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17.6.20 13:29 
Listened to Nero - Me And You
17.6.20 13:19 Okay but what if we changed Uncle Ben's converted rice to Uncle BENSON'S converted rice and used a really sweet photo of the late Robert Guillaume on the label
17.6.20 13:00 @Toast_Jr I dunno, Toast... "Madeira" sounds kinda.... ethnic

(also, what a criminally small portion!)
17.6.20 12:48 I don't wanna say they are literally backwater hicks, but the folks behind the website of the McIntosh County sheriff's office (built on Wordpress!) managed to misspell the name of their own county in their TITLE tag
17.6.20 12:43 I don't wanna say they are literally backwater hicks, but the folks behind the website of McIntosh County sheriff's office (built on Wordpress!) managed to misspell the name of their own county in the TITLE tag
17.6.20 12:39 If I have to wait one more minute for this website I may create a tearful video about it
17.6.20 10:48 
Listened to Corina - Temptation
17.6.20 10:39 Just don't mess with my Essential Everyday syrup, am I right folks
16.6.20 21:23 
RT @webster: National media is like: Minneapolis Police are gone!

Local press, who knows better: "Votes Unanimously To Explore" (WCCO), "approves plan to evaluate" (KSTP), "declares its intent ... creates a work group" (Strib).
16.6.20 21:04 
SMDH murderin' Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka is on @FS1 #SurSer1996
16.6.20 18:47 RT @zota: Just realized Aphex Twin is “oldies”
16.6.20 18:39 
So many dead people on this show #SurSer1996 @FS1
16.6.20 18:00 Has it been four since the first tubing trip? Suddenly, I'm hungry for corn... waaaaaah
16.6.20 17:45 
I got my Partition LP!! SO PRETTY
16.6.20 17:22 
  Partition Bandcamp + I Break Horses import! - US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
16.6.20 16:54 
 10 free photos + 2/$1 giant Arnold Palmers because it's 90° and a hot wind - Corner by Walgreens (Minneapolis, MN)
16.6.20 15:31 IS this shocking tho RT @MyLittLeBLOGgie: The shocking thing about the last year during which MPR/APM struggled economically, was one of its solutions was to rearrange the senior management and add yet another president position. Nobody lost a job at the VP and above level even though it's thrown all kinds of ballast
16.6.20 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 20.33 ▲0.07 (Range: 19.88 - 20.60)
16.6.20 14:36
16.6.20 14:07 @grumpymartian Never mind :)
16.6.20 14:06 @grumpymartian What, no accompanying photo?
16.6.20 12:45 
Italian Roast
16.6.20 12:21 
RT @DollarBinShow: Our 75th episode is streaming NOW! It all starts with our 700th selection!
15.6.20 23:57 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
15.6.20 21:18 
"But Ric, I've won more NWA World Championships than Orton!" #RAW
15.6.20 20:20 
Q: What if Truth loses his title before the match starts?
@WWE never hired that contuinity guy
15.6.20 20:10 
Theoreh lost his first name? WHY I'M SHOCKED #RAW
15.6.20 20:09 
Speaking of sacrifices, let's talk about all the Louis Vitton bags that were sliced up to make Mysterio's mask #RAW
15.6.20 19:53 
TEN WEEKS without a tag team championship match #RAW
15.6.20 19:49 
15.6.20 18:42 Can of Diet Dr Pepper Cherry
15.6.20 16:18 
The saddest part for me is no 50% off Papa John's the day after a Twins victory
15.6.20 15:10 
Listened to Ministry - Alert Level (Quarantined Mix)
15.6.20 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 20.26 ▲0.41 (Range: 19.40 - 20.33)
15.6.20 14:32 
Listened to Light Asylum - Dark Allies
15.6.20 11:02 Video
15.6.20 10:36 
Listened to Once and Future Band - Deleted Scenes on Spotify
15.6.20 07:56 
Listened to Spotify playlist "Discover Weekly"
14.6.20 20:44 
Tom Phillips sure loves saying "shoot the half" any time any cover of any kind is about to be attempted #WWEBacklash
14.6.20 20:11 
Sounds like we've been done with the pro wrestling portion of the show for quite a while now - oh hey NASCAR
14.6.20 20:10 @jmshapyro THE BADDEST MATCH ON THE PLANET
14.6.20 20:01 
So can we blame this on Paul Heyman or not? #WWEBacklash
14.6.20 18:59 Can of Diet Dr Pepper
14.6.20 16:00 
C'mon @NASCARONFOX put up the damn lightning clock
14.6.20 14:38 Copied and pasted (and maybe a few typos corrected because obviously I can't help myself)

Imagine: It's 2025. (Hey, imagine it's 2021!)

You're getting pulled over. A community representative approaches to let you know you have a taillight out. They don't need your license and registration, they don't write you a fix-it ticket. You're back on the road in less than five minutes. You swing by the store and grab a new light, not because you're afraid of what the city will do to you, but because you respect your community and know that having all your lights working is part of the driving privilege.

Your neighbors got into a loud spat a few weeks ago and without fear or hesitation, called a domestic assistance number. A counselor arrived and was able to talk the couple down and suggest solutions for their disagreement. No one was hurt, the kids participated in the discussion, and it's been quiet ever since.

Your friend has been struggling with addiction and you fear they might be a danger to themselves or others. You call a substance abuse specialist and they talk you through ways to help your friend get treatment. They offer to send an agent out to speak with your friend directly and provide information on harm reduction centers in your area.

Black and brown people are no longer being exploited through tickets and fines to pay for police. Trust is slowly being fostered in the community.

Teachers are being paid a living wage and students are being given more time, attention, and education. Books are up to date and classrooms are optimized to keep up with technology.

Trump is out of office.

It’s been a very long time since the name of a murdered black person was used as a hashtag.

Casual racism is no longer tolerated. The KKK has been classified as a terrorist organization. The Confederate flag isn't flown and has been removed from any official state flags or insignia. Most Confederate monuments have been taken down and placed in storage or museums.

You trust the investigation force to deal with crime the same way you trust firefighters to put out fires.

That's what "defund the police" looks like.

What we've seen in the last few weeks shows how overreaching and power-drunk many officers are. We asked too much of them and then called them heroes despite evidence to the contrary. We let them think that they could get away with anything, including murder.

It's time for change.
14.6.20 14:17 
Intense French
14.6.20 01:59 
Not from the dollar bin ($1.99) #nowplaying #debbieharry #KZiM
13.6.20 23:55 
Watched Kill Bill: Vol. 1
13.6.20 14:10 
Toasted Southern Pecan
13.6.20 00:31 
edited? for IFC
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