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3.3.20 18:57 
 Super Tuesday demands enormous pizza coupons - Papa John's Pizza (Minneapolis, MN)
3.3.20 18:56 
Listened to Bill le Sage - Vibes In Waltz Time
3.3.20 18:10 
Obligatory gaudy display of accessories #IVoted #MinnesotaPrimary #secretballot
3.3.20 17:57 
@thecubsfan Giratina, Kyogre, Tyranitar - his second was Rhyperior (never did get past that hippo one)
3.3.20 17:52 
More importantly, I defeated Giovanni for the first time in Pokémon GO, even as I missed two trains getting it done
3.3.20 17:51 
Long line for #MinnesotaPrimary in my precinct - out the door since 4, the election workers said
3.3.20 17:47  Pretty long line for the presidential primary - Pratt Elementary School (Saint Paul, MN)
3.3.20 17:46 
Ready to rock the vote...well golly, how long does it take to fill in one bubble?
3.3.20 16:57   10th Street LRT Station (Saint Paul, MN)
3.3.20 16:33 So I could make a whole lotta money on bumper stickers I bet...but what if I'm too dead to enjoy it
3.3.20 16:32 I was about to make a "What if Coronavirus is just the Giant Asteroid of this election cycle?" joke but it turns out NASA is seriously tracking a Giant Asteroid
3.3.20 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 19.29 ▼0.64 (Range: 19.04 - 20.36)
3.3.20 14:06 
@drinkingwithian I guess technically it didn't burn either, it was just water damage from the fire next door. Win a whole lotta Twitter arguments
3.3.20 14:03 
@drinkingwithian 1/1/2014?
3.3.20 13:47 @JayJayDean Panyvids
3.3.20 11:51 Family Size box of Cheez-Its
3.3.20 11:35 
Temporary profile photo
3.3.20 11:34 Have you somehow missed me plugging this event? March 4th couldn't have come at a better time - we're all going to have Super Tuesday fatigue and just wanna listen to some great old tunes and MAYBE for a few hours forget just how old WE are. I'm on some time after 10, but get here right at 8 for Mason and stay until they unplug us! (Twin Cities New Wave Day 2020 night at Grumpy's)
3.3.20 10:23 
Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend
3.3.20 08:45 
 Centennial Office Building (Saint Paul, MN)
3.3.20 08:13 
 Prospect Park LRT Station (Minneapolis, MN)
2.3.20 21:42 
Listened to Scritti Politti - Absolute (Version)
2.3.20 21:36 
Listened to J Dilla - Workinonit
2.3.20 21:33 
Listened to Caribou - Essential Mix 2020-02-29
2.3.20 18:59 
 Trivia! - Dusty's Bar (Minneapolis, MN)
2.3.20 16:43   10th Street LRT Station (Saint Paul, MN)
2.3.20 15:39 
I wonder: How many early Super Tuesday voters wish they could take it back and get a do over?

Me, I'm voting at 19:59 (not really, but I WILL wait until I'm on my way home from work)
2.3.20 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 19.93 ▲0.90 (Range: 18.88 - 19.95)
2.3.20 13:24 
@funkomatic I've had time to think about this - it was actually The Mad Platter, but it was ON Hole Ave. (also, looks like they've [wisely] moved waaaaaaaay closer to the University some time in the last 25 years)
2.3.20 13:23 
Velvet Moon (and finally brought in my own half and half)
2.3.20 12:42  A nice walk! - Lunds & Byerlys (Saint Paul, MN)
2.3.20 11:54 @funkomatic @DollarBinShow Probably this
2.3.20 11:53 @funkomatic @DollarBinShow Asterisk means CD single so it's gotta be this monstrosity:
2.3.20 11:52 
@funkomatic @DollarBinShow It's a goodun'

My copy of "Very Relentless" was horrendously overpriced, bought while I was in college (I think the shop was literally called "Hole Records")
2.3.20 11:44 @funkomatic @DollarBinShow YES! That one may even be eligible for the show (although at this rate we won't get to "F" until the summer)
2.3.20 10:11 @funkomatic @DollarBinShow Couldn't find their emails but DID find my smartass responses to them. It was 2001, turns out. First email was a demand to correct her birthday (I didn't list one); second email was a demand to "change information" - again, without telling me which information was a problem.
2.3.20 10:06 
2.3.20 10:05 
Happy to report that is back with me! I have also changed my password and enabled every security measure @Namecheap support has made available, so I'll (hopefully) never again be surprised to find my domains "gone"
2.3.20 09:35 
 Back once again - Centennial Office Building (Saint Paul, MN)
2.3.20 09:02 
 Prospect Park LRT Station (Minneapolis, MN)
2.3.20 08:51 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
1.3.20 22:32 Hey DJ
1.3.20 22:31 
Hey DJ - Republic (Minneapolis, MN)
29.2.20 23:57 
It is Plastik Boxes (@plastikboxes)
(Kitty Cat Klub)
29.2.20 22:58 From Eau Claire, it is sloslylove (@sloslylove / @ Kitty Cat Klub (video)
29.2.20 22:20 Let's groove
29.2.20 22:19 
 Shooow - Kitty Cat Klub (Minneapolis, MN)
29.2.20 16:51 Woo hoo! Come on over!
29.2.20 16:48 
 Mason on the decks! - Dusty's Bar (Minneapolis, MN)
29.2.20 16:19 My tax prep is done and it's still February!!!! Off to Dusty's to celebrate!
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