to Banco De Gaia - Disbelief
6.9.13 20:44 Congratulations to @jjyeley1 on his last place finish in the 1000th Nationwide race! (Oh, and to @keselowski on finishing first...I guess)
6.9.13 20:00 

I like posting the neighbourhood where candidate residencies are, but I'm not totally sure where The Rock falls. He's close to Whittier, but he's on the wrong side of 35W. Is he in Phillips? Is he ALSO in Ventura Village like Rahn V. Workcuff? Let's see what Wikipedia says. Wikipedia says "Phillips West" - I've not heard of that one, but let's go with it.

Rahaman actually made it into a FOX9 story about all the candidates we've got, and now that I've seen him I can tell you that he's the guy in the American flag sweater on the far left in the "They showed up" photo previously posted here.

In that story he says he chose his party principle as "We the People" based on what it was not - "it doesn't say 'We the Politicians,' it doesn't say 'We the Republicans...' 'We the Democrats...' 'We the Judges...' 'We the Police...'" so...maybe not as much of a WWE fan as we thought? On the other hand, even with that's really kinda hard to tell what he stands for. Making matters worse, he has no website and he's not on Facebook. I don't know how old he is (but whatever his age, he's a good lookin' man for that age). I don't know if "M" is his middle name or an abbreviation. The man is a cipher! Ironically, I may have now done more campaigning on his behalf on Facebook than he has!

I honestly can't tell you if I'd be a better mayor than this guy or not, but I have a very strong suspicion I would! Am I right or wrong? It's YOUR vote!

NEXT: A man I'd normally think was too smart to run
6.9.13 18:33 
Listened to Forgemasters - Track With No Name
6.9.13 18:28 
Listened to Primal Scream - JU-87
6.9.13 16:04 
Listened to Nero - Welcome Reality
6.9.13 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 25.35 ▼0.10 (Range: 24.98 - 25.58)
6.9.13 14:11 
Listened to Justice - Audio, Video, Disco
6.9.13 13:13 
Listened to Cedric Gervais - MIAMICATION April 2013
6.9.13 12:33 
6.9.13 12:28 
@StatFreak101 @Place2BeNation Already covered there, sorry. ;-)
6.9.13 12:23 
@StatFreak101 @Place2BeNation Thanks! To create "missing" #RAW recaps I will require video, a large cash grant, and to be 20 years younger
6.9.13 12:03 
Sorry, Don! #MPLSmayor RT @MPD_PIO: UPDATE: 2-month-old baby struck in neck by bullet appears to be an accidental shooting inside of house.
6.9.13 12:00 
6.9.13 11:30 
@jjyeley1 SPEED DICE: 6
6.9.13 09:59 
Symantec (Roseville, MN)
6.9.13 09:54 
Listened to Banco De Gaia - Lai Lah
6.9.13 09:47 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
6.9.13 09:46 
Listened to Dean Martin - That's Amore
5.9.13 22:23 

Wow, Mark's "personal information" writes my first paragraph for me: "Mark V Anderson, 56, is a corporate tax accountant and CPA, with a BSB in Accounting and a Masters in Business Taxation, both from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. He is married with two children. He lives in Bancroft neighborhood." I probably would have added a "the" (or taken out the "neighborhood") in the last sentence, but that's almost exactly what I would have typed if I'd found the info across several other pages. Thanks, Mark! I wish you'd told us what the "V." stands for, but I can't have everything.

Like he did for me just now, Anderson is trying to save a lot of people a lot of time - his biggest idea is streamlining the city's licensing process and he thinks 150 different licenses may be too many. He may have a point. While he's trying to get the city's regulatory action slashed, he'd also like to slash the city budget and encourages you to go check out the latest budget so you can find your own things to cut. Hmmm, he almost sounds...libertarian! This is confirmed when you get deep into his policy page, where he mentions that the police should stop wasting their time on "victimless crimes" such as gambling, drugs and prostitution. Wow!

In short, he's done everything to put forward a libertarian philosophy on his website - yet he doesn't use the "L" word a single time. I would almost say that's intentional, but I'm not sure it's the politically wise move. (By the way, his website design looks like it could have come straight out of 1995 - which ALSO isn't a bad thing; my own site looked like that for years.)

This appears to be his first run for office. The conspiracy theorist in me had thought someone had put him up to confuse voters who might want to come out for Mark Andrew, but I changed my mind after discovering that he actually made his announcement on the E-Democracy list back in June. (I...made my announcement on Twitter. I should probably post on the E-Democracy list sooner or later.) He filed on the second day of the filing period.

I honestly can't tell you if I'd be a better mayor than this guy or not. So far, he's definitely the closest candidate to me in terms of positions take, so it probably won't surprise you that I think he'd make a fine mayor who would very quickly become frustrated with just how little effect he'd find out he actually would HAVE as mayor. Am I right or wrong? It's YOUR vote!

NEXT: If ya smell....
5.9.13 19:52 
Listened to Utah Saints - Trance Atlantic Glide
5.9.13 19:40 
$3.549/g - BP (Roseville, MN)
5.9.13 19:39 
Listened to Booker T. & the MG's - Lonely Avenue
5.9.13 18:40 
Listened to K-X-P - s/t
5.9.13 17:35 
Listened to Prins Thomas - s/t
5.9.13 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 25.45 ▲0.13 (Range: 25.26 - 25.62)
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