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31.5.15 16:09 
Always amazed the battery is still juiced #WCW @WWETheBigShow
31.5.15 15:43 @jkalyn Bumper Stumpers was Canadian? Makes sense - that show was horrrrrrrrrrrrrible
31.5.15 15:37 @jkalyn Pitfall was the bomb and Alex Trebek's best work - SUPER analog! Pitfall, original Lingo were best (only?) exports I've watched
31.5.15 14:50 (Thanks to @spiffie6123 and @KevinMarshall for inspiring me to tweet all these game show host hot takes)
31.5.15 14:50 Did the fall of game shows coincide with the fall of analog game show technology? DISCUSS
31.5.15 14:48 .@Crapgame13 I loved when those slide projectors would go in and out of focus for no reason
31.5.15 14:45 No positive or negative opinion on one trick pony Pat Sajak other than I liked Chuck Woolery-hosted WoF a lot more (BUT I was a lot younger)
31.5.15 14:44 .@DublDownDrew Dawson was notoriously egomaniacal and couldn't stick to a taping schedule...but admittedly those might not be negatives
31.5.15 14:43 .@Crapgame13 I didn't see him enough - by the time I was watching Password, Bert Convy had taken over - Barry did Joker's Wild FOREVER
31.5.15 14:42 @spiffie6123 @KevinMarshall PYL was the greatest show on television; Peter kinda lucked out - "Wipeout" exposed him as a Brian Williams type
31.5.15 14:36 NAY: Richard Dawson, Geoff Edwards, Alan Thicke, Michael Reagan, Ben Stein
NEUTRAL: Alex Trebek
I'M NOT THAT OLD: Art Fleming, Allen Ludden
31.5.15 14:33 YEA: Bill Cullen, Wink Martindale, Jack Barry, Bob Barker, Bert Convy, Gene Rayburn, Peter Marshall, Jim Lange, Peter Tomarken (cont)
31.5.15 14:29 @spiffie6123 @KevinMarshall As a child of the 70s, I'm predisposed towards competent, non-telegenic hosts you'd never see on millennail TV
31.5.15 14:15 @spiffie6123 @KevinMarshall Shame on you both for omitting Bill Cullen
31.5.15 12:25 Reading Danny's Pick Six today reminded me that about a month ago, Facebook On This Day was reminding me of the time I made my own (heavily edited) contribution to the same feature. I couldn't find it back then, but had better luck today! Seven years on, my obsessions haven't changed all that much...although now I DO own a Soul Train DVD box set. :)
30.5.15 22:40 
 Hey DJ - Bev's Wine Bar (Minneapolis, MN)
30.5.15 22:06 NHL 2014-5 Stanley Cup Finals: Lightning vs. Blackhawks - schedule and predictions
30.5.15 14:16 
@Toast_Jr Whoops, that was just for Tumblr! Maybe it was somehow WCW related? Otherwise, no idea why I'd have it
30.5.15 14:11 
Snack Down Cocoa (2003) (photo)
30.5.15 13:43 CLOWN POSSE badge
29.5.15 22:15 Before'n'after
29.5.15 21:50 Alas, it is time for the shaving #icedcanes
29.5.15 21:28 Oh NO #NYRangers
29.5.15 21:10 @Omaholic booooooooooooooooooooner
29.5.15 19:46 
Pratt Ice Cream Social 2015 (Witch's Hat Water Tower) (29 photos)
29.5.15 19:39 Telemarketer called the house phone, I answered - silence. I've kept the line open, now going on 17 minutes in case they come back. I hope this is costing them a small fortune.
29.5.15 18:57 
 Garage sale, minus the garage - Prospect Park United Methodist Church (Minneapolis, MN)
29.5.15 18:28 
 Pratt Community Education Center (Minneapolis, MN)
29.5.15 18:10 
#nofilter @ Witch Hat Water Tower
29.5.15 17:51 
 Line is much smaller when it's raining! - Witch's Hat Water Tower (Minneapolis, MN)
29.5.15 17:28 
Listened to Underworld - 2 Months Off
29.5.15 17:21 
Listened to Dillinja - The Angels Fell
29.5.15 15:25 
Short notice I know, but if you want to climb the Witch's Tower, your once-a-year chance starts at 5PM! (Let me know if you want to stand in a long line in maybe rain with me)
29.5.15 15:23 
HYPERLOCAL REMINDER: Starting at 5, you can climb up the Witch's Hat!
29.5.15 15:21 
RT @patevanskare11: PHOTOS: LEGOS at Minnesota Landscape Arboretum via @kare11 Story coming up at 5 pm
29.5.15 15:15 
Listened to Sneaker Pimps - Sick
29.5.15 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 24.62 ▼0.18 (Range: 24.50 - 24.81)
29.5.15 14:20 
Listened to Sneaker Pimps - Becoming X on Spotify
29.5.15 14:16 
Listened to Sneaker Pimps - No More
29.5.15 14:10 
Listened to Sneaker Pimps - Clean
29.5.15 12:18 
29.5.15 12:11 @jkalyn Probably already seen it, but if not:
29.5.15 11:51 
Listened to DJ Z-Trip & DJ P - Uneasy Listening, Volume 1
29.5.15 11:32 
Listened to DJ Z-Trip & DJ P - Up Into Little Pieces
29.5.15 11:30 
Listened to Sneaker Pimps - Roll On
29.5.15 11:26 
 Signing about a million dotted lines - Dunn Bros Coffee (Roseville, MN)
29.5.15 10:58 
Listened to Stock, Hausen & Walkman - Weedy
29.5.15 10:47 
 Symantec (Roseville, MN)
29.5.15 10:45 
Listened to Beatles Remixers Group - Women
29.5.15 10:42 
Listened to The Lonely Island - The Old Saloon (Interlude)
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