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19.12.19 16:30 
DJ'd Happy Hour at Dusty's with Jeff Recommends
1.12.19 02:35 
Sometimes you're your own afterparty #KZiM #magiciPod #WWF #derringer @hulkhogan #alwaysalone
21.10.19 00:08 
Had a stellar time spinning at Republic while Christian took a break! Highlights included finally getting my hands on - and playing - Christian's first single from 1999 AND playing a special Howard Jones 8¼" single I snuck into the box of 7"s
20.10.19 22:00 
DJ'd at Republic for Vinyl Happy Hour (some times are incorrect and out of sequence)
12.10.19 01:31 
Impromptu one man record party at my house tonight after I got too lazy to leave (seeing snow wasn't exactly helpful either).

Now I'm not gonna say EVERY record I've bought is amazingly great, but my batting average is still EXTREMELY least, it is with this particular audience of one.
20.9.19 04:54 
Oh hey K-X-P have a video now

Hex Bag
16.9.19 11:49 
Goodbye Again

The Cars
Hello Again (Arthur Baker Remix)
8.9.19 17:41 
Hey look it's my first copy of "Some Great Reward"
30.8.19 13:59 
It's probably dangerous to admit this publicly, but....I liked the new Tool album way more than the new Lana Del Rey album
26.7.19 02:33 
"Quite a night, eh, magic iPod?"
"Are you sure it's over?"
#nowplaying #magiciPod #OMD #KZiM
25.7.19 21:58 
On the other hand... #nowplaying #magiciPod #streetoffish #notgothatall #KZiM (video)
25.7.19 21:55 
Dang how'd they know I was driving to Gothess? #nowplaying #magiciPod #depechemode #KZiM
1.7.19 11:22 
If somehow you only hear about what's going on through this old page, I am beginning a mini-residency on KFAI 90.3 FM (and simulcast on WQNA 88.3 in Springfield, IL) *tonight* running for a few weeks or through July or I'm not totally sure. I'm an interim host between Mason moving Cruise Control off the schedule until KFAI can announce their permanent replacement. What I DO know is that you can expect an unrestrained 120 minutes (give or take) of KZiM programming on REAL LIVE ACTUAL radio! Golly!
Tune in at midnight CDT (1am Tuesday EDT, 10pm Monday PDT) AND/OR stream it any time over the following fortnight! And if you want, you could throw a free Like over to the show's FB page, After Midnight on KFAI.
28.4.19 15:24 
Lotsa fun last night with Christian and a lotta records! Thanks for coming out if you were there, and man I wish you'd been there if you weren't. Ended up with way less disco than I'd planned ;-) Here's my terrible handwriting...I'll get it logged to lastFM soon. 12 out of 27 were a dollar; the brand is getting stronger!
27.4.19 21:26 
DJ'd at Bev's Wine Bar with DJ Christian Fritz
23.4.19 07:16 
I let the account with a couple dozen followers plug my gigs instead of the one with almost 2000 followers (of which approximately 1950 aren't local and can't make the gig anyway, so.....maybe the right move?) RT @DollarBinShow: By the way, @CRZ will be bringing the dollar vinyl AND more expensive vinyl this Saturday at Bev's Wine Bar with DJ Christian Fritz (@mplsltd)! Come out between 9 and 1 for live men spinning wax and WINE!
13.4.19 07:23 Celebrating the one year anniversary of this fine article (10 of the weirdest song titles, and the stories behind them - BBC Music)
4.4.19 02:30 
Good night #nowplaying #kymsims #magiciPod #KZiM
3.4.19 11:15 
Worst video for the best song? Definite nominee...

Hue & Cry
Labour of Love
5.3.19 16:30 
Never not hilarious BUT ALSO good driving music #magiciPod #fuel #KZiM
(Lake Minnetonka)
4.3.19 05:54 
Keith Flint was 49.

The Prodigy
22.2.19 16:49 
You never told me...

Have a great weekend!

Def Leppard
Personal Jesus
8.2.19 10:56 
This was released a few hours ago! Have a great weekend!

UNKLE f/ Michael Kiwanuka
On My Knees
19.1.19 02:33 
F YEAH #nowplaying @the_rope_official #magiciPod #KZiM
12.1.19 12:20 
Maybe the worst #SWASS all #nowplaying #magiciPod #KZiM #sirmixalot
1.1.19 15:20 
Episode one of my KFAI web series is now live! New episodes debut every Tuesday - Like the Dollar Bin page to receive notifications of new shows!
31.12.18 04:03 
If you somehow haven't heard, I have a new web streaming show on KFAI starting TOMORROW with new episodes debuting every Tuesday thereafter. Shows are about an hour long and feature selections acquired for the KZiM Archives at a rate of one dollar and under. Expect A LOT of 12" singles from artists you know, but perhaps tracks or remixes you've never heard before! Links to Dollar Bin on KFAI in the comments...
14.12.18 13:00 
Golly, did you know ABC did a Radiohead cover a few years back? If you did, you should have told me! Have a great weekend!

High & Dry
7.12.18 23:39 
When you're on the road to Eagan #nowplaying #magiciPod #bigaudiodynamite #KZiM #latergram
(Roseville, Minnesota)
6.12.18 16:00 
Not the best news to hear today. He was only 63. :(

Pete Shelley
5.12.18 20:14 
Seem so unhappy 'less you got a war...

Generals & Majors
29.11.18 14:15 
23.11.18 19:49 
Tonight's fifty cent soundtrack comes from Fly Vintage & Vinyl - they're open tomorrow at 11 and I left a LOT of good cheap vinyl behind for YOU! #nowplaying #PGandE #vinyl #DollarBin
14.11.18 03:44 
Good times! If you can read my handwriting.... we should probably hang out more.
13.11.18 22:41 
I bought this Sneaker Pimps collection in Austin, probably the last time I went there (1998? '99?) and had never opened it until tonight! #KZiM
(Bryant Lake Bowl & Theater)
13.11.18 21:29 
DJ'd at Bryant-Lake Bowl with DJ Christian Fritz
11.10.18 19:11 
Desert Island Discs - no, wait, THE EXACT OPPOSITE #KZiM #BillSaluga #vinyl #disco
16.9.18 15:14 
DJ'd with Mason at West Bank Night Market at Dania Hall for KFAI Vinyl Voices
2.8.18 14:55 
TFW your #magiciPod throws a rare miss with a song you didn't know was in your library #nowplaying #KZiM #TheSmiths
(Saint Louis Park, Minnesota)
4.7.18 01:51 
Good night, Dad!
#nowplaying #direstraits #magiciPod
13.6.18 15:15 
Sometimes you turn the cover over and find an inscription by THE Robin S. (Not very often, however)
(2 photos)
1.6.18 02:44 
"What was the best part of your day?"
"Right now."
#nowplaying #magiciPod #lofidelityallstars
25.5.18 13:01 
Happy long weekend! Play the B side

Daryl Hall & John Oates
Unguarded Minute
20.5.18 22:21 
Great weekend! ....why am I so tired?
(3 photos)
20.5.18 11:52 
 Last day of my "residency" ;-) In Gallery 332 until 5! - Northrup King Building (Minneapolis, MN)
20.5.18 11:44 
DJ'd with Mason at Art-a-whirl: Art N|Motion at Northrup King Building Gallery 332 for KFAI Vinyl Voices
19.5.18 12:07 
 Spinning in Gallery 332 until 2ish! Come see art! - Northrup King Building (Minneapolis, MN)
19.5.18 12:02 
DJ'd at Art-a-whirl: Art N|Motion at Northrup King Building Gallery 332 for KFAI Vinyl Voices
18.5.18 18:03 
DJ'd at Art-A-Whirl: Art N|Motion at Northrup King Building Gallery 332 for KFAI Vinyl Voices
18.5.18 17:42 
 Night one of 3 days!! - Northrup King Building (Minneapolis, MN)
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