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25.3 17:11 
Optum's backfilling my position, I think - although this description is way more descriptive than the one I got :) feel free to message me if you have any questions and I'll try to answer 'em for ya. (I learned about this when a UHG recruiter reached out to me - that was awkward) (UHG: Knowledge Manager - Minnetonka, MN)
25.3 16:52 Playing a @ItsBlackGrape remix by @MRGOLDIE really really loud seems to be helping
25.3 16:26 
KFAI: Find comfort in the voices of community members (just like you) who make KFAI the incredible place it is—the artists, the educators, the community organizers, the musicians, the movers and the shakers. You are not alone. KFAI is here with you.

Today is the first day of our spring member drive, a day normally bustling with human activity at the station. Despite our physical distance, we remain unified in our commitment to bringing entertainment, news and information to our communities. If you are able, please make a contribution today at and help us keeping bringing each other together.
25.3 15:34 Colombian Supremo
25.3 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 17.89 ▲0.54 (Range: 17.04 - 18.99)
25.3 09:25 
YOU CAN'T MAKE IT UP: A UnitedHealth recruiter just reached out to me on LinkedIn to see if I'd be interested in applying to a new Knowledge Manager req in Minnetonka they'd just posted which I looked perfect for. I wrote back saying it was nice seeing Optum was backfilling my old position but I was uninterested in applying.
24.3 21:59 @albertxii @tapemachines I'll fight you
24.3 21:52 @tapemachines AND he's wrong!
24.3 21:02 Only nine ad breaks to go! #DarkSideoftheViceChannel
24.3 16:59 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
24.3 16:31 
I'm an old school sharer. I don't really want you to see me, but if there were a way we could still listen, take turns playing DJ and maybe also text chat, I'm there. I LOVED, which was really the best way to do this, but it went under in 2013 after the usual royalty concerns and lawsuits. I cried into the wild on Twitter a bit back and AuxParty responded. It's VERY almost eerily but uses Spotify or Soundcloud as its "library" to escape the piracy question. I'm excited! Would anybody like to sign up and test out some social listening with me? I signed up with Spotify....

OH NO this doesn't work with Spotify Free for cheap bastards like myself. Never mind. Well maybe my friends with Spotify Premium still wanna check it out - looks cool! (Maybe I'll spring for Spotify Premium later. Naaaaaaaah)
24.3 16:26 
Haha oh no I'm too cheap for Spotify Premium, that would have been good to know before I wrote the last tweet
24.3 16:20 RT @d_feldman:
24.3 16:20 RT @d_feldman:
24.3 16:19 I'm having ideas. Thanks for telling me you exist!

Spotify friends - RT
@auxparty: @CRZ u gonna throw an auxparty?
24.3 16:16 @auxparty Well hello there
24.3 15:01 
@radiok I am obligated to plug KFAI's Mixcloud collection:
24.3 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 17.35 ▲0.77 (Range: 16.23 - 17.97)
24.3 14:57 
And now the countdown begins - will I have my home studio set up in time for next week's pledger episode? (Probably!) RT @kfaiFMradio: Just uploaded "The Dollar Bin 063" to @mixcloud Listen up!
24.3 14:08 Breakfast Blend
24.3 13:31 
Finally finished the Nutter Butters (not pictured: May 2019 freshness date)
24.3 13:14 RT @fknyc: Paying my respects to the untimely passing of legendary artist Manu Dibango, beloved forefather of most modern dance music. R.I.P.
24.3 12:55 
 Socially distanced kale - Fresh Thyme Farmers Market (Minneapolis, MN)
24.3 12:44 
  I needed a walk...and some records - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
23.3 21:12 
The entire English speaking world, when they see a number like "1400:" fourteen hundred
23.3 20:56 
I know I've been snoozing here and there tonight but has there been any other ad on #RAW besides the Carmax one about the faulty vent?
23.3 19:44 Well, I accidentally set a hot pad on fire this afternoon, but otherwise the start of my second week of telework was largely uneventful
23.3 19:25 RT @kfaiFMradio:
23.3 16:32 Yumberry Blackcurrant
23.3 15:11 Green
23.3 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 16.58 ▼0.38 (Range: 16.06 - 16.90)
23.3 09:46 
RT @KariDziedzic: More pics of fire damage. Its very sad but community is rallying.
23.3 09:41 
@funkomatic Yeah, that's a side effect of the show's Spinitron change from KFAI to KFAIonline - I haven't bugged anybody about it yet as it's kinda low priority
If you need it:
23.3 09:39 
23.3 09:36 Intense French
22.3 21:32 RT @KayfabeSean: The board game aisle just got much smooooother...
22.3 21:32 @cengler42 @KayfabeSean Ooh thanks for the heads up! The woman who paid full price to get this for me for Christmas may be disappointed to learn it hasn't retained its value!
22.3 18:30 
RT @KariDziedzic: This is so sad.
22.3 18:06 
RT @KariDziedzic: Thx you @MinneapolisFire.
22.3 18:04 
RT @MinneapolisFire: Response upgraded to a 4th Alarm.
22.3 17:50 
That's El Taco Riendo's address, but not the second floor RT @MinneapolisFire: Address of initial fire is 2412 Central Ave NE. Fire now being reported on the 2nd floor of 2412 and on the 1st floor of 2408 Central Ave NE. Crews continue to fight the fire in both buildings.
22.3 17:48 
RT @MinneapolisFire: Crew still finding extension in the B corner. Response has just been upgraded to a 3rd alarm.
22.3 17:25 
RT @MinneapolisFire: Response upgraded to a 2nd alarm. Bulk of the fire reported knocked down in an apartment on the 2nd floor. Primary searches of 1st and 2nd floor complete. All clear.
22.3 17:23 
El Taco Riendo, says a NE Facebook group :( RT @MinneapolisFire: Structure Fire - 2400 block of Central Ave NE. Fire showing from 2 story mixed use building. Lines laid. Searches in progress.
22.3 15:24 @hack0tv Muting you for a while ;-)
22.3 15:22 
RT @MNIT_Services: Find yourself writing more as you telework? Make those documents accessible:
1) Start with an outline
2) Use the built-in styles
3) Add alt text
4) Use meaningful links

More tips here: #a11y
22.3 15:10 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
22.3 14:43 Whole Grain
21.3 23:14 
Wish we still had
21.3 17:33 Bomb hat 💣🧢🦌RT @grumpymartian: My life.
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