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27.7.20 12:55 
Velvet Moon
27.7.20 12:40 @tapemachines Love you, tape!
27.7.20 12:39 
Either tonight
27.7.20 12:39 
What do you think, guys? Absolute last chance for half off Papa Johns using the TWINSWIN promo or will they still have their "home opener" against the Cardinals on Tuesday?
27.7.20 10:33 
Listened to Spotify playlist "Discover Weekly"
27.7.20 09:16 
BONUS RADIO CRZ! Hey! Guess what? TONIGHT I'm guest hosting KFAI's MSP Sound presenting 120 minutes of local tunes! Back when going to shows was a thing, Krista Wax went to even more of them than I did - but we'd be at the SAME shows quite a bit! She's been in this time slot for exactly one year and I have a spreadsheet to prove it. Because there are no coincidences, the last person to broadcast this time slot was ALSO me as I wrapped up my After Midnight on KFAI mini-residency 54 weeks ago tonight! Here's an extremely rare shot of Krista and I during daylight hours when we both happened to be visiting "AM Drive" the same Friday morning. I'm on the left. (c. 31 May 2019, 📷: Barb Abney)
27.7.20 09:00 
Radio stuff!
• Listen again to Saturday's
@KFAIweekend: /> • Tune in @kfaiFMradio TONIGHT at midnight as I guest host "MSP Sound" 54 weeks after I last hosted "After Midnight" in that very same time slot!
27.7.20 01:10 Umm Albert the point is to NOT have dishes to wash afterward RT @albertxii: PRO TIP: pour your cup noodles into a bowl for a classy touch
26.7.20 11:03 
RT @DollarBinShow: They Liked a play from JANUARY - God bless 'em
26.7.20 03:30 
Managed to tape a Dollar Bin while only melting a little bit. We'll see if I'm playing Pokémon GO at 10 or not
25.7.20 21:57 @grumpymartian Gosh!
25.7.20 21:31 
25.7.20 21:30 
Thanks @_caustic_ for the heads up! RT @kfaiplaylist: “Trust Fall” by Choke Chain. Weekend on Demand at 5:53pm. @KFAIweekend
25.7.20 20:18 
The prospect of another 10 hours of Pokémon GO in this soup we call weather fills me with ........ existential dread tinged with excitement? I mean, yeah, yellow is normally my favourite colour but it should NOT be yellow outside EVER. Anyway I did another two hours of radio with some help from eight requestors and a whole lotta new new music - if you like music and/or me at all, you might like THIS!

(Shared from 07/25/2020 Weekend on Demand | KFAI - Minneapolis + St. Paul)
25.7.20 19:17 
 Forgot to check in but yes I did a two hour show - now available on demand! - KFAI Fresh Air Radio (Minneapolis, MN)
25.7.20 16:46 
I won't lie - I've been playing Pokémon GO for about six hours straight, so who knows what'll happen when I try to put down the phone and be on the radio for two interrupted hours starting in 15 minutes! Like and follow KFAI Weekend on Demand for even more news (probably not about Pokémon)!
25.7.20 01:29 
Ah yes, just the kind of fake friend request I would like at 1 in the morning on a lonely Saturday - thank you, "Cak-Mpink"
24.7.20 23:35 
Listened to Perry Farrell - Let's All Pray For This World - UNKLE Reconstruction
24.7.20 21:35 
Listened to Mickey Oliver - In-Ten-Si-T
24.7.20 21:30 
Listened to The Art of Noise - Beat Box (one made earlier)
24.7.20 21:27 
Listened to Mr. Learn - G2
24.7.20 21:26 
Listened to Lenny Fontana & DJ Shorty - Chocolate Sensation (Atfc Shirts Off On The Podium Edit)
24.7.20 21:22 
Listened to Shatner, William - What Have You Done
24.7.20 21:21 
Listened to Bill Watrous - Zip City
24.7.20 21:15 
Listened to Alison Limerick - Where Love Lives
24.7.20 18:31 Half liter bottle of Diet Dr Pepper
24.7.20 18:24 
Listened to Jamie xx - Essential Mix 2020-04-25
24.7.20 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 20.39 ▼0.74 (Range: 20.32 - 21.06)
24.7.20 12:28 @eastwes @dhm I believe stealing bases is on hold until the start of the next Taco Bell promotion
24.7.20 12:25 
Listened to Perry Farrell - Let's All Pray For This World - Maceo Plex Glitchy Remix
24.7.20 12:21 
Listened to Perry Farrell - Let's All Pray For This World - Maceo Plex Electro Radio Edit Remix
24.7.20 12:17 
Listened to Perry Farrell - Let's All Pray For This World - Maceo Plex Electro Remix
24.7.20 12:12 
Listened to HÆLOS - Perfectly Broken
24.7.20 08:57 
Listened to Faithless - This Feeling (feat. Suli Breaks & Nathan Ball) - Extended Mix
24.7.20 08:48 
Listened to Howard Jones - We're in This Together
24.7.20 08:19 
Listened to Perry Farrell - Let’s All Pray for This World - UNKLE Reconstruction Radio Edit
24.7.20 08:09 
Listened to Perry Farrell - Let's All Pray For This World - UNKLE Reconstruction
23.7.20 20:03 It's weird, right? How we'd hear stories about possible subscription mechanisms on @Twitter on the same day they break the ability for us to view images on @Twitter - weird.
23.7.20 17:15  I'm so hard for hardware - Menards (Saint Paul, MN)
23.7.20 15:00 NLOK closing quote: 21.12 ▲0.42 (Range: 20.84 - 21.80)
23.7.20 14:58 
Listened to VTSS - Chanting from a Tiny Book on Spotify
23.7.20 14:50 @jmshapyro Seattle Ruth's Chris Steak Houses
23.7.20 12:40 
Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend
23.7.20 11:51 
Listened to Kylie Minogue - Say Something
23.7.20 08:07 
Listened to Kylie Minogue - Say Something
22.7.20 22:05 
Well, this is a new wrinkle - instead of a totally nude nudes tumblr or request to visit some malware link, it's a FOREX trader! What is this, 2001? At least they chose "California City" as their hailing from - that one's ALSO a classic - well done, "Queen Quavo"
22.7.20 20:54 
Both my thumbs have locked up and my forearms are cramping in a hurty way. I will apply a second Gatorade and maybe some plain cottage cheese. I believe I shall be in great pain soon. But I feel like a better neighbour?
22.7.20 16:42 
BAD NEIGHBOUR ALERT: With all my lack of driving, I failed to notice that I...uh.... have REALLY let the alley jungle get out of hand. Hopefully I follow this up with a kickin' AFTER photo before darkness (if you love pulling weeds, come on over! Heh)
22.7.20 16:23 
  US Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
22.7.20 15:05 
@TheFakeWill1 MDH had a statement about a "data management system transition" over the weekend which assigned some cases to the "wrong" day. It's not on their site today but was yesterday and quoted in various spots such as
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