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18.1.16 22:33 
Obligated to share this every seven years (Weeee)
18.1.16 22:10 
Really looking forward to that NFC Championship game!
18.1.16 22:09 
@D_V_D_V_R Same cannot be said for Jericho - he's gonna have to Santino it Sunday
18.1.16 20:44 
"This next match, sponsored by THE REAL COST: If you KNEW how dangerous Dean Ambrose was, YOU'D RUN LIKE HELL"
18.1.16 20:39 
Did they put any of my tweets on the screen while I was napping? #RAW
18.1.16 20:38 
Wow, I can't stay awake through this show - sounds like I missed a doozy of a Vince&Steph segment, too! #RAW
18.1.16 20:09 
No, not WrestleMania 24 - WrestleMania 31!
18.1.16 20:04 
RT @JoshSchippe: @CRZ Rowan was banned for some reason, but attacked Axel, starting that whole thing. Harper teased teaming with Rowan but then joined Wyatt.
18.1.16 20:01 
Help my memory - were the three Wyatts split up and teasing opposition spots in last year's Rumble? #RAW
18.1.16 19:55 
Wow, they really followed the buzzard on Smackdown, didn't they? ???
18.1.16 19:48 
Wow, this might be the first year it doesn't look like there are waaaaay too many bubbles in the hopper #RAW
18.1.16 19:36 
Well, I can't really explain any of that, other than it took up three segments #RAW
18.1.16 19:25 
@HackmanRSPW @WWE Wah, wah, wah. UH OH
18.1.16 19:22 
I can't imagine any reason for him to be guest referee except to screw Roman here, but let's put our trust in Creative and/or Jericho #RAW
18.1.16 19:18 
I mean, you almost WANT Jericho to join the League of Nations here just to try to bring some sense to his "acting" over the past weeks #RAW
18.1.16 19:15 
Can we just fast forward to the finishing sequence of the inevitable eight man tag and get it over with already? #RAW
18.1.16 19:13 
Can't unsee Miz' micstand now that @D_V_D_V_R has pointed it out - Jericho must have seen it, too, with all the hand covering #RAW
18.1.16 19:08 
Over/under on Glenn Frey reference from Uncle Chris: 30 seconds #RAW
18.1.16 19:06 
Speaking of Booker T...I miss having him out on commentary letting me know whether or not something's gonna be "....................GT" #RAW
18.1.16 19:05 
RT @LeeCasebolt: @CRZ @WWE #NotAllSegments
18.1.16 19:05 
@D_V_D_V_R When I see Ernie Ladd, I don't see color - I see height - I'm sure WWE is the same way #BigCat #JamesDudley #Hashtags
18.1.16 19:03 
Dear @WWE:
Not every segment needs a hashtag
18.1.16 19:02 
"These are also black people." #RAW #BlackPeople #Hashtags
18.1.16 18:15 
Listened to Beth Orton - Central Reservation (The Then Again Version)
18.1.16 18:02 
Relistened to a couple pieces of DJ SLT - Across The Board 2016-01-15
18.1.16 17:54 
Google tells me that this photo is of Julia Kelly - whoever that is - but Facebook says no way, it's definitely "Florence Gula"
18.1.16 17:19 
Half liter bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
18.1.16 16:55 

From the hugely successful soundtrack to "Beverly Hills Cop," which proved that Keith Forsey and Harold Faltermeyer had learned well from their maestro Giorgio Moroder...but that's another's another favourite 1980s style "dance remix" from the Big 12" collection. The really good bit kicks in about halfway in....that being the part where they go "Heat heat heat heat heat heat heat is on"

Currently in Roseville it's two above zero.

Glenn Frey
The Heat is On (Dance Version)
18.1.16 16:36 <sigh>
Here's that Miami Vice episode.
RIP Glenn Frey
("Smuggler's Blues")
18.1.16 15:53 
Ricky Rubio #NBAVote
18.1.16 15:53 
Andrew Wiggins #NBAVote
18.1.16 15:53 
Karl-Anthony Towns #NBAVote
18.1.16 15:29 @crz_ebooks You appear broken
18.1.16 15:00 
Markets closed: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
18.1.16 14:01 
RT @NWSTwinCities: The temperature has risen to 0 degrees F at MSP, ending approximately 46 consecutive hours of sub-zero temperatures since 4 PM Saturday.
18.1.16 13:58 Beef
18.1.16 13:23 
Today is ALSO Frankie Knuckle's birthday (he would have turned 61), and I didn't want to let it go by without marking it with his "first" big smash...even if his name wasn't originally on it.

Jamie Principle
Your Love
18.1.16 13:12 
@HackmanRSPW Why you say "was" ohhhhhh (RIP "Iron" Mike Sharpe)
18.1.16 11:48 
18.1.16 11:18 
Listened to DJ SLT - Across The Board 2016-01-15 (KFAI)
18.1.16 11:12 
18.1.16 11:01 
Listened to Bad Idea - This Is...Bad Idea - buy it at Bandcamp
18.1.16 10:31 
 Veritas (Roseville, MN)
18.1.16 07:23 
It's Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in the USA, so I thought I'd select a song sampling him...but I didn't want one most of you had heard of, either, so I went with this ZTT classic, which I hadn't even heard of until I bought one of their "Art of the 12 inch" retrospectacles a year or two back which included this version. Yes, it's a cover. We love strange covers. Happy Monday! We'll have a bonus track coming up a little later.

Mint Juleps
Every Kinda People (Parts 1, 2 & 3)
18.1.16 06:36 
TFW you know you're not falling back asleep and also that you work at a company that does not include MLKJ Day on the list of company holidays
18.1.16 06:18 â¤

Howard Jones: This is a video of Howard Jones performing 'City Song' . The song originally appeared on the 'In The Running' album. This video is from the bonus DVD which is included in the special book edition of 'Engage'. The film is of the 30th Anniversary concert at the indig02 in London and features Jonathan Atkinson on Drums and Robin Boult on guitar.
18.1.16 04:17 
RIP Frankie Knuckles, one year ago today.
18.1.16 04:15 RT @essentialmix: Happy Birthday, #FrankieKnuckles.

We love you, we miss you.
17.1.16 22:51 
17.1.16 18:45 
Wolves' win got me feeling SO good I bought - and will now eat - supermarket sushi
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