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1.11.17 15:24 
@MSPvotes Hoo boy
19.9.17 15:14 
Start seeing pandas RT @MnDPS_MSP: Is that a panda head? On someone riding a sport bike? Yes, it is. This is not safe! Make sure you can see & be seen.
24.8.17 18:40 
Remembering Verne Gagne #mnstatefair #awa #mn @ Fine Arts-Minnesota State Fair
30.6.17 15:03 
Friday was dominated by the rose garden, followed by another awesome barcade and a bar that Sarah worked at which ended up overrun with Minnesotans and former Minnesotans
25.5.17 02:02 
RT @pyry: I invite Fitbit to walk to Minnesota, yes, that one right there on the map
1.3.17 00:58 
RT @TCAntiHate: Just announced - My Refuge is Humanity: Music and Poetry Celebrating Immigrants and Refugees in Minnesota!
23.1.17 12:42 
On Saturday, January 28th, please join us at @[224638661043512:274:Healing Elements] for a community gathering exploring Standing Rock and the resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Presented by @[246094422473955:274:Twin Cities Anti-Hate Directive], @[224638661043512:274:Healing Elements] and @[540616425959261:274:Sift Gluten Free].

Suggested donation $5+
All donations benefit the @[982635285195628:274:Medic Healer Council]

Event features a short film, speakers, a community discussion and banner making.

General itinerary:
• 4 to 4:30pm: Coffee + social time including complimentary refreshments
• 4:30pm: Short films
• 5:15pm: Speakers Miranda L. (White Earth Anishinaabe activist) + Carolyn H. (@[103744903024220:274:MN350: Building a Climate Movement in Minnesota] )
• Community discussion / Q+A follows the speakers (moderated by @[246094422473955:274:Twin Cities Anti-Hate Directive])
• 7pm: Performance by @[680243895410231:274:Mama Caught Fire]

Complimentary treats provided by @[540616425959261:274:Sift Gluten Free]
Herbal tea provided by @[224638661043512:274:Healing Elements]
Coffee provided by @[186134782763:274:Tiny Footprint Coffee]
3.1.17 16:47 
Now that Ilhan Omar has been sworn in, I think I'm OK to finally unfollow Phyllis Kahn (after being sure to Google something today)
28.11.16 17:19 
@MinnesotaMunn @TargetCtrEats Primo reference, Munn
6.11.16 01:30 
So do Minnesota bars stay open the extra hour tonight and would that make me feel twice as bad for being home TWO hours early instead of one? (And did WCCO already proclaim this a Good Question?)
1.11.16 11:57 
The children are our future - but, fortunately, not our immediate future.

Results of the Minnesota student mock election:
Trump 35%!&(MISSING)#xA;Clinton 33%!&(MISSING)#xA;Legal Marijuana Now Party candidate 5.9%!&(MISSING)#xA;Johnson 5.7%!&(MISSING)#xA;Stein 3.6%!&(MISSING)#xA;McMullin 2.2%!&(MISSING)#xA;DeLaFuente 1.5%!&(MISSING)#xA;Castle 1.3%!&(MISSING)#xA;Socialist Workers Party candidate 0.9%!&(MISSING)#xA;
All write-ins combined 9%!<(MISSING)/title>;; Office of the State Of Minnesota Secretary of State

Office of the State Of Minnesota Secretary of State
; FB-RSS; 518109790_10154742101624791; 01 Nov 16 16:57 +0000;
26.9.16 11:45 
HOORAY PROPERTY TAX REBATE! Geez, those things take forever
27.6.16 18:23 
Sources: Minnesota declining option on forward Damjan Rudez, who shot 41 percent on 3's for Pacers in 2014-'15. Another shooter on market.
16.6.16 12:44 
#tbt This grouping of terribly unattractive head shots are every license I've had in Minnesota. The second time I had my photo taken I had unwittingly worn the exact same shirt as the first time, so I made sure to keep that streak going forever...although that shirt is pretty ratty these days. Back then I never weighed myself, so I'd just add 10 pounds every time I re-upped, figuring that would be close. Looking at my fat face for a few years on the most recent license DID give me some motivation to at least put a battery back in the scale and get to work. I'm not REALLY walking around at 185 right now, but that's because of all the muscle I've put on which is keeping me from getting there. Yeah, let's go with that. While I'm being fully my last physical, it was confirmed that I'm really more like 5'11½". The beard isn't THAT bad but we'll see how I feel about having it on there for the next four years, barring any government action mandating we all get some "enhanced ID" before this one expires. (Circa July 2004, May 2008, June 2012, last Monday)
6.6.16 21:43 
Well, maybe we can get Governor Dayton to declare it CRZ Day NEXT year...or do I have to die first, too? Cos I plan on never dying, so
3.6.16 11:15 
RT @webster: Here's what I've been working on: Hennepin County Sheriff circumvents state to expand facial recognition database
2.5.16 22:35 
Are you like me, Minnesota?
Do you wish KARE 11 would tweet just one more tweet about heroin tonight?
15.3.16 18:18 
10.3.16 21:35 
@webster Yeah, I think she asked me to Google something earlier today
18.2.16 14:02 
@bouaKARE Minnesota already allows this. (Don't ask how I know this.)
13.2.16 19:11 
While we're here, I'd like to throw my hat into the ring for next Supreme Court justice and/or Minnesota Wild head coach
30.1.16 21:01 
Here's a progress check on my current Kallax adventures. I don't think I've ever sweat this much in a Minnesota January as I have the past 24 hours. Looking at what's left to organize...I think I may need to make one more IKEA trip as I've figured out two more good places in this room for storage. Also, does anybody need a million boxes? Honestly I'd keep at it tonight but I have a date with Nightosaur.
7.12.15 16:34 
RT @MSPPIO_NW: #MSPcrash I94 EB mp37 (Rothsay) overturned semi-lost load of potatoes, no inj. EB right lane is temp closed
2.12.15 18:46 
.@grumpymartian @guruzim Whoa! Even at Cub Foods! They're taking over Minnesota!
5.10.15 14:20 
RT @JohnCroman: Now there's a $10,000 reward in the case of Joe Brunn --
9.9.15 02:32 
Shoot, I should have gone out for some Northern Lights
14.8.15 20:58 
As I marveled at the car ahead of me turning onto University Ave from Eustis St and rechecked a third time to make sure I was really seeing what I thought I saw, I pondered just how good a story it must have taken for the owner to convince the Minnesota DVS that not only was it wholly appropriate to have a vanity license plate reading "BDSM," but that THEY deserved to put it on THEIR car. (Immediately after, I regretted not taking a photo to accompany these remarks, knowing I had to come here and make them)
29.7.15 18:21 
RT @APkrawczynski: Agent Andy Miller tells The Associated Press that Andre Miller has agreed to terms with the Minnesota Timberwolves
29.7.15 14:42 
Q: Exactly how many reporters does it take to cover an empty dentist's office?
23.6.15 02:50 
I drove in the direction of darkness and after various meanderings ended up on Kettle River Boulevard in Wyoming. (Wyoming is a city in Minnesota - I did not drive to the state of Wyoming.) I don't know if I saw the aurora or not, but I definitely saw a heck of a lot more stars than I normally do... and one shooting star. And even when you're at a dark intersection on the Chisago county line, the bugs WILL find you. All in all...welllll I probably should have gone to bed, but what the heck...I can sleep when I'm trending. Besides, the iPod shuffled me some JB, some Byzantium(!), "Last Dance" by Donna Summer and for some reason a Katy Perry "Hot & Cold" a capella on the drive back.
23.6.15 00:49 
All right, I'll go for an aurora drive
23.6.15 00:24 
Anybody see the aurora? I ALMOST want to leave the house and drive north...almost
23.6.15 00:15 
Hmmm, I wonder just how many miles north I'd have to drive to see the northern lights tonight - sounds like not many!
6.6.15 16:46 
We're both better off. @ Minnesota State Fair International Bazaar
29.5.15 15:21 
RT @patevanskare11: PHOTOS: LEGOS at Minnesota Landscape Arboretum via @kare11 Story coming up at 5 pm
18.5.15 19:01 
Sure wish my governor would stop begging for retweets
5.5.15 17:00 
@webster Whoa, Rep. Kahn took time out from reminding us to check out the Google Doodle?! WHAT A TURKEY AM I RIGHT
28.4.15 15:08 
Now we know who to blame... CROMAN
11.3.15 12:38 
I feel as if this won't end well... (Shared MN Transit's photo)
26.2.15 17:46 
RT @MSPPIO_NW: #MSPcrash Hwy2 west of Bemidji log truck rollover inj crash
7.1.15 18:13 
@MinnesotaMunn @Twolves_PR Thanks dudes!
20.12.14 13:19 
RT @CoreyBrewer13: I want to thank the Timberwolves Organization and especially the Fans. I will always love Minnesota!
19.12.14 16:03 
I feel the most Minnesotan when I'm walking from the Taco Bell® to my car on a crisp winter afternoon sipping on a Happier Hour® Mtn Dew® Baja Blast™ Freeze
5.12.14 18:57 
Just accused of being a "legend" in #twolves Members Lounge - not sure if @MinnesotaMunn or @AnnieEversman has been telling legends about me
12.11.14 13:14 
RT @patevanskare11: August Schell Brewing Co. buys Grain Belt Beer sign via @kare11
4.11.14 22:52 
What the heck is going on with that monitor in Franken's lectern?
4.11.14 22:17 
Also, I can't decide if I can't believe or am not surprised that Stanek doubled up Frizell - goodbye data privacy in Hennepin county
4.11.14 15:42 
I wonder if the Mandy Benz campaign ever figured out my house wasn't in their district
8.10.14 15:41 
@BringMeTheNews Shady. Shouldn't this have been identified as sponsored content somewhere on your page? (Cc: @BringMN, @RickKupchella)
1.10.14 09:47 
@TheKFV You've nailed it; I REALLY didn't need to hear the same "joke" about what the opponent was saying in my timeline dozens of times
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