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4.2.18 20:46 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
4.2.18 20:14 I DID enjoy Al & Cris no-selling the "Bud Knight" product placement spot #SB52
4.2.18 19:39 I'm fine with the halftime show and the Prince thing, but the people who were gonna be unhappy are probably still gonna be unhappy #SB52
4.2.18 19:23 I still hate Filmlook #SB52 @jtimberlake
4.2.18 19:16 YESSSSSS Dan Patrick patiently explaining the Toyota commercial we're about to see #SB52
4.2.18 18:49 By the way, Respectable Lawyer's thread about Wendy's slavery tomatoes still exists as a Google cache, but who knows for how long: #SB52
4.2.18 18:46 
Exclusive leak sneak peek of @jtimberlake's halftime performance:
4.2.18 18:43 @javimorillo @dhm Haha I don't think anyone there would read Deadspin until Monday - besides @janashortal already blew the lid off that story on Twitter
4.2.18 18:41 Wow, expensive if true RT @daveberggren: Someone bought ad time but forget to produce an ad.
4.2.18 18:41 Yikes! Did KARE forget to air their local spots? #SB52
4.2.18 18:40 
RT @webster: In the last hour, YouTuber Vitaly Zdorovetskiy (@Vitalyzdtv) was arrested by Minneapolis Police and booked into jail. No charges listed yet. He's known for his pranks, including streaking on sports fields.
4.2.18 18:39 @dhm Hot tip RT @javimorillo: A good number of #Eagles fans seem to have mistaken the @eagleBoltbar for a fan watering hole. Who will tell them? Not this guy.
4.2.18 18:15 Yep, I'm one of those suckers who calls the phone number in the Tide commercial #SB52
4.2.18 18:09 For those of you who have placed prop bets, my pop of choice was a bottle of Moxie #SB52
4.2.18 18:07 I wanted to link to the @Wendys slavery tomato thread but it appears @respectablelaw has been suspended - what's THAT about?
4.2.18 18:05 
RT @janashortal: Per sources (@javimorillo) Phildelphia @Eagles fans are mistaking our downtown haunt @eagleBoltbar as a fan bar and I am DYING. It's more of a Bears kinda place ya'll. #TheMoreYouKnow
4.2.18 18:04 @leaningcowboy @Wendys @Wendys still uses slavery tomatoes :(
4.2.18 16:34 
Cub gave me these for free and yes, they're actually hot. They remind me of one of the snack aisles in Modesto. I won't buy them again but if you like Takis, these are probably the Doritos for you.
4.2.18 16:30 Super! (Some of these aren't true - Kim was my first FB friend [and I guess only FB friend for about six months]... and I'm pretty sure the person who threw me the most Likes over the years was Kayla - sorry Aaron and Marky :) )
4.2.18 16:16 Sorry guys I overslept has Dan Patrick tenderly introduced a Toyota commercial yet #SB52
4.2.18 16:05 Highlander Grog
4.2.18 15:12 Highlander Grog
4.2.18 04:18 
Yeah, we MAY be spending too much time together
4.2.18 03:13 
 Remington Campus Apartments (Minneapolis, MN)
4.2.18 02:20 
 Burrito - Qdoba Mexican Grill (Minneapolis, MN)
4.2.18 00:09 
From Chicago, it is WINGTIPS (@wingtipschicago /
(Kitty Cat Klub)
3.2.18 23:35 
 Kitty Cat Klub (Minneapolis, MN)
3.2.18 22:26 
 I need fuel - Walgreens (Minneapolis, MN)
3.2.18 22:16 
WOLVES WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#twolves 118 - #pelicans 107
#AllEyesNorth #12homewinsinarow
(Target Center)
3.2.18 21:08 
From Oakland, it is G-Eazy (@g_eazy)
(Target Center)
3.2.18 21:04 
HALFTIME: #twolves 66 - #pelicans 53
3.2.18 20:59 
KARL-ANTHONY TOWNS: 47 (11 & 10, 2:24 2nd)
3.2.18 19:26 @TheOldLogo nah bruh there's a kiosk at the mall
3.2.18 19:22 
 LET'S GO #TWOLVES! It's the only sporting event I care about this weekend! #AllEyesNorth - Target Center (Minneapolis, MN)
3.2.18 18:59 
IT'S ANOTHER MIRACLE ON 7TH ST - 333 South Seventh Street (Minneapolis, MN)
3.2.18 17:07 
Hmmm, somebody must have gotten tired of collecting one star reviews
3.2.18 16:18 Decaf
3.2.18 15:34 Breakfast Blend
2.2.18 21:25 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
2.2.18 21:04 
Third of three and MAN these are tasty. Were you around when somebody made pizza chips? (consults Google) Yeah, Keebler Pizzarias. Remember those? These taste JUST like those, BUT they are also Cheez-It. They're great!

It's really close - it's hard to choose between these and the cheeseburger ones... but I think I would buy these again first.
2.2.18 20:54 Cheese Pizza
2.2.18 20:44 
Listened to Fortran 5 - Love Baby (Carnivorous Marine Mammal With Short Limbs Mix)
2.2.18 20:37 
Listened to Carn, Jean - Was That All It Was (12'' Version)
2.2.18 20:23 
 (Aldi closed at 8) - Walmart Supercenter (Roseville, MN)
2.2.18 20:16 
Listened to Zero 7 - Likufanele (Zero 7 remix)
2.2.18 19:46 
I was hoping I'd find more than one post/tweet like this, but maybe we just need some time. Thanks to RJ White of Fair State Brewing Cooperative for speaking out! I'll be sure to enjoy a(t least one) Pils during my next visit to Republic.
2.2.18 19:33 
RT @FairStateRJ: Our beer will never be at Club Jaeger with their current asshole ownership. Fair State Co-op is meant to be for all the great people involved in the impeccably killer local scene. No haters allowed. #nazispunksfuckoff #unity #MNBeer #MNCraftBeer #craftbeer #craftbeer
2.2.18 19:30 
Anybody going to Jäger tonight?
2.2.18 18:49 
Listened to The Soft Moon - Criminal on Spotify
2.2.18 16:55 
Look, Hyatte, you know I love you but I just can't give you any more money until I'm done paying the alimony. That's just how it is. RT @HyatteLives: What Would Jesus Do during the #MondayNightWars? Christ vs Satan during the #AttitudeEra? This bit is so old @CRZ has no Twitter link! This is a column that loser @MarkMaddenX tried to rip off, and everyone called him out on it.
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