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27.10.13 15:22 
Effin' brilliant #stafford
27.10.13 14:14 
NINE DAYS TO ELECTION DAY: Here are quick links to all of my candidate profiles for the truly lazy (or people visiting for the first time) if you want to skip to a particular candidate RIGHT NOW:

Mark V. Anderson
Merrill Anderson
Mark Andrew
Neal Baxter
Troy Benjegerdes
Alicia K. Bennett
Edmund Bernard Bruyere
Bob "Again" Carney
Jackie Cherryhomes
Christopher Clark
Dan Cohen
James Everett
Bob Fine
Cyd Gorman
Mike Gould
Kurtis W. Hanna
John Leslie Hartwig
Betsy Hodges
Gregg Iverson
Bill Kahn
Jaymie Kelly
Tony Lane
Doug Mann
Abdul M Rahaman "The Rock"
Joshua Rea
Ole Savior
Don Samuels
Captain Jack Sparrow
James "Jimmy" L. Stroud, Jr
Jeffrey Alan Wagner
John Charles Wilson
Cam Winton
Stephanie Woodruff
Rahn V. Workcuff

Please share this post with everyone you know in Minneapolis and let them know it IS possible to cast a fully-informed vote!
27.10.13 11:11 
Because I STILL haven't accepted a dime of your money - and won't. Like/Share/RT #MPLSmayor #MPLS13
27.10.13 01:24 
So, no #stribpol endorsement for me for #mplsmayor (probably a positive) - no mention at all, in fact (probably a negative) #MPLS13
26.10.13 23:46 
@hack0tv Six for me - Sunday through Friday (and I regretted Friday)
26.10.13 23:03 Oh boy.
26.10.13 22:38 @scottchristBLH I was gonna say, I'm not watching, only been reading your tweets, I have it Hopkins 120-107, bet judges closer 2 me than you
26.10.13 21:16 
History repeating (Photo from tOA via the Web Archive)
26.10.13 20:54 Looks like that URL they keep showing,, is case-sensitive - because "RBI" returns a 404 error (Cc: @MLB)
26.10.13 20:22 Costco Kirkland take-n-bake - a darn good take-n-bake pizza
26.10.13 19:32 
Sample ballot
26.10.13 16:21 The life - Costco (St Louis Park, MN)
26.10.13 15:31 
It's 47º out... so I can wear shorts, right? #mspwx
26.10.13 13:37 
If Chris Johnson is really gone, then that firms it up - welcome AJ Price (idle on Twitter for 2 yrs) and @RobbieHummel to the #twolves 15!
26.10.13 13:26 That come in XXL? RT @dhm: Incisive social commentary available at Forman Mills for just $4.
26.10.13 13:24 @BackoftheHead Very early Moe was switched... and that's all I can think of off the back of my head
26.10.13 13:15 @BackoftheHead Don't have to, but would a "wrong sounding" Edna Krabappel (or Lionel Hutz or Troy McClure, for that matter) be OK?
26.10.13 12:50 I'm just old enough that I have to tweet it as: RIP "Bob Newhart"/"Match Game" star Marcia Wallace :(
26.10.13 12:47 
My wife made coffee!
26.10.13 11:13 
Because I haven't subjected you to a single lawn sign. Like/Share/RT #MPLSmayor #MPLS13
25.10.13 20:42 
11 DAYS TO ELECTION DAY: Sadly, only six candidates responded to a survey by the nonpartisan (but hyper-Constitutionally-aware) Abigail Adams Project - myself, Dr. Bruyere, Mr. Clark, Mr. Cohen, Mr. Rahaman and Mr. Wilson. They printed a grid of our "support/oppose" tests along with all of the supplemental answers. It's a little surprising how much I agree with some of these guys - and once again, how disappointed I am with a lot of the answers (or evasions) from my fellow "Libertarian" Mr. Clark. Check it out - I guarantee I'll have made at least one answer which will drive you nuts - and let me know if there's anything which really resonates with you, resonates AGAINST you, or on which you'd like me to expand and expound. (Link to Abigail Adams Project: Minneapolis Mayor)
25.10.13 19:03 
Listened to Ananda Shankar - Akbar's Jewels
25.10.13 19:00 
Listened to Depeche Mode - Judas (Demo)
25.10.13 18:56 
Listened to The Prisoner - The Board Meet
25.10.13 18:55 
Listened to Frankmusik - 3 Little Words
25.10.13 18:52 
Listened to The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu - King Boy's Dream
25.10.13 18:51 
Listened to Jestofunk - Jb 2000
25.10.13 18:46 
Listened to The Ramsey Lewis Trio - Wade in the Water
25.10.13 18:42 
Listened to Frankie Knuckles - It's Hard Sometime
25.10.13 18:38 
Listened to H.O.S.H. - Essential Mix 2013-10-19
25.10.13 18:31 
$3.199/g - BP (Roseville, MN)
25.10.13 17:40 
RT @Twolves_PR: Nice birthday present from @Ronny_Turiaf to @rickyrubio9, who turned 23 this past week #Twolves
25.10.13 16:50 
Good luck to @OthyusTheGreat! I enjoyed watching you for very short amounts of time at the TC and hope to see you on court again #twolves
25.10.13 16:41 
Listened to The Soft Moon - Zeros
25.10.13 16:27 
Listened to The Soft Moon - Total Decay
25.10.13 15:49 
Listened to The Soft Moon - s/t
25.10.13 15:33 
24 oz bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
25.10.13 15:03 
Listened to The White Lies - To Lose My Life...
25.10.13 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 22.03 ▲0.54 (Range: 21.57 - 22.08)
25.10.13 14:47 @jjyeley1 SPEED DICE: 5
25.10.13 14:40 
25.10.13 12:41 
Listened to Imagination - Body Talk
25.10.13 11:40 
25.10.13 11:35 
Listened to LFO - s/t
25.10.13 10:17 
Because there are no pictures of my genitalia on the Internet (that I know about) Like/Share/RT #MPLSmayor #MPLS13
25.10.13 10:06 
Symantec (Roseville, MN)
25.10.13 01:39 
Disappointed only six #MPLSmayor candidates answered an Abigail Adams Project survey; happy I'm one of them! #MPLS13
24.10.13 23:10 
RT @smckenzie21: Results from a #mplsmayor candidate survey on the arts organized by the Mpls Arts Commission:
24.10.13 23:10 
@iniwil @curtisgilbert Didn't MPR used to talk to EVERY candidate? (34 profiles + me at #MPLSmayor #MPLS13
24.10.13 22:50 
12 DAYS TO ELECTION DAY: The Minneapolis Arts Commission recently released their "survey on the arts" results - well, as is their wont, they sucked out all the nuance and combined everybody's answers into a confusing infograph. I'm definitely in there, though! Shockingly, Mr. Kahn and Mr. Winton joined me in saying that the city needs to decrease their funding of public art, while Mr. Clark said funding could stay at the same level (which now makes me question his Libertarian bona fides).

Thanks to Sarah McKenzie of the Southwest Journal for tweeting out this link - I may not have learned about its release otherwise!
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