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28.9.14 19:22 
Quick followup from yesterday's status:
Today, pizza is half off because the Gophers won.
Tomorrow, pizza is half off because the Vikings won.
I'm starting to suspect pizza is ALWAYS half off and I'm a sucker.
28.9.14 19:13 12 oz bottle of Dr Pepper Made with Sugar
28.9.14 15:23 
Atlanta Falcons vs. Minnesota Vikings! - (@ TCF Bank Stadium - @umnews in Minneapolis, MN)
28.9.14 15:23 
 Atlanta Falcons vs. Minnesota Vikings! - — with Joel - TCF Bank Stadium (Minneapolis, MN)
28.9.14 14:26 New video games coming out week of 9/30/14
28.9.14 14:25 
@adamfettes Man, if I had known THAT earlier I would have felt much safer - thanks Jay!!
28.9.14 14:23 
@kwatt I've never had a problem but maybe I don't do much?
28.9.14 14:22 
(OK, I can probably leave the house now)
28.9.14 14:06 
I can't believe the Packers put up a two touchdown lead on ANYBODY - clearly I'm too pessimistic! #GoPackGo (Oh hey @adamfettes)
28.9.14 13:29 
Micah Hyde for MVP! Oh and HA-HA #GoPackGo
28.9.14 13:17 
28.9.14 13:17 
There could be lots of reasons...yellow line isn't official, official sticks on opposite sideline...though, yes, officiating crew not great
28.9.14 13:08 
What the what oh no #GoPackGo
28.9.14 12:59 
@dream_salad Sadly, yes, you have to pay if the ads bug you. (I'm too cheap to subscribe but Kim did)
28.9.14 12:53 @KeithLeventhal I will admit I wondered if you were still alive after an entire Gophers game with no tweets
28.9.14 12:53 
@dream_salad There's not much to teach there. What's the problem?
28.9.14 12:24 
27.9.14 20:57 
I hope everybody watching UFC Prelims hangs out for the NASCAR CAMPING WORLD TRUCK SERIES
27.9.14 20:45 
Earlier this week, for the first time, probably 12 years, I was down to ZERO credit card debt...and pretty smug about it!

Tonight, I just ruined that with an online call to Papa John for half price pizza.

I feel less smug, but dude's gotta eat
27.9.14 20:17 DVR ALERT: Reminder that Lorne Michaels picked an SNL from each season for the Sat. 10/9 slot - tonight: 1x7 (Richard Pryor/Gil Scott-Heron)
27.9.14 17:51 
Hash Tag Jug
27.9.14 16:55 
It's a good day to be on that #GoldenGopher bandwagon!
27.9.14 15:21  Agharta Records (Saint Paul, MN)
27.9.14 14:56 
 Metro metals (Minneapolis, MN)
27.9.14 14:21 #ChangeALetterRuinTwitter
27.9.14 02:29 
Listened to Santana - Smooth
27.9.14 02:25 
Listened to Depeche Mode - Walking in My Shoes (Random Carpet mix)
27.9.14 02:14 
Listened to 777 - Coltrane (Fire Mix)
27.9.14 02:05 
Listened to Prince - Sexy Dancer (Long Version)
27.9.14 02:02 
 Taco Bell (Minneapolis, MN)
27.9.14 02:01 
At closing time, EVERYBODY wants Taco Bell
27.9.14 01:54 
Listened to Traci Lords - Control (DJ E FX San Frandisco Dub)
27.9.14 01:41 @guruzim Do Benson first
27.9.14 01:39 @guruzim How are you not in Twitter jail yet?!
27.9.14 01:13 @grumpymartian Maybe teach @guruzim at-replies
27.9.14 00:45 For the second time this week, it is the great @Nightosaur @ 331 Club
27.9.14 00:38 @guruzim All right, who taught you what hashtags were
27.9.14 00:23 I wonder if anyone else has made it to all three @Nightosaur album release shows (besides Andy and John, of course) #blessed
27.9.14 00:19 @dream_salad Please don't ever leave Twitter
27.9.14 00:05 It is Gay Witch Abortion @ 331 Club
26.9.14 23:51 Swarm showing me an event but not letting me select it is the worst feeling of all!
26.9.14 23:40 
 Nightosaur album release! - 331 Club (Minneapolis, MN)
26.9.14 23:32 
Listened to Ice-T - I'm Your Pusher
26.9.14 23:27 
Listened to Barry White - Oh What A Night For Dancing
26.9.14 23:17 
Listened to Klaxons - Magick
26.9.14 23:14 
Listened to Keith Forsey - Greedy Man
26.9.14 23:08 
Listened to The Orb - ahegRemix(OrbitalRadio)
26.9.14 23:05 
Listened to Ian Brown - Gus Gus vs Ian Brown -Desire (Ian Brown Full Length Mix)
26.9.14 20:03 
 Are you scared? They're here (Tim And Eric & Dr. Steve Brule) - State Theatre (Minneapolis, MN)
26.9.14 20:03 
Are you scared? They're here (Tim And Eric & Dr. Steve Brule) (@ State Theatre in Minneapolis, MN)
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