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16.2.15 21:37 
@johnkea37746330 Yeah I'm all "sheeeit, I got eight bucks and I like caramelized cheese"
16.2.15 21:35 
I have to admit, I'm now strongly considering a Little Caeser's run after this show is over #respectthisdinner
16.2.15 21:28 
RT @jmshapyro: hope Barrett is still tight with Otunga
16.2.15 21:23 
BA BA BA BOOOOOM oh no wait not this time BA BA BA wait it's coming #RAW
16.2.15 21:22 
Guys...if they don't tell you his name, he can't be a trending topic! #RAW
16.2.15 21:18 
Meanwhile, AW's rap career has stagnated but we'll always have Nimrod's "Andromeda" /> #RAW
16.2.15 21:17 
RT @thecubsfan: we'll never know that man's name
16.2.15 21:14 
Whew! Natty and TJ are gonna try to make it work. #TotalDivas
16.2.15 21:12 @tapemachines Whoa I think I managed to break Twitter and favorite that twice
16.2.15 21:11 @tapemachines Thanks
16.2.15 21:10 @tapemachines SAY IT
16.2.15 21:03 
RT @jmshapyro: IT WAS 45 MINUTES
16.2.15 21:03 
What percentage of the "WWE Universe" were even alive when WCW existed? #RAW
16.2.15 21:00 
"I love you....I'm sorry." #RAW
16.2.15 20:59 
Oh yeah, I forgot that they'd ruined this "surprise" earlier today #RAW
16.2.15 20:54 
I like to call him The Vigilante™
16.2.15 20:48 
Thank heaven for small mercies: Somehow this wasn't holla holla'd into a huge six man match #RAW
16.2.15 20:42 
Who told Vince what hobbits were? #RAW
16.2.15 20:41 Very brave of Comcast to direct Xfinity customers to their Facebook page to complain about "upgrades" performed during prime time
16.2.15 20:22 
I'm too old to be a WWE Reading Superstar :(
16.2.15 20:07 
I loooove sarcastic Daniel Bryan #RAW
16.2.15 20:06 
Photo: Daniel Bryan
16.2.15 19:58 
Big Dust only appears backstage to keep him from improvising against Steph's wishes #RAW
16.2.15 19:53 
Photo: Roman Reigns' eyebrows & Byron Saxton
16.2.15 19:44 
Photo: Goldust & Stardust
16.2.15 19:38 
Wouldn't it be great if Triple H responded to Sting with a creepy video of his own instead of a 20 minute soliloquy? #RAW
16.2.15 19:25 @Toast_Jr Goodwill's got THOSE, too!
16.2.15 19:21 Presented as a public service for your Dean Ambrose tumblr
16.2.15 19:16 
This is the best way to watch #RAW
16.2.15 19:15 @D_V_D_V_R I did know that. (I'm surprised you didn't have Pete say Lana's hair was on fleek?)
16.2.15 19:13 
16.2.15 19:11 @D_V_D_V_R Nah.

Why...what does it mean?
16.2.15 19:08 
Sign in crowd: JOHN CENA IS BAE
16.2.15 19:01 (DISCLAIMER: I usually last about half the show before I go back to playing Facebook games)
16.2.15 19:01 
HEY! It's #RAW and a national holiday! Join me for the next three hours - or mute me, where applicable - for a live tweet spectacular!
16.2.15 18:48 @luchablog Hmmm...I haven't checked for a while, but it appears I have 5 or 6 episodes available On Demand
16.2.15 15:26 I finally went to United Noodle, looked around, completely chickened out on their Ramen Monday and immediately drove to the safety of Phở 79 St. Paul for tendons and tripe #PresidentsDay
16.2.15 15:21  OK, I chickened out at United and came here instead. I REGRET NOTHING - Phở 79 (Saint Paul, MN)
16.2.15 15:00 
Markets closed: Presidents Day
16.2.15 14:48 
 Just lookin' - United Noodles and UniDeli (Minneapolis, MN)
16.2.15 11:47 
@SteveKrak ...unless you're on an Android device. I'm SNL SOL.
15.2.15 22:31 Whoa was that Siobhan Fallon? (Hey is she related to Jimmy Fallon NAAAH) #SNL40
15.2.15 22:14 Just like #SNL40 to bury a "Wayne's World" into the seventh half hour
15.2.15 22:12 Anybody doing anything after this SNL special is over? I just remembered I'm not working tomorrow.
15.2.15 22:04 Hey the Internet says George Coe is still alive, in town, and younger than Betty White - I wonder why he's not at #SNL40
15.2.15 21:49 WOW! You played the diner guy who looked like Abe Vigoda in the American Family Insurance commercial? HELL YES YOU CAN LEAD MY NEW SERIES
15.2.15 21:46 COMING UP: Al Jarreau #SNL40
15.2.15 21:20 COMING UP: Ashlee Simpson #SNL40
15.2.15 20:52 Cool, Bill Murray snuck in Paul Shaffer! #SNL40
(I'm only here to ID old keys players, I guess)
15.2.15 20:36 Awww Cheryl Hardwick #SNL40
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