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16.1.16 22:34 
Overtime...I think I'm gonna miss all my shows tonight. I'm definitely gonna miss The Trapezoids again; they're probably playing right now.
16.1.16 22:26 
16.1.16 22:12 
He did WHAT? #GoPackGo
16.1.16 22:02 
@thecubsfan P..........lenty of time?
16.1.16 21:40 
16.1.16 16:35 
So back on the first day of the State Fair, Chris and his wife delivered me a bouquet of Canadian Lay's, which I managed to not eat for - wow, going on 5 months. Given that they all had October freshness dates, that's probably not the best snack management on my part, so yesterday I tried these - with a SEPTEMBER freshness date - to see if they were still edible or if I'd die. They were still edible and I didn't die, so expect some long-delayed Lay's Canada contest chip reviews coming soon to this suicidal network. SOCIAL network. (Damn, autocorrect! Eating unfresh chips is NOT a cry for help!) (Cc: James)
16.1.16 13:59 French Roast
16.1.16 13:26 
Listened to sloslylove - Can't Get Enough
16.1.16 07:23 
I get a little lazy on the weekends. Here's a track that helped define house music for me AND the world, although there's really been nothing like it before or since. It's a track I don't think I could ever get tired of hearing.

Rhythim is Rhythim
Strings of Life
16.1.16 05:46 FINAL UPDATE: OK, finally finished with the movie's deleted scenes (all 90 minutes of them) so I am officially DONE with "Twin Peaks" until Showtime has new episodes for us in 2017(?).

My next marathon has GOTTA be less creepy... for the well-being of my own psyche, if for no other reason. Don't get me wrong, though; I'm glad I did it and, for me, it was long overdue. Still....maybe not the best choice for a Christmas marathon. ;-)
16.1.16 02:38 
Listened to sloslylove - The Haunted
16.1.16 02:04 
Google says this is probably a webcam girl, but would a webcam girl work for the IMF? Really, closing time on a Friday is the best time to catch me with a Facebook friend request. This is "Naomi Torres"
16.1.16 01:27 
Listened to The Prisoner - Number 6 Wins the Election
16.1.16 01:26 
Listened to Chicken Lips - Bad Skin (f/ Crazy Girl)
16.1.16 00:56 
 Cub Foods (Minneapolis, MN)
16.1.16 00:06 It is Lazer Mission ( @ Memory Lanes
16.1.16 00:03 
My apologies for the earlier misidentification of Occult Holiday (
(Memory Lanes)
15.1.16 23:35 It is @sloslylove ( @ Memory Lanes
15.1.16 22:44 It is @AKWIUS ( @ Memory Lanes
15.1.16 22:39 RT @HigherSlyStone: Hi to anybody that needs it.
15.1.16 22:37 @Omaholic Facebook algorithms...I know I told everybody!
15.1.16 22:17 
It is Lazer Mission (
(Memory Lanes)
15.1.16 22:03 
 (not bowling...I think) - Memory Lanes and the Flashback Cafe (Minneapolis, MN)
15.1.16 21:59 
Listened to Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings - How Long Do I Have To Wait For You?
15.1.16 21:55 
Listened to BT - Force Of Gravity
15.1.16 21:53 
 Spire Credit Union (Minneapolis, MN)
get happy
15.1.16 19:48 
This #twolves game is hard to watch.
Karl-Anthony Towns
15.1.16 18:05 
Listened to Big Audio Dynamite - E=MC²
15.1.16 17:59 
Listened to Jennifer Love Hewitt - Everywhere I Go
15.1.16 15:42 TREmendous. (Hat tip to Dan - go follow @dhm on Twitter right now) (New York: The Untold Story of What Happened After ‘Back at It Again at Krispy Kreme,’ the Best Vine of All Time)
15.1.16 15:15 
Need a hotter cup
15.1.16 15:14 
RT @giorgiomoroder: Look! Homer is Moroderized! Haha! Fun video from @TheSimpsons feat. my song, "Scarface (Push It to the Limit)."
15.1.16 15:13 
Listened to gusgus - Mexico
15.1.16 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 19.73 ▼0.75 (Range: 19.63 - 21.04)
15.1.16 14:14 
Listened to gusgus - Arabian Horse
15.1.16 13:37 
 I did not - Veritas (Roseville, MN)
15.1.16 13:36 
TGIC - hmm, did I ever check in?
15.1.16 13:21 
Listened to gusgus - 24/7
15.1.16 11:43 
Listened to Spotify playlist "Mom Mixtape from Grooveshark"
15.1.16 11:23 
During high school, I was exposed to some leftover LPs from Beyer High's long defunct radio station, KBHI, which Mr. Walker kept in his classroom for some reason. One of them was "Last Exit" by Traffic, which had a couple live tracks over the magical 7 minute mark, so I was drawn to it, borrowed it, took it home and listened to it way more than a 16 year old kid should have, probably. Anyway, this led to me buying their live "On the Road" CD, which ALSO had a very tiny amount of tracks (6) despite being double-LP length, and here's the king - "Glad/Freedom Rider" took up an entire side. Great album cover, too. In the comments I came across another version taped for video which is a super trip, and let's face it, it's Friday and you're dying to kill half an hour listening to Traffic, right? (If so...that's probably why we're friends and you're actually reading this.)

Glad/Freedom Rider (Live in Germany)
15.1.16 11:12 
15.1.16 11:06 
Listened to Beastie Boys - Ricky's Theme
15.1.16 10:56 
Listened to Art of Noise - Beat Box (Diverted)
15.1.16 10:47 
Listened to Esquivel - Senor Coconut - Noche y Dia (Night and Day)
15.1.16 01:59 From Grumpy's - looks like we lost GPS for part of it - more than "2.00 miles"
14.1.16 22:16 
 One more time - Grumpy's Bar & Grill (Minneapolis, MN)
14.1.16 21:33 To Grumpy's - "2.28 miles"
14.1.16 21:00 
@tapemachines I fell asleep again - did Lawler use "MR" at all this week or did somebody decide that was a bad idea only one week too late?
14.1.16 20:00 
@tapemachines D'you think it's hollow or solid white chocklit
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