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22.4.14 19:08 
Sorry, you'll just have to imagine the Vine I meant to get of this sweet goose rumble I just witnessed
22.4.14 19:02 
Oops - Symantec (Roseville, MN)
22.4.14 18:40 @KeithLeventhal Technically, you only need four letters to spell both "Roy" and "Yeo"

(and "Eeyore")
22.4.14 17:02 
Listened to Coldplay - Midnight (Giorgio Moroder Remix) on SoundCloud
22.4.14 16:48 
@JOHANNALONG Hey what's up with the website? GoDaddy has a "domain expired" page up right now...IT department snoozing?
22.4.14 16:06 
Listened to PRINS THOMAS - Ã…PNE SLUSA(RETT I FLETTA/RIF002) on SoundCloud
22.4.14 15:28 Cheddar Cheese
22.4.14 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 20.60 ▼0.21 (Range: 20.59 - 20.85)
22.4.14 13:45 
22.4.14 13:20 
@rubytrax Ricky has the same chair we do! MT @rickyrubio9:
22.4.14 12:29 
22.4.14 11:23 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
21.4.14 23:16 Holy cow, this is the fifth year in a row we've been subjected to that Drake Sprint commercial
21.4.14 22:06 Are boob cakes TV-PG?
21.4.14 22:04 
Cena wins! Cena wins! Cena wins! Cena wins! Cena wins! Cena wins! Cena wins! Cena wins! Cena wins! Cena wins! #RAW
21.4.14 21:45 
"The last time he was here...Zack Ryder actually won on #RAW!"
21.4.14 21:30 
Sin Cara lighting finally, mercifully, seems gone for good #RAW
21.4.14 21:28 
Look, it's Lana! Or if you're Michael Cole, LANNA #RAW
21.4.14 20:51 Can of Diet Dr Pepper Cherry
21.4.14 20:45 
21.4.14 20:45 @thecubsfan I can't spell. Take two: When JBL said "copulating," it passed the Vince test, so we're good
21.4.14 20:38 
If only there was one laughing fan in this audience we could cut to #RAW
21.4.14 20:23 
Trinity got married; I'm still not sure about Naomi's status #RAW
21.4.14 20:20 
Ooh, now this graphic hints at some great potential if WWE figures out how to translate from analytics to revenue #RAW #GrantlandPitch
21.4.14 20:08 
But I kid - Evolution looks fit and trim - hell, they've lost 243 pounds since the last go! #RAW
21.4.14 20:04 
These dudes used to have so much hair #RAW
21.4.14 20:00 
WWE loves waaaaay too long suggested hashtags #RAW #hashtagevolutionversusshield
21.4.14 19:51 
Only on the @WWENetwork can you see this Main Event "night of a thousand nutshots" #RAW
21.4.14 19:47 Now THAT'S a Chrisley I'd watch! MT @grmartin: is that [0.6] on the Muta scale
21.4.14 19:45 
Kim is laughing hysterically each time they cut to a lit-from-below Wyatt Family member #RAW
21.4.14 19:44 
Was Wyatt just spouting the lyrics to "Hurt" there or what (has he become) #RAW
21.4.14 19:44 I too like "the option causing most confusion" RT @tapemachines: Uh, I want him to go 1-on-2 with Bray and Rowan. What about that, assholes?
21.4.14 19:41 
Zack Ryder must have taken the day off Twitter or something #RAW #JkBro
21.4.14 19:41 Chrisley's up to a 0.6 by the way
21.4.14 19:23 
Here's Sheamus! His outlook on life and, indeed, his entire philosophy can be summed up by his T-shirt, which reads:


21.4.14 19:15 @TheKFV "Brie Bryan Bella" sounds close enough to "B. Brian Blair" to be frightenin'!
21.4.14 19:13 
21.4.14 19:12 
It MIGHT be time to have one of his friends come out and help him - where's Yoshi Tatsu? #RAW
21.4.14 19:10 
21.4.14 19:07 
"In demon form" #RAW
21.4.14 19:05 
Stephanie's bigger than Bryan! #RAW
21.4.14 19:04 
So is she Brie Bryan now? No? #RAW
21.4.14 19:03 
WE ARE LIVE! And Bryan's dad isn't. (Sorry!) #RAW
21.4.14 19:02 @tapemachines That old lady with the glasses knows a secret!!!
21.4.14 16:19 @itfargo Hey, I forgot to thank you for those kind words about the site. Thanks! It's way too much work to make it look that crappy.
21.4.14 16:07 @Siftee This is the spammiest you've felt in your life! Congratulations on breaking your two year silence (Cc: @orian)
21.4.14 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 20.81 â–²0.10 (Range: 20.68 - 20.89)
21.4.14 14:48 Listened to Prince - The Breakdown
21.4.14 11:54 
21.4.14 11:10 
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