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5.1.16 18:17 
Seems like there's always a Wolves game during the first Packers' playoff game
5.1.16 18:15 
Changed tip for Sunday's #twolves game bones #packers fans - I know very few people care but me
5.1.16 16:39 
Listened to The Orb - Aubrey Mixes: The Ultraworld Excursions
5.1.16 16:19 
@Kyle_Ratke Catching up - did anybody ever tweet you asking for the Zach LaVine card? I would hate for you to have gone empty-tweet-handed
5.1.16 15:47 
Half liter bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
5.1.16 15:17 Jalapeno Cheddar
5.1.16 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 20.88 ▲0.04 (Range: 20.62 - 20.99)
5.1.16 14:00 
Listened to Greg Wilson - LIVE THE NEST LONDON 16.10.15
5.1.16 13:46 
Listened to James Brown - I Feel All Right - (2001 Live Apollo Deluxe Edition)
5.1.16 13:36 
Listened to James Brown - There Was A Time - (2001 Live Apollo Deluxe Edition)
5.1.16 13:35 
Listened to James Brown - Let Yourself Go - (2001 Live Apollo Deluxe Edition)
5.1.16 12:49 
 Forgot - Veritas (Roseville, MN)
5.1.16 12:49 
5.1.16 11:26 
YOGURT OF THE DAY: CHERRY #yogurtoftheday
5.1.16 10:23 
Right around the time VH-1 was finally added to the cable system, this was the coolest video I had ever seen. Sting later went on to become really insufferably and I gave up on him, but he was the shizz in the late 1980s. This was another seminal 12" single - I'll be back with TWO remixes later today.

If You Love Somebody Set Them Free
5.1.16 02:42 Two liters of Super Chill zero calorie lemonade later, wonderin' how many times I'll have to get up to pee after I go to bed
(You love this)
5.1.16 02:02 
Hello, night owls! Fresh off their mini-tour in Japan, here's the latest EP from the resurgent ZOOBOMBS (ズボンズ) - a bargain at whatever 1800 yen was in dollars, and Matta was nice enough to include the latest stickers and a pin for the collection.
5.1.16 01:58 
I'm easy to find at night...I'm the guy taking a photo of my reflection.
(brought to you by PEPSI: THE JOY OF COLAâ„¢)
5.1.16 01:40 How long a walk to the nearest lemonade? (consults Maps) Maaaaaan why are all the "convenience" stores around here inconveniently closed? All right, off to Cub (2 miles)

(Oops...didn't hit "Post" however long ago)

Well, I'm back. Four more miles, 20º isn't very cold unless you're walkin' into the wind - then it's pretty cold. Otherwise I was worried I'd start sweating, then it would freeze, then I'd catch pneumonia. I thought about how Jim Fixx died running (sorta) and decided that dying of irony might be the worst way for me/anybody to go. But the trick is to walk into the wind on the WAY to the store, then with the wind at your back on the way back. Tonight I also learned that the Greenway goes OVER 31st Ave S, so you have to kinda slide down the hill if you don't want to backtrack after going over the bridge. Then I ended up sitting out on the porch drinkin' my store brand zero-cal probably totally fake "Super Chill" lemonade which totally hit the spot like I thought it would when I started this status.

Oh AND Cub put out some wacky new "organic" stevia but didn't have a price on it on the shelf OR in their scanner, so they let me have it for $2.39 (the price of the "Essential Everyday" fake sweetener, which was decidedly less organic). I think that was a steal, but we'll see how it tastes in my coffee later.
5.1.16 00:48 
 The Midtown Greenway (Minneapolis, MN)
5.1.16 00:40 From Cub Foods via the Midtown Greenway - "2.13 miles"
5.1.16 00:31 Target acquired @ Cub Foods
5.1.16 00:31 
Target acquired
(Cub Foods)
5.1.16 00:24 
 Ha HAAAA - Cub Foods (Minneapolis, MN)
4.1.16 23:53 Walked to Cub for lemonade - "2.09 miles"
4.1.16 23:04 
RT @HackmanRSPW: I'd mark if at the next @WWE PPV, the Spanish announcers are sitting behind a solid concrete & steel announce table, looking smug.
4.1.16 22:10 
4.1.16 22:08 
Seriously, they didn't hotshot one more title match for Smackdown?
I guess they DID already get USA's money
4.1.16 22:07 
Well, nice knowin' ya, Cone #RAW
4.1.16 22:06 
That got awesome and then it got really lame all over again - I blame Vince #RAW
4.1.16 22:05 @crz_ebooks I suppose one of us had to - glad it was you
4.1.16 21:45 
Seriously, remember when Joe PIscopo was part of (Hayes:) promotional consideration paid for by Cybergenics?
4.1.16 21:44 @davidbix Excellent reference
4.1.16 21:41 
Vince McMahon vs. Joe Piscopo - who you got #RAW
4.1.16 21:39 
Strange how they edited out the ten million other times Vince said "Happy New Year" at the end of last week's show #RAW
4.1.16 21:36 
I mean, it WAS a Super Bowl Commercial
or should I say WAZZUUUUUUUUUP
4.1.16 21:15 
Kofi Kingston has never won the Royal Rumble, but boy, he's had some moments before he lost! #RAW
4.1.16 21:01 
TWO Heath Slater segments in a row?! #RAW
4.1.16 20:25 
Uso are twins - you can tell by:
• Different side of the face paint
• Inverse legging colors
• Different color shoes
• Different hanky codes
4.1.16 20:23 
Did Lilian forget how to do ring introductions all over again tonight? "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome..." WTF? #RAW
4.1.16 20:05 
That Royal Rumble poster definitely didn't approve of those shenanigans! #RAW
4.1.16 19:55 
4.1.16 19:51 
Charlotte has a point - it's certainly not like WWE to constantly run the same matches over and over and over and over and over and over and
4.1.16 19:42 
4.1.16 19:38 
This is the kind of WWE fan I am, too
4.1.16 19:30 
kiss......kiss...... #RAW
4.1.16 19:28 
Well, Adrian certainly proved his victory last week was no fluke! #RAW
4.1.16 19:24 
I know you're like me and find a borderline NC-17 film like "H8ful Eight" sponsoring TV-PG WWE a truly baffling occurrence
4.1.16 19:04 
 Papa John's Pizza (Minneapolis, MN)
4.1.16 18:51 
Quick hot take/predix before I'm home: tonight's #RAW, a 3hr Smackdown ad, will actually discourage people from watching USA on Thursday
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