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16.4.16 21:03 
Staying in. I'm gonna order 50% off Papa Johns and be pretty unapologetic about it. Let me know if you wanna come over and eat pizza....or watch me eat pizza. They're both super options!
16.4.16 18:07 
On the left, the 808 State Record Store Day reissue of the "Pacific" 12" single which embodies everything I despise about RSD and RSD people and my own terrible hyprocisy coming out of my own purchase of it at Cheapo - but gosh it's pretty isn't it? On the right, 14 disco things I bought at Electric Fetus. I'll bet you can guess which cost me less.
16.4.16 16:40 
 Last one for me I think - Electric Fetus (Minneapolis, MN)
16.4.16 16:09 
 Happy Foursquare Day! - Cheapo Records (Minneapolis, MN)
16.4.16 15:51 
 Happy Record Store Day! - Treehouse Records (Minneapolis, MN)
16.4.16 15:21 
 One Reuben sammich, hold the Krista - Common Roots Cafe (Minneapolis, MN)
16.4.16 14:17 
Look, if you have a relationship with Jesus, do you REALLY need to Friend ME? Profile photo is stolen from Connie Talbot's Instagram - I have to admit I didn't know who Connie Talbot was until now. But, hee haw, here's "Ellie May"
16.4.16 14:08 tbh I wasn't as think as you drunk I was last night
16.4.16 12:42 
 Time for one beer - Surly Brewing Company (Minneapolis, MN)
16.4.16 09:04 @Toast_Jr This morning I feel like I may have tried
16.4.16 08:58 
 Volunteering! - prospect park cornerstone gardens (Minneapolis, MN)
16.4.16 05:23 
Two from "Big Bam Boom" this weekend - here's the first...

Daryl Hall & John Oates
Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid
16.4.16 02:21 
RT @crz_ebooks: Turns out I'm ALSO an alternative to #RAW!
16.4.16 00:41 OK, but in as much sober seriousness as I can muster, the prevailling thing I thought tonight was "Man, I should have written more poetry." I don't think it's really going to stick, but I can't adequately tell you right now how much I admire ALL of the people I heard reading at Hamline tonight. They're all really great and really creative and I half-wish I hadn't settled on the degree that would get me out of college the quickest even though it's served me just fine all these years. I've wasted a lot of time not writing. The writing that I get paid for - let's face it, WELL paid for - is fine for a career but not terribly fulfilling in a spiritual sense (I guess). I really really really shouldn't ever do shots when my weight is this low. And yet I never again want to be at a weight where it's OK for me to do shots. I'm going to hit before I start telling you exactly how much I love you because it's more than you will want to take
16.4.16 00:19 
You guys I can't even put into words I'm so glad my night's ending "early" I have to volunteer at 9 there are at least four of you I want to text right now but o won't, probably
16.4.16 00:09 
Listened to Jersey Street - Always Something Wrong
15.4.16 23:26 
This man, this Master John Henry is in the process of telling the longest joke in the known universe
15.4.16 21:11  Hiding from the country fans - Clown Lounge (Saint Paul, MN)
15.4.16 20:57  Beers with John! - Turf Club (Saint Paul, MN)
15.4.16 20:48 
Listened to Jennifer Lopez - I Need Love
15.4.16 18:55  John's MFA Reading! - Giddens Learning Center (Saint Paul, MN)
15.4.16 18:50  Hamline University (Saint Paul, MN)
15.4.16 18:45 
Listened to Phuture - Phuture Jacks (Original 12 Inch Version)
15.4.16 18:38 
Listened to James Brown - Fast Medley: I Can't Stand It/Mother Popcorn/I Got the Feelin'
15.4.16 18:18 
 Walmart Supercenter (Roseville, MN)
15.4.16 18:17 
Listened to Alex Gopher - The Child (album version)
15.4.16 18:08 
Listened to Major boys Feat. Aurelia - Sous Le Soleil
15.4.16 17:44 
I would say "this is what you're missing if you don't subscribe to my music page, or if you're subscribing to my music page but Facebook isn't sharing its posts with you" but to be honest this one was kind of a special one-off so you're really only missing this about once every 106 days. SOVIET UNION DOMAIN NAMES.
15.4.16 17:40 
Listened to Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun (Fritz von Runte Elektron Design)
15.4.16 17:27 
Listened to Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun (Fritz von Runte Electronik Design)
15.4.16 15:49 @davefinton You lost that one by five minutes! RT @Omaholic: @CRZ oh yeah!!!
15.4.16 15:23 I also done it #PurpleUpMN
15.4.16 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 18.04 ▲0.15 (Range: 17.85 - 18.17)
15.4.16 14:00 Hmmm, looks like Culture Club may have been rescheduled to the day AFTER Duran Duran. I'm astonished that somebody figured out that booking both shows the same night might not have been the best idea AND was able to make that change. Now back to the original I really "$76 like" Culture Club? I'm still working on that one. Ask me after a few more paychecks come in.
15.4.16 13:33 
15.4.16 12:36 
Listened to Weston East - Across The Board 2016-04-15
15.4.16 11:56 
Listened to Devata Daun - look
15.4.16 10:23 
15.4.16 10:23 
Your Friday extension is one of those Moroderized "take up Side One of the LP but call it one song" deals. Have a great weekend!

Donna Summer
MacArthur Park Suite
15.4.16 10:10 
 Veritas (Roseville, MN)
15.4.16 10:07 
Listened to Erasure - The Circus (Remix)
15.4.16 10:03 
Listened to Jon B - Pride & Joy
15.4.16 02:14 
I'd gone several days without and all of a sudden Ian says something and boom, a new Friend request. Ewwww, a smoker?! This is "Denise Jackson"
15.4.16 02:08 For the second time in a row, Josh recognized me and I utterly failed to recognize him back. As penance, I am publicly admitting this to shame myself but also recommending you head over to his artist page and get you some Occult Holiday!
15.4.16 01:35 
Listened to FFWD» - Hidden
15.4.16 01:28 
Listened to Slik - Better Than I Do
15.4.16 01:23 
Listened to Two Little Boys - Stylophonia
15.4.16 00:25 
It is Devata Daun (@devatadaun /
14.4.16 23:30 
It is DIVA 93 (
14.4.16 22:37 @Omaholic GO [ SHARKS | WILD | RANGERS ] !
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