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7.10.14 16:58 
No, I would not like to see more Vines. I would like to see THIS Vine. Could you please not throw up an overlay on top of it?
7.10.14 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 23.19 ▼0.32 (Range: 23.19 - 23.55)
7.10.14 14:24 
Listened to Kraftwerk - La Forme (King Of The Mountains Mix By Hot Chip)
7.10.14 14:15 
Listened to Kraftwerk - Aerodynamik (Intelligent Design Mix By Hot Chip)
7.10.14 13:55 
Listened to K-X-P - Easy
7.10.14 13:13 @JerryZgoda That usually means you'll get an in-arena feed supplemented with the radio broadcast, I believe
7.10.14 13:11 
Listened to K-X-P - s/t
7.10.14 12:00 
Listened to GusGus - Mexico
7.10.14 11:00 
7.10.14 10:57 @webster Happier times. Happier times.
7.10.14 10:41 Who needs Timehop when you've got me tweeting about stuff from 2011 RIGHT NOW (Oh hey Dan)
7.10.14 10:39 I never made the connection until now, but the Mayday button woman in the Amazon Kindle ad hosted "Jersey Shore After Hours" that one season
7.10.14 10:38 @webster (wav of Amazon "Mayday" woman saying "aww")
7.10.14 09:15 
 Symantec (Roseville, MN)
7.10.14 09:08 
Listened to Daníel Ágúst - Sparks Fly
7.10.14 09:04 
Listened to Boards of Canada - Fly in the Pool
7.10.14 09:03 
Listened to Will Smith - Men in Black
7.10.14 07:57 HealthEast Roseville Clinic (Roseville, MN)
7.10.14 07:46 
Listened to Jennifer Love Hewitt - Couldn't Find Another Man
7.10.14 07:38 
Listened to Finitribe - Love Above (analogue edit)
7.10.14 07:34 
Listened to Jully Black - Sweat of Your Brow (HodgesAintSweatinIt Redid)
6.10.14 23:25 
Greetings & thanks to my new followers! I crapped out 1200 words on tonight's #RAW; would love your comments as well
6.10.14 23:18 
WWE Raw #1115 10/6/2014
6.10.14 22:07 
Y'know, between the green stuff last week and the condiments this week...someone in Creative and/or Vince has quite a fetish on display #RAW
6.10.14 22:05 
6.10.14 22:04 
6.10.14 22:02 
Hey, New York followers: is Scarsdale really far away from Brooklyn? #RAW
6.10.14 21:58 
6.10.14 21:57 
From the promo, I had figured NeNe Leakes had a new reality show coming soon on USA - instead, we'll be ignoring her on #RAW NEXT Monday
6.10.14 21:54 
@davidbix It's not BRET cancer, Bix, it's BREAST cancer
6.10.14 21:44 @rxchrisg Thanks! I can only disappoint you!
6.10.14 21:43 
"Could you give us a Komen to overdub every time you said Coleman?"
"Brother, the Hulkster doesn't do post-proc!"
6.10.14 21:31 
Wikipedia tells me it's ALSO Malia Hosaka, John Mellencamp AND Col. Oliver North's birthday! #RAW #Putin #Sammartino
6.10.14 21:27 
How're they gonna make that handicap match last 45 minutes? #RAW
6.10.14 21:25 
@rxchrisg More than a man my age should be - I run and live tweet most Monday nights
6.10.14 21:24 
People keep reacting to HORROR GRAPHIC as if a run-in is imminent but a few weeks of vignettes will kill that anticipation #RAW
6.10.14 21:22 
Emma calls this the "cut to closeup of AJ" #RAW
6.10.14 21:22 
I can't help but feel like the sudden appearance of JBL's hat means a Diva will try it on later #RAW
6.10.14 21:17 
Wait, what? RT @rxchrisg: @CRZ @voiceswrestling holy shit you're still alive?
6.10.14 21:16 
Meanwhile, Big Show stands backstage going "do I still go out, or...?" #RAW
6.10.14 21:16 
@MickLenny I probably ask a lot of rhetorical questions when I do this
6.10.14 21:14 
I mean, if *JBL* can notice the different crowd chants between El Torito/Mini-Gator and Rock's appearance - does anybody else in WWE? #RAW
6.10.14 21:13 
"Strap hanger" was on the script since Cole repeated it
6.10.14 21:12 
Cole keeps trying to throw it to the replay of the thing we saw earlier but somebody wiser kept it on live Rock as long as they could #RAW
6.10.14 21:11 
Boy, that Rock - he puts smiles on faces, doesn't he? #RAW
6.10.14 21:07 
@thecubsfan HE SAID "HOW'S YOUR LIPS?!"
6.10.14 21:01 
Oh good! The commentators are chuckling! THAT'S how you know Rock is using humour! #RAW
6.10.14 20:59 
Did he bring Tyson with him? I hope he shows us goosebumps on his arm like Cole had those screaming goosebumps #RAW
6.10.14 20:57 
But how great would it have been if Rock had turned around and left? " thanks, I'm outta here" #RAW
6.10.14 20:56 
Crowd woke up #RAW
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