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26.1.15 19:59 
Dudes check it out my frozen pizza had a second crust hidden underneath it
26.1.15 19:10 
Quick reminder: #twolves vs. Durant-less #thunder now starting on @NBATV
26.1.15 19:05 
Can't believe they're not flying the "$9.99" flag! #RAW
26.1.15 17:52 Front yard bun
26.1.15 17:29 
The #twolves / #thunder game is on @NBATV tonight; outcome likely as predetermined as #RAW, but greater potential to be pleasantly surprised
26.1.15 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 26.59 â–¼0.05 (Range: 26.23 - 26.66)
26.1.15 14:55 California Vegetable
26.1.15 13:02 
Listened to Spotify playlist "Mode Era"
26.1.15 12:21 
@davegatchell @GokcenArzu Is there @staraoke tonight - or - forgive the pun - did it get the boot?
26.1.15 12:07 
@ciaotiga These would make some fine (for example) Spotify playlists!
26.1.15 11:52 
I need coffee
26.1.15 10:53 
I gotta say - this barely qualifies as "yogurt"
26.1.15 10:52 
26.1.15 09:33 
 Symantec (Roseville, MN)
25.1.15 23:27 @davidbix Worldwide
25.1.15 23:11 
While it's amusing that #CancelWWENetwork is trending...really, does WWE even care about Twitter?
25.1.15 22:36 Can of Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper
25.1.15 22:31 
Wonder if anybody is "Creative" enough to book Reigns v. Axel on #RAW tomorrow
25.1.15 22:08 
Perhaps @WWE should have called the next PPV "Backlash" OH HO HO HO YES
25.1.15 21:43 
RT @timmy8271: This is incredible, they will never learn and I hope they don't.
25.1.15 21:41 
Samoans, man. Samoans.
25.1.15 21:37 
Is Santino Marella still outside the ring? #RoyalRumble
25.1.15 21:27 
NEW PREDIX: John Cena wins, Philly burns to the ground #RoyalRumble
25.1.15 21:21 
So wroth only 6 minutes of entries left, this show is ending super early or there will be some action after this match is over #RoyalRumble
25.1.15 21:17 
Can't wait for the first time RVD gets booed in Philly! #RoyalRumble
25.1.15 21:10 
A REAL miracle would be Kofi actually WINNING #RoyalRumble
25.1.15 21:04 
25.1.15 20:55 
Praying for "Skeptic" Curt Hawkins #RoyalRumble
25.1.15 20:43 
I would have given any amount of money to have a commentator remember that these guys used to be tag team partners #RoyalRumble
25.1.15 20:14 
@MinnesotaMunn I confess I took a nap during the first hour, but business has picked up with Lesnar/Cena/Rollins
25.1.15 20:10 
@MinnesotaMunn But Munn the Royal Rumble is on
25.1.15 20:02 
I fell asleep. Did the Divas stop audibly calling spots? #RoyalRumble
25.1.15 19:38 
RT @tapemachines: Petition to bring back Nidia
25.1.15 19:28 
Ooh, is the Phantom camera back? Hello Kevin Dunn's ADD vs. 30 second replays of 3 seconds of action! #RoyalRumble
25.1.15 19:17 
25.1.15 19:15 
It's only their finisher, guys. It's called The Fall of Man. You should think about identifying it! #RoyalRumble
25.1.15 18:48 
Ambrose wins the Royal Rumble because Ric Flair is a One Man Spoiler
25.1.15 18:37 
Chad Patton: Racist, Clearly
25.1.15 18:02 
Sun rises on the werewolf of Capetown
25.1.15 17:25 
RT @HackmanRSPW: Wrestlers who lasted 10 seconds or less in RRumble:

Owen Hart
BushWhacker Luke
25.1.15 17:18 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
25.1.15 16:59 
RT @dhm: On @phillymag today, I wrote about why I like professional wrestling (featuring @dabryceisright):
25.1.15 14:03 
Ready to commit! - Grumpy's Bar & Grill (Minneapolis, MN)
25.1.15 00:33 It is The Wolf Council (@TWCMN) @ Grumpy's Bar & Grill
24.1.15 23:27 It is @Nightosaur (and very dark) @ Grumpy's Bar & Grill
24.1.15 22:48 
Wolf Council, Nightosaur and Bisento! - Grumpy's Bar & Grill (Minneapolis, MN)
24.1.15 18:05 Cheez-Its
24.1.15 16:09 
Wow, they pre-empted Rolex 24 on FS2 for nine minutes of....absolutely nothing going on the UFC prelims. THANKS CONTRACTS
24.1.15 16:04 
Hey, I was WATCHING that Rolex 24 coverage!*

*It was on while I was going through three months of paperwork
24.1.15 14:37 Chocolate Mint Oolong
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