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29.1.18 14:37 
Too lazy to go downstairs for fresh coffee, but the stuff in the carafe is still hot, so we're OK I think
29.1.18 14:32 My "Discover Weekly" Spotify playlist hit a new high of 2h55' this week, including a 17 minute track. I just KNOW they've got it in them to give me a full three hours very soon!

Skimming through my friends' Discover Weekly playlists by way of comparison, the shortest one is Brian's at 1h57' with Seán and Mason very close on the other side of the two hour mark.
29.1.18 13:41 "When reached for comment, Booker exclaimed 'YOU'VE GOTTA BE KIDDING ME'"
29.1.18 12:47 
29.1.18 12:46 
Listened to Spotify playlist "Discover Weekly"
29.1.18 12:25 
 Back once again - Veritas (Roseville, MN)
29.1.18 11:58 
 $2.599/g - BP (Roseville, MN)
29.1.18 11:43 
  U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
28.1.18 22:52 
One thing I've forgotten about WrestleMania last year was how Big Cass had to compete for the tag team titles by himself #WWE24
28.1.18 22:11 
Oh they woke up Maria #RoyalRumble
28.1.18 22:11 
28.1.18 22:09 
I think Maria Menounos missed her cue...
"The winner of the match: "ASUKA!"
28.1.18 21:59 
28.1.18 21:58 
So....Ronda's #31, right? ...right? #RoyalRumble
28.1.18 21:56 
RT @thecubsfan: Twitter about to break. I will miss you all.
28.1.18 21:56 
RT @tapemachines: eva. eva. Eva. Eva. EVA. EVA! EVA! EVA!
28.1.18 21:55 
Starting to think Bull Nakano isn't showing #RoyalRumble
28.1.18 21:55 
28.1.18 21:53 
So.... Bayley, Trish and Ronda, you think? #RoyalRumble
28.1.18 21:46 
RT @thecubsfan: Naomi is Kofi, right down to getting thrown out ten seconds after making it back in.
28.1.18 21:43 
QUICK POLL: Who are we most likely to see tonight?
28.1.18 21:39 
So Kelly Kelly is only....30 or 31? Jiminy #RoyalRumble
28.1.18 21:34 
Remember when Laycool gave Vickie that necklace?! #RoyalRumble
28.1.18 21:31 
Michelle McCool was the first person I saw Meltzer "report" on and thought "wow, Dave's kinda creepy about her" #RoyalRumble
28.1.18 21:24 
Hope Dawn Marie is next #RoyalRumble
28.1.18 21:23 
28.1.18 21:04 
Hey remember when women's battle royales were through ANY rope? That rule's finally been fixed #RoyalRumble
28.1.18 21:04 
Riott Squaddd #RoyalRumblee
28.1.18 20:56 
I wonder, though - is he finished with him? #RoyalRumble
28.1.18 20:56 
Good thing they got that gizmo that shakes the camera when the commentators are supposed to be saying BOOM because sometimes they forget #RoyalRumble
28.1.18 20:53 
We've gotta be kidding Booker T #RoyalRumble
28.1.18 20:51 
If only Michael Cole could articulate his level of discomfort having these men at ringside! #RoyalRumble
28.1.18 20:47 
There's still a chance to get the rare TRIPLE BOOM from the commentary team on a replay tonight #RoyalRumble
28.1.18 20:34 
Well it'll be interesting to see if there's some kinda message behind this storytellinzzzzzzzzzzzzzz #RoyalRumble
28.1.18 20:33 
Hooray Kraftwerk finally won a Grammy! They totally didn't deserve it this time but that's kinda how the Grammys work
28.1.18 20:17 
@BigBaldRon Well with a #RAW PPV between now and Mania, it wasn't impossible to see a #SDLive guy winning, but happy it was THIS guy
28.1.18 20:15 
Wow those are ANCIENT trunks on Miz #RoyalRumble
28.1.18 20:07 
28.1.18 19:42 
Isn't Curtis Axel still in last year's Rumble tho #RoyalRumble
28.1.18 19:39 
Strange - Vince usually doesn't like to have a superstar™ have the same last name as one of the commentators #RoyalRumble
28.1.18 19:31 12 oz bottle of Dr Pepper Made with Sugar
28.1.18 19:15 
Cole: "Bray has been so dominant since entering this match!"
(Bray has zero elminations)
28.1.18 19:12 
Heath Slater gon' win #RoyalRumble
28.1.18 19:04 
Yeah but the final ECW Champion is still with Lucha Underground, right? #RoyalRumble
28.1.18 19:04 
Talk about an hour as much as you want, but 90 seconds times 29 is 43½ minutes #RoyalRumble
28.1.18 18:57 
Hope King left his helium tank backstage #RoyalRumble
28.1.18 18:56 
Can't talk about women in the "numbers" package any more so no Great Khali clip either #RoyalRumble
28.1.18 18:51 Hey there's only 18 men in that 30 man Royal Rumble
28.1.18 18:49 
Confused commentators aren't sure where to say BOOM during the replay of the small package #RoyalRumble
28.1.18 18:43 
Nothing conveys "wow, that move looks like it hurts" like a commentator (or commentators) saying "BOOM" in time with the impact during a replay #RoyalRumble
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